How was Information From Soul Care Collected for James MacDonald? What Does this Scandal Mean for Garrett Higbee and the Great Commission Collective? Plus Some Advice as Higbee is Trying to Reconcile

In the Dean Butters statement there is one line that is chilling. It discusses how information was collected for James MacDonald from Soul Care. This blog would like to ask how did that happen? Were reports given to James MacDonald or were people recorded without their consent and was Illinois law violated? What are the implications of what Dean Butters said for Garrett Higbee and the Great Commission Collective?  Continue reading

Why Harvest Bible Chapel Needs to Repent to the Haskells, Maldeners, Ferraros, Secrests and Countless Others. The Blog Wants Harvest to Own its Abuse Admit its Errors and Misconduct so that People Will Have Peace and Closure

Harvest Bible Chapel needs to own their mistakes. Individuals like Talbott Behnken, Jeff Donaldson and others need to admit they were wrong. For the hurt and pain they have caused they need to repent and own what they did to others and accept the consequences. This blog heard the other day that Harvest Christian Academy will be hit by the financial scandal and won’t likely last beyond the end of this school year. Either way individuals like the Haskells, Maldeners, Ferraros, the Secrests and others need an apology and to see some action behind the words. In the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal this blog will push for that action.   Continue reading

Why James MacDonald Should Not be Allowed to Leave Harvest Bible Chapel with the Intellectual Property From Walk in the Word

James MacDonald is allegedly in discussions with Harvest Bible Chapel elders to negotiate a severance package. This blog has recently learned that Harvest pastors were not allowed to keep their sermons or intellectual material without signing a non disclosure agreement (NDA). Why should James MacDonald be allowed to walk away from Harvest with the intellectual material from Walk in the Word if a pastor in Colorado, Illinois or elsewhere was not allowed to keep their sermon material? Continue reading

Advice for The Well Community Church in Fresno, California as they Want to Reset

Recently The Well Community Church in Fresno, California did a sermon that explained how they want to reset. The purpose of this post is to teach The Well lessons that I have learned in writing about the EFCA, Neo-Calvinism and scandal across the United States. If The Well incorporates some of these ideas they will become healthier and better in the long course of time.
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Did Luke MacDonald Allegedly Threaten the Family of Dan Haskell at Harvest Christian Academy? Also a Look at How Talbott Behnken Responded

A disturbing story comes out on Twitter involving Harvest Christian Academy. James MacDonald’s son, Luke MacDonald allegedly threatened the family of Dan Haskell. Luke was allegedly enraged over a prayer that Dan left on The Elephant’s Debt blog. This happened in April of 2018 after the Haskells felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to leave Harvest Bible Chapel two months prior. Dan raised the threat with the Harvest Bible Chapel elders who didn’t address the situation. Talbott Behnken allegedly made Dan Haskell the issue and participated in gaslighting. Dan wanted to make sure that the safety and wellbeing of his children were guaranteed by the head of Harvest Christian Academy.  Talbott Behnken allegedly would not do that.  
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Mike Slayden From The Well Community Church Fresno Preaches on Reconciliation. A Look at this Sermon

The Wondering Eagle visited The Well Community Church in north Fresno on January 6, 2018. Mike Slayden gave the sermon which was pre-recorded and shown on a screen. This post reviews some of what Mike taught.  While The Well pastor preached on Matthew 5:23-24 this blog has come to the conclusion due to personal experience that evangelical Christians don’t believe in repentance and reconciliation. Plus what do you do when a church like The Bridge Fresno make errors and refuses to atone for its mistakes? Finally as Mike Slayden quoted from Ravi Zecharias, is The Well pastor aware of the sexting charges and academic fraud allegations that came out about Ravi Zacharias? Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Review of 2018. The Top Stories and Posts and What is Coming in 2019

This is the final post for The Wondering Eagle for 2018. This article reviews the stories and situations covered in the year of 2018. From Acts 29, to the EFCA to the Sojourn Network, the atheist community and Harvest Bible Chapel. This is a wrap up of all the work this blog accomplished. Plus I discuss what is coming in 2019 as well.
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Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold or Cousin Eddie of North Idaho? A Look at the Culture Wars Colliding at Christmas

Is Jeremy Morris the Clark W. Griswold of Hayden, Idaho? This is a story of the evangelical culture wars clashing on Christmas. When the warped perspective of white Christian persecution runs amuck. This is the story of Jeremy Morris, a cultural warrior graduate from Liberty University engages in a legal battle with the West Hayden Estates Homeowners Association over a massive Christmas display. Continue reading