#PastorParler Danielle Ethridge Since Your Husband May Spend Years in Prison for Alleged Terrorism/Sedition Activity in Washington, D.C. Some Suggestions For Your Planned Baby Registry

Evangelicalism thrives in such a distorted world at times. Alleged terrorism and sedition one day, then planning a baby registry the next. This post is for Tyler Ethridge’s wife Danielle. This blog offers some suggestions for their baby registry. It may not be the registry they want, but in the near future their romantic, and delusional bubble is about to be popped by a knock at the door from the FBI. Continue reading

#PastorParler No Tyler Ethridge Premarital Sex Wont Destroy Your Life. However Raiding the Capitol and Participating in a Coup Attempt Will

This is a post looking at one of the individuals, a youth pastor from Florida who allegedly participated in the Washington, D.C. riot and violence on January 6, 2021. A week before the violence on Facebook he talked about how much he harmed his life do to premarital sex. This shows the warped thinking of evangelicals in that he thinks that what he did in federal trespassing and riot is okay. Continue reading

Recommended Reads: From the New York Times to Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, and The Atlantic; USA Today Editorial on Evangelical Christian Leaders Supporting Anything Trump Says

There have been several articles and an editorial that look at evangelical Christians and the Donald Trump phenomena that are worth reading. This post is a compilation of them and includes a USA Today editorial, and Jennifer Rubin column in the Washington Post. Also included are two articles by Michael Gerson in the Washington Post and The Atlantic. Finally the New York Times had two articles about how Trump is resulting in blacks leaving white evangelical churches and increasing segregation and how some white evangelical women are slowly distancing themselves from Trump.  Continue reading

Why is the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Silent on Larry Osborne’s Strong Support for Mark Driscoll and The Trinity Church? Does the EFCA Also Believe Women are Penis Homes?

On Sunday August 7, 2016 Mark Driscoll launched The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. This post is about one of Mark Driscoll’s strongest supporters both in Seattle and in Scottsdale. Larry Osborne is a prominent pastor in the Evangelical Free Church of America, (EFCA) and as its known this blog writes about this particular denomination. My question is this…why is the EFCA silent on Larry Osborne’s strong support for Mark Driscoll? This post looks at a corrupt and crude pastor and points out the difficulties and issues that arise due to Osborne’s association with Mark Driscoll and how that taints the EFCA.  Continue reading

How the Internet Helps Heal and Bring People Together

How the internet helps heal and how those hurt by the church connect and reach out to each other. This looks at the role social media plays in totalitarian churches and how I realized this in writing about Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church in  Elverson, Pennsylvania. Also if you were hurt by the church you are not alone, and you will heal in your own way in your own time. Each person is different. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

David has one question….where did nearly $2.3 million dollars from the Mars Hill Global Fund go? Where did it disappear to? This is an open letter which is being sent to Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson asking him to investigate the finances of the late Mars Hill Church which was led by Mark Driscoll. Its my belief that fraud took place and church members and citizens of Washington State were the victims of fraud. Continue reading

Why Write about Church Corruption, Systemic and Systematic Issues? Lessons from the Creation of the National Park Service in 1916

The National Park Service turns 100 this month. Over a century ago a number of people had the vision, and drive to preserve national parks. They ran into difficulty, and went against the culture at the time. In time they convinced others that places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and others deserved protection. Religious bloggers are similar in that we love the church too much to keep it as is. We love the church and write and endure difficulty so that others will not. We write so that a person can attend an Evangelical Free Church or Southern Baptist Church in 2050 and worship in peace. Continue reading

A Wolf Rises in Phoenix: Mark Driscoll and The Trinity Church

On February 1, 2016 it was announced that Mark Driscoll is launching his church in Phoenix, Arizona. The name of the church is called The Trinity Church. While Robert Morris is supporting Driscoll the other supporters are disturbing. It includes men like Josh McDowell,  Ron Beers and others. This is Eagle’s thoughts on The Trinity Church and what we as a community need to do. We need to push back hard and challenge Mark Driscoll. If we keep one person out of The Trinity Church, that will be one less person writing on blogs such as “Trinity Church Refuge” when they launch. We must always remember Paul Petry and Bent Meyer in the process. Continue reading