Is Jerry Falwell Jr Stalking Giancarlo Granda? Liberty Advises People to Avoid the Falwells. Meanwhile Jerry Warns Reuters Not to Mess With Him

In leaving Liberty University there have been several news items about Jerry Falwell Jr that have been troubling. Giancarlo Granda is reporting that he is allegedly being harassed by Jerry Falwell Jr since he came forward about the sex scandal. Meanwhile Falwell allegedly warned Reuters not to interview his children who are still employed at Liberty. The university itself issued guidance that people are not to engage with the Falwells. Continue reading

North Coast Church Ignores Abuse Account in Instagram and Advises Others to Not Engage

Allegedly at North Coast Church which is led by Larry Osborne they have decided to ignore the Instagram account detailing spiritual claims including some reports of sexual abuse. This is a mistake by North Coast Church as problems like this do not go away on their own. As a reminder if people have stories to tell this blog can tell them.  Continue reading

Anti-Vaxxers and the New Apostolic Reformation’s Radiance International in Los Angeles and Micah Conrad’s Story in the Washington Post

The Washington Post recently told the story of Micah Conrad of Los Angeles, California. A kid in his late 20’s who was raised in evangelicalism and today producing videos for the anti-vaxxer movement. A deeper look revealed Conrad has links to the Radiance International in Hollywood, California as led by Jonathan and Sharon Ngai who are deeply involved in the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. This is the story of a lost individual and this post offers concerns about the New Apostolic Reformation movement. In addition you can read the entire Washington Post story in this blog post. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Struck a Protester in Washington, D.C. and Committed a Felony. This Blog is Calling for D.C. Police to Investigate

Evangelical author and culture warrior Eric Metaxas allegedly assaulted a protester in Washington, D.C. last night. Metaxas lunged and allegedly struck the protector with his fist. The video was captured and its spreading on Twitter. This blog is calling for Washington, D.C. police to investigate this possibly felony.  Continue reading

A Closer Look at Save 71. The Challenges Liberty Faces and the Questions Save 71 Must Ask

This post is a look at the group called Save 71. Stood up in August of 2020 its designed to bring about reform and change to Liberty University. This post looks at Dustin Wahl, Alexandra Green, Justin Winter and Calum Best. There are a number of issues that need to be probed at Liberty University. And challenges are deeply embedded which this blog is doubtful they can be overcome. However, this blog hopes it can be proven wrong and wishes Saving 71 success as it tackles the concerns which exist at Liberty University.  Continue reading

What About Those Students Disciplined or Expelled at Liberty University From 2012 Until 2018?

As Jerry Falwell Jr was watching Becki have sex with Giancarlo Granda from March of 2012 until 2018 this blog would like to ask a question. What about those who were expelled from Liberty for much less or healthy sexuality from 2012 until 2018? Is Liberty going to apologize for the double standard? Will they give debt or loan forgiveness for those expelled? If not then this blog is calling for former Liberty students to bring a class action lawsuit against Liberty to force change. Continue reading

Is This The Liberty Way? How a Pool Boy Had a Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell While Jerry Falwell Jr Watched

This is the story of Giancarlo Granda and Jerry and Becki Falwell. Jerry allegedly liked to watch Becki Falwell have sex with a Hispanic male. On the eve of Reuters breaking this story Jerry Falwell Jr threw his wife under the bus in a statement to the Washington Examiner. This blog post asks the question how many lives were destroyed at Liberty University while Jerry Falwell Jr sat in the corner of the room watching his wife suck another man’s penis and perform sexually? Continue reading