Cornerstone Lodi is Using the Authentic Manhood Series in their Men’s Accountability Group. Have they Heard of the Fellowship Memphis Scandal?

Cornerstone Lodi is an Evangelical Free Church in Lodi, California. This church is actually using the Authentic Manhood program in its Men’s Accountability Group. This blog told the story of John Bryson and the voyeurism and child pornography scandal at Fellowship Memphis. I am still baffled why churches like Cornerstone would use the teachings of a man who played a role in covering up an abuse situation at an Acts 29 church in Tennessee. Continue reading

Wooded Hills Church Reveals Why its so Toxic. You Can Only Speak in “Edifying Language that Glorifies God.”

A terse response from Wooded Hills Church in Milwaukee leads to this post. At Wooded Hills communication can only be positive and uplifting. You can’t raise difficult topics as they would challenge that belief system. Wooded Hills, in this blog’s opinion, is vulnerable to sexual predators and is not safe. Caveat Emptor!   Continue reading

Does James MacDonald Take Personal Pleasure in Killing Animals?

This is a disturbing post that needs to be written. Recently information came forward that deals with how James MacDonald allegedly killed deer at Camp Harvest in Michigan. In conjunction with other information from an Act Like Men book, this blog would like to ask a question, does James MacDonald take personal pleasure in killing animals? No one that I know who has been a hunter would act like James MacDonald has in allegedly killing an animal at point blank range. Continue reading

David Schrock From Occoquan Bible Church in Woodbridge, Virginia on When Calvinists Are Hated. A Response to a 9 Marks Article

David Schrock fro Occoquan Bible Church here in the Washington, D.C. area wrote an article at 9 Marks about Calvinist pastors and when they are hated. It is job advice for this looking to become a pastor who are reformed in their theology. David writes about the anti-Calvinism that exists and how it comes about. My response is that he doesn’t go deeper and address the root reasons why Neo-Calvinism is resented.  Continue reading

Looking at the Relationship Between Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill and Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington

This post looks at the relationship between two Acts 29 churches in the Washington, D.C. area. Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington and Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill. This looks at two churches who can be considered to be cult like and are to be avoided by people in both Arlington, Virginia and Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  Continue reading