John Gehring at The National Catholic Reporter Writes About Attorney General Bill Barr and the Culture Wars

William Barr is the highest Catholic in the Trump Administration. The United States Attorney General considers himself a culture warrior and is admired by traditional Catholics and evangelicals alike. In the National Catholic Reporter an in depth look at Barr and his faith and the culture wars was written by John Gehring. This is a brief post about the culture wars from a more traditional Catholic perspective. Continue reading

Recommended Read: Michael Sean Winters at National Catholic Reporter Gives a Roman Catholic Response to R.R. Reno Regarding COVID-19 and Sacrificing the Vulnerable to Preserve the Economy

In late May of 2020 R.R. Reno at First Things wrote a problematic post that showed his denial about the COVID-19 situation. At the National Catholic Reporter Micheal Sean Winters wrote a solid response to the libertarian Catholic writer.  Continue reading

Additional Roman Catholic Angles on the COVID-19 Pandemic

From late March and through the month of April there were a number of articles that looked at the COVID-19 pandemic through a Catholic perspective. Some looked at how the pandemic was changing the Catholic church. Others on the Jesuit background of Dr. Fauci. This post is designed to give a sampling of a number of articles that look at the coronavirus situation and how its affecting Catholicism.  Continue reading

When Baptists Were Grateful that a Catholic was Killed in Dallas. Plus a Solid Read in Politico: John F Kennedy in the 1960 Election and Facing Anti-Catholicism Bigotry by Evangelicals

When I was growing up my Dad recalled what it was like being a Catholic in North Carolina in the 1960’s when word came in that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Dad was dismayed that Baptists were grateful that a Catholic was no longer in the White House. That made a negative impression on Dad. Plus in Politico a solid story about John F Kennedy facing evangelical and Baptists bigotry when he ran for the White House in 1960.  Continue reading

Patrick Reardon With Deep Respect I Request Please Don’t Bring Evangelical Thinking into Catholicism

In the National Catholic Reporter the other day Patrick Reardon wrote about finding God in the pain of his brother’s suicide. This blog expresses its deepest sympathy at his loss. However, this blog is also concerned about evangelical thinking bleeding into Catholicism. The last thing Catholicism needs is the evangelical modus operandi and thought process and approach to life. I say this in a sensitive manner in regards to your brother’s suicide. Continue reading

David Platt Repents for Not Preaching Against Abortion Earlier in His Pastoral Career. Here Are the Problems With Platt’s Teaching

At the March for Life rally David Platt who teaches at McLean Bible repented for not preaching against abortion more in his pastoral career when he was younger. This article discuss the issue of evangelicals and abortion. Its hard to take evangelicals seriously on abortion given their dishonest with the origins of the culture wars. Continue reading