In a Disturbing Story The Washington Post Writes About How Conspiracy Theories Are Dividing One Family

At The Washington Post recently a story was published that is deeply troubling. Its about how a conservative Roman Catholic is going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories as she chooses her own sources of information and deciding what fact is. Her journey has even taken her to reading white supremacist material. This Post story is about how conspiracy theories are dividing a family and the conflict that has arisen between her children and her mother. Tomorrow expect a blog post looking at white evangelicals and conspiracy theories and providing some additional analysis on the problem. This article in the Post is important to understanding conspiracy theories and yet its profoundly sad to read. As always this blog encourages you to support your local newspaper. Continue reading

Marty Baron, The Editor for The Washington Post Known for his Expose of the Roman Catholic Pedophilia Scandal at The Boston Globe – Is Retiring

Marty Baron is retiring. The former editor of The Boston Globe steered the newspaper through its coverage of the child sex abuse scandal within the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. It became the story of my generation, the issue of sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church. Baron who became the editor of The Washington Post retires at the end of February. This blog wishes him well and thanks Marty for his commitment to truth and investigative journalism. Continue reading

In the National Catholic Reporter a Retired Catholic Priest Compares The Differences Between His Own Arrest Protesting Vietnam in 1971 with the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot

Over at the National Catholic Reporter a retired Catholic priest wrote about his own Vietnam War protest and arrest in 1971 and compared it with the violent insurrection that occurred on January 6, 2021. This is an interesting read this blog wanted to add and encourage people to read.  Continue reading

More Toxic Behavior From Church Militant. The Rogue Fundamentalist Catholic Group Engages in Racist Behavior Against the Washington, D.C. Archbishop and Also Shows its Autocratic Side on Election Night

The fundamentalist Catholic group Church Militant attacked the Washington, D.C. Archbishop this past summer in calling him an “African queen” and gay. Church Militant’s remarks were blatantly racist. Then on election night this rogue fundamentalist organization sought to undermine American democracy in defending President’s Trump’s false claim that he won even with ballots still being counted.  The Wondering Eagle has some advice for Catholics. Reject this toxic cesspool that is known as Church Militant. Continue reading

Mark Galli Crosses The Tiber. Why Do Some Individuals Leave Evangelicalism and Convert to Roman Catholicism?

Mark Galli surprised a number of people when he announced that he was converting to Catholicism. It was a long journey from evangelicalism to Catholicism So why does a person convert to Catholicism from evangelicalism? What are the reasons for crossing the Tiber? This post tries to explain some of the motivations behind it.  Continue reading

Robert Jeffress’ Comments on Catholicism Being a Cult and its Pagan Roots From Babylon. A Look at the Bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas

Robert Jeffress is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas. He is known inside the Southern Baptist Convention for his Christian nationalism. He is is also known for his outrageous statements about Catholicism and calling it a pagan cult from Babylon. This post is a look at he bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas.  Continue reading