Is Phil Johnson from Grace to You the Lt. Frank Drebin of the Reformed Community?

On April 14, 2016 a deeply disturbing conversation took place on Phil Johnson’s Facebook page. Phil Johnson made a statement on the C.J. Mahnaney situation and the alleged cover up of child sex abuse in Sovereign Grace Ministries. Phil ultimately said that if specific and detailed evidence comes forth detailing it, then he would believe. Instead he went after Brent Detwiler and the victims from SGM. This is an old topic but one of the many I have been wanting to write about.  Continue reading

What C.J. Mahaney can Learn from Richard Nixon’s Resignation and Fall from Watergate: Some Thoughts on Humility

This is the story of the fall of Richard Nixon. On August 5, 1974 the “Smoking Gun” tape was released and Nixon’s Presidency was over. Facing impeachment articles, which were moving out of the House Judiciary Committee,  the President would resign in disgrace in a matter of days. This post is also about the repulsive behavior of C.J. Mahaney, who like Nixon,  also fell from power. There is a huge difference between the two, as Nixon learned from his mistakes and exhibited humility. Mahaney, who was “known” for his humility, was a fraud who just ran and fled when his allegations of criminal conduct came to the surface. This post, which is a history lesson is designed to teach the Senior Pastor of Sovereign Grace Louisville, what he could learn from the 37th President of the United States when it comes to humility. 
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Why is McLean Bible’s New City Network Promoting 9 Marks’ Church Revitalization Conference?

A disturbing development comes out of McLean Bible’s New City Network. New City Network is helping to launch a church in Fairfax, Virginia that has ties to Fellowship Memphis. However the church planting arm of McLean Bible also is promoting 9 Marks Church Revitalization Conference. Just as McLean Bible silently joined The Gospel Coalition is this church silently going to join 9 Marks? It begs the question if criminal allegations surface out of this mega church in the D.C. area will Lon Solomon be like C.J. Mahaney and flee and hide behind Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church? Continue reading

Analysis of EFCA West of the Evangelical Free Church of America

This is the analysis of the EFCA West. The EFCA West is the largest district of the Evangelical Free Church with 213 churches and led by Steve Highfill. EFCA West covers Central and Southern California, Idaho and Nevada. It covers all of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. This post is the launching of coverage of the Evangelical Free in the western United States. Continue reading

Sean DeMars at Desiring God…Going to War for the Unborn Only to not Give a Damn When Children are Sexually Abused After they are Born

Sean DeMars over at Desiring God writes a post about going to war for the unborn. But here is the problem…many evangelicals are so fixated on abortion that they ignore or don’t care what happens to a child after they are born. Evangelical Christianity is struggling with child sex abuse and it needs to be addressed. This post offers push back to what Sean wrote.
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Kevin DeYoung Claims C.J. Mahaney is Above Reproach, Jenn’s Comment from SGM Survivors, and a Dark Anniversary

Kevin DeYoung responds to Todd Pruitt at Mortification of Spin on C.J. Mahaney. Kevin’s post reveals his corruption and why the Christian community should not expect anything substantial from Kevin. These are my thoughts on what Kevin said, Jenn’s amazing comment from SGM Survivors, and my amazement with the strong pushback. Plus today four years ago a Care Group Leader from Redeemer Arlington under the shepherding of Jordan Kauflin gave birth to a false accusation that took aim at my name, ability to earn income, and more. Today is a dark anniversary and why I care and write about some of these issues.  
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Is Neo-Calvinism Creating Mini Popes and a Misapplication of Scripture?

A comment by Daniel Roueche at Nate Sparks Facebook page leads to this quick and brief post. Its an honest question about how sustainable is Neo-Calvinist application of  theology in the end? What is its legacy for abuse, poor theology, and in the process creating a mini-Rome? I’ll let you guys discuss this below. Another post is going up later today. Continue reading