First Free Church in Onalaska, Wisconsin Wants You to Share Your Story: Here is Mine, From Mormonism to a Brush with Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington and Sovereign Grace

First Free Church which is led by Shane Holden in Onalaska, Wisconsin has a feature on their webpage. They are asking you to tell your story. I have agreed and that is what this post is about. This is my condensed story which shows my history, my exploration of Mormonism in college, time in Crusade, the Evangelical Free, a Third Wave church outside Milwaukee and the dark season of being unsuccessfully recruited to a Sovereign Grace church plant and the false accusation I endured. Part of my story is learning why rape and sexual assault is a problem in the military from an Air Force officer who drunk the John Piper, and Mark Driscoll Kool-Aid. The story played on into my Mom’s illness which resulted in her death.  Continue reading

The United States Department of Defense Recognizes Humanism; How Long Before Humanist Chaplains can Finally Serve?

The United States Department of Defense recently acknowledges humanism as a faith system. This is a major development for the secular and atheist community which has been pushing for this to occur for years. This likely came about due to the hard work of Jason Torpy’s Military Association of Atheist and Freethinkers. This also removes a roadblock and will open the door for humanist chaplains, allowing fine individuals like Jason Heap to serve those troops who are secular in the military. This post is an analysis of this monumental change in the secular world and United States government.   Continue reading

Do Evangelical Christians Have a Flawed Understanding of What Peace Is?

There is something that has been on my mind for a while and it leads to today’s post. It is my contention that many Evangelical Christians have a flawed understanding of what peace is. Peace is not just avoiding conflict but its also the presence of justice. If you are in a church that has problems but are afraid to speak out you are not creating peace, instead I would suggest you are enabling injustice. Continue reading

Redeemer Arlington, The Gospel Coalition and the Evasive Neo-Calvinist Culture Which I Do Not Understand

Jonathan Merritt recently wrote an article about how The Gospel Coalition evades and blocks people at will. This modus operandi of evading culture has deep roots in Neo-Calvinism as I experienced this from Andrew White of Redeemer Arlington. Many Neo-Calvinists are evading the difficult questions, and this reveals that their foundation is flawed and built on sand. This post also deals with another problem in Neo-Calvinism – “Gospel Centered Flight” meaning from Andrew White to C.J. Mahaney you run from your problems and flee all while taking about being a man. Continue reading

The Reason Rally 2016 – My Experience on the National Mall

An overview of my experience at the Reason Rally on June 4, 2016 which occurred at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall here in Washington, D.C. This describes an encounter with a preacher at the rally and looking at the tents, some of the conversations I had and my thoughts on what I heard. This also includes some areas that evangelicals needs to address. Continue reading