Does James MacDonald Take Personal Pleasure in Killing Animals?

This is a disturbing post that needs to be written. Recently information came forward that deals with how James MacDonald allegedly killed deer at Camp Harvest in Michigan. In conjunction with other information from an Act Like Men book, this blog would like to ask a question, does James MacDonald take personal pleasure in killing animals? No one that I know who has been a hunter would act like James MacDonald has in allegedly killing an animal at point blank range. Continue reading

Will the Great Commission Collective Investigate Garrett Higbee’s Ethical Issues in Light of His Spying for James MacDonald?

Recently information came forward that Garrett Higbee spied on a person for James MacDonald. He did this while leading Soul Care Counseling at Harvest Bible Chapel. This blog would like to ask Brian White, if the Great Commission Collective is going to investigate its Director of Pastoral Care Garrett Higbee for ethical misconduct. This also raises questions if the Biblical Counseling Coalition and the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation will also investigate Garrett Higbee based on his involvement in those organizations.   Continue reading

An Open Letter to Greg Strand (Will the EFCA Take D.A. Carson Attacking a Sexual Assault Victim Seriously in the #churchtoo Era?)

An open letter to Greg Strand. This is encouraging the EFCA to address the issue of D.A. Carson attacking a sexual assault victim in support of C.J. Mahaney. Its time for the EFCA to act and do the right thing. After all Al Mohler of the Southern Baptists has recanted and addressed the issue. Why is the EFCA staying silent? 

Continue reading

James MacDonald on Teaching Abstinence From Alcohol and a Recent Twitter Discussion on James Drinking Alcohol

James MacDonald has been known for teaching against drinking alcohol. He has counseled abstinence. Yet despite his teaching he has been known for drinking alcohol despite what he has taught. This is a post that preserves James MacDonald’s teaching and also the recent Twitter discussion about James and alcohol. If someone can provide me a picture of James MacDonald’s wine rack I would love to include that in this post.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Glen Schrieber (Regarding Compass Bible Church and John Secrest in the EFCA’s Southeast District)

An open letter to the Southeastern District Superintendent Glen Schrieber on the newest church added to his EFCA District. I am talking about John Secrest’s Compass Bible Church in Naples, Florida. Glen Schrieber and the Southeast District can learn a lot from John Secrest and I hope they listen to the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. This open letter looks at John Secrest’s church from the lens of the EFCA. The EFCA can learn a lot and abuse and church corruption and it will help the denomination. Continue reading

John Secrest Launches Compass Bible Church in Naples, Florida. And a Unique Case of Evangelical Transparency

John Secrest is leading a new church in Naples, Florida. Called Compass Bible Church the congregation asked John Secrest to pastor it. Compass is made up of a number of former individuals from Harvest Bible Chapel Naples. This blog has been writing about the role of John Secrest in the greater Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. Likewise this blog has a deep amount of respect for John Secrest and wishes him well in this new setting. Its my hope that Compass Bible Church goes far. Its nice to see a positive development especially when you are mired in writing about scandal and corruption. Continue reading