Evangelicals and Art: Thomas Doss

Thomas Doss is a contemporary Austrian composer. His undergrad degree is from Brucknerkonservatorium Linza in music education, with an emphasis in trombone, composition, conducting and piano. He studied in Salzburg, Vienna, Los Angeles and Maastricht. Below I have some samples from his work. I lifted part of the intro from his biography page, so I do want to state that up front. Have a great weekend guys! Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Rabin (Deep Blue Sea)

For this cold and possibly snowy Washington, D.C. weekend I am going to publish some Trevor Rabin. Deep Blue Sea is one of Trevor’s earlier works. This post is inspired by an earlier post this week, so while its in my mind I want to get it posted. Trevor Rabin is quite a talented musician and composer. I have put up other work that he has done. I hope you have a good weekend and stya warm. Love you guys! Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music is a musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. This musical appeared on Broadway in 1973 and has had multiple revivals over the years. I actually saw this in Los Angeles with my sister when I was younger. The musical is about the romantic lives of several couples and comes from an Ingmar Bergman film called Smiles in the Summer Night. The most famous song from this actually is one of the more well known songs from Broadway. Its called Send in the Clowns. Enjoy your weekend! Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It started out as concept album in 1970 and then went to Broadway in 1971. It was later made into a film. There have been multiple revivals and this has been one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most popular musicals. While I put up a number of selections I would listen to “I Don’t Know how to Love Him”, “Superstar” and watch the performances in “King Herod’s Song.” Continue reading