Mark Galli Crosses The Tiber. Why Do Some Individuals Leave Evangelicalism and Convert to Roman Catholicism?

Mark Galli surprised a number of people when he announced that he was converting to Catholicism. It was a long journey from evangelicalism to Catholicism So why does a person convert to Catholicism from evangelicalism? What are the reasons for crossing the Tiber? This post tries to explain some of the motivations behind it.  Continue reading

Robert Jeffress’ Comments on Catholicism Being a Cult and its Pagan Roots From Babylon. A Look at the Bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas

Robert Jeffress is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas. He is known inside the Southern Baptist Convention for his Christian nationalism. He is is also known for his outrageous statements about Catholicism and calling it a pagan cult from Babylon. This post is a look at he bigotry of the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas.  Continue reading

John Gehring at The National Catholic Reporter Writes About Attorney General Bill Barr and the Culture Wars

William Barr is the highest Catholic in the Trump Administration. The United States Attorney General considers himself a culture warrior and is admired by traditional Catholics and evangelicals alike. In the National Catholic Reporter an in depth look at Barr and his faith and the culture wars was written by John Gehring. This is a brief post about the culture wars from a more traditional Catholic perspective. Continue reading

Recommended Read: Michael Sean Winters at National Catholic Reporter Gives a Roman Catholic Response to R.R. Reno Regarding COVID-19 and Sacrificing the Vulnerable to Preserve the Economy

In late May of 2020 R.R. Reno at First Things wrote a problematic post that showed his denial about the COVID-19 situation. At the National Catholic Reporter Micheal Sean Winters wrote a solid response to the libertarian Catholic writer.  Continue reading