Guest Post: Exploring the Issues of Manipulation, Shunning and Control in Acts 29’s Remnant Community Group Program. An Experience in Zach and Susan Crump’s Community Group

This is a guest post by a former participant in Zach and Susan Crump’s community group. Zach Crump’s community group is one of many in Acts 29 Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. This looks at the issues that exists, pressure to become a covenant member and how the group responded when the story teller lost two loved ones through death in the same week.  Continue reading

Brick Lane Community Church Joins The Gospel Coalition, and Challenging a Misleading Statement from Steve Estes Church

Brick Lane Community Church has exited the EFCA. Its statement in the local Elverson, Pennsylvania press was deceitful. It stated that they had to vote to separate from the EFCA and then align with the The Gospel Coalition. This post at The Wondering Eagle pushes back against that corrupt statement. After all in Eddie Cole’s Eastern District there are 15 EFCA churches involved in The Gospel Coalition. Plus it was learned that the most prolific pastors are Bill Kynes and Benjamin Vrbicek. The Wondering Eagle would like to ask, can Merle and Dave Stoltzfus and Steve Estes be honest?  Continue reading

Posting the Question I Submitted to Bill Riedel at Redemption Hill (Washington, D.C. Acts 29) Asking if Bill Believes in Military Chaplains? Or out of Neo-Calvinist Theology Does he Reject the Concept of Military Chaplains?

This is a post of my question to Bill Riedel at Acts 29 Redemption Hill here in the Washington, D.C. area. After telling the story of Acts 29 Remnant in Richmond I questioned Bill and asked if he believes that military chaplains should exist. Or does he reject the concept out of his Neo-Calvinist theology.  Continue reading

D.C. Redemption Hill’s Ties to Remnant Church in Richmond. Does Acts 29/EFCA Pastor Bill Riedel Also Reject Military Chaplains? Finally How Would the EFCA Chaplaincy React to the EFCA Planting Acts 29 Churches That Do Not Believe Chaplains Should Exist?

The Acts 29 network rejects the concept of military chaplains. That is what happened at Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. It resulted in a military chaplain candidate leaving  Acts 29 and going to another Baptist denomination to obtain his chaplain commission. Bill Riedel’s EFCA/Acts 29 Redemption Hill in Washington, D.C. appears to have a close relationship with Remnant Church. The Wondering Eagle would like to know if Bill Riedel also rejects military chaplains. Finally what does the EFCA chaplaincy think of this situation? After all if the EFCA is planting more Acts 29 churches can this undermine the talent pool for the EFCA Chaplaincy program? Or will the EFCA Chaplaincy program run the risk of being rejected altogether and losing support?  Continue reading

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra’s Horrific Article at The Gospel Coalition About How Acts 29 Thrived After Mars Hill Ignores Many of the Issues in the Troubled Network

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra wrote a troubling article for The Gospel Coalition last December. She talks about how Acts 29 thrives and grew out of the Mars Hill implosion. In the article Sarah conveniently forgets a lot of issues about both Mark Driscoll and Acts 29. From forgetting that Driscoll stated that women are penis homes to Matt Chandler’s The Village Church attempting to a place a  women her annulled her marriage to a child pornography addict under church discipline.  Sarah is an example of what is possible when one ingests large sums of Kool Aid.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Don Coleman (Lead Pastor of East End Fellowship in Richmond on Giving People a Refuge Who are Allegedly Abused by Remnant)

An open letter to the pastor of East End Fellowship Don Coleman about what I appreciate from his church. Richmond has a problem on its hands in the form of Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant Church. East End is taking refugees from Acts 29. Its my hope that Don Coleman will continue to serve those who show up broken, crushed and theologically battered.  Continue reading

From Remnant Church in Richmond to Fellowship Memphis in Tennessee, Does Acts 29 Exploit African-Americans in the Name of Racial Reconciliation?

The Wondering Eagle would like to ask the question. Is the Acts 29 network exploiting racial reconciliation as they do church plants? From Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant Church to John Bryson’s Fellowship Memphis I believe yes, Acts 29 is exploiting racial reconciliation. In cities that have struggled with their past, Acts 29 only functions like a leach in profiting off the situation. They use racial reconciliation to launch a plant and profit off the pain of a community.  Continue reading

Doug Ponder Preaches on Fones, Feeds and Flashing Lights: A Sermon Coming from Inside the Bubble. This is a Review of this Expository Message from an Outsider

This past fall Remnant did a sermon series called Fones, Feeds and Flashing Lights. I listened to Doug Ponder preach a message about identity. This is my review of his message in both how I interpreted it and the problems with what Doug is saying. The point of this post is to get people to think critically about Remnant’s sermons and ask questions.  Continue reading

Does the Acts 29 Network Attract People from the US Military? Looking at this Question Through the Lens of Two Acts 29 Churches: Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington in the D.C. Area and Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant in Richmond

I was unsuccessfully recruited to Acts 29 Redeemer Arlington by an Air Force Captain. After enduring the false accusation as time passed I wondered if the Acts 29 network attracts members of the US military. Do members of the United States Marine Corps and Army who live very regimented lives attracted to a legalistic organization like Acts 29? Against all that I heard of a situation in Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant Church.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to an Unknown Female Formerly of Remnant Church (On Wanting to be a Police Officer for the City of Richmond)

An open letter to a former member of Acts 29 Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. This covenant member had planned to become a police officer for the city and Remnant allegedly intervened and told her that she could not do that. As a woman being a police officer was off limits. This is an open letter to that unknown female asking a lot of questions and my hope is that she is serving the city of Richmond today in law enforcement.  Continue reading