Why Tyler Chernesky of Christ Community Church in Kansas City Should Do a Blog Post About Tom Hank’s New Movie About Fred Rogers

This week Tom Hanks new movie about Mr Rogers is releasing nationally. When I attended Christ Community Church in Kansas City, Missouri in October of 2018 Tyler Chernesky preached about Fred Rogers. In light of this new movie this blog is hoping that Tyler Chernesky’s next article for the Christ Community Church blog can address themes from the movie. Continue reading

Fairfax Community Church at the Movies! The Theological Lessons From Mel Brooks Spaceballs as Applied to Rod Stafford’s Church

Every summertime Rod Stafford’s Fairfax Community Church holds “Fairfax at the movies.” According to Pastor Rod the sermon series allows people to look at movie themes through the lens of scripture. This post does what Fairfax has done and looks at the church through Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs. So brace yourself for a lot of snark in this post. Hold on to your helmet and prepare for ludicrous speed!
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Goldfinger and the James Bond Franchise and When People Lose Interest in Life. Another Post Dealing in Grief

My parents saw Goldfinger in Missouri when my Dad taught at the University of Missouri in Columbia. It started a family tradition where we saw the next James Bond when it was released. I was born into this and it rubbed off on me. This post is another in the process of dealing with my parent’s deaths. One thing to be concerned about when people age is when they lose interest in subjects or topics that give them meaning and pleasure in life. Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Review of 2018. The Top Stories and Posts and What is Coming in 2019

This is the final post for The Wondering Eagle for 2018. This article reviews the stories and situations covered in the year of 2018. From Acts 29, to the EFCA to the Sojourn Network, the atheist community and Harvest Bible Chapel. This is a wrap up of all the work this blog accomplished. Plus I discuss what is coming in 2019 as well.
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Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold or Cousin Eddie of North Idaho? A Look at the Culture Wars Colliding at Christmas

Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold of Hayden, Idaho? This is a story of the evangelical culture wars clashing on Christmas. When the warped perspective of white Christian persecution runs amuck. This is the story of Jeremy Morris, a cultural warrior graduate from Liberty University engages in a legal battle with the West Hayden Estates Homeowners Association over a massive Christmas display. Continue reading