Evangelical Christians and the Problem of “Miracles”

A posting on Facebook by an evangelical in the American South leads to this blog post. American evangelicals have a warped view of miracles and it often leads to problems. Too often too much is interpreted of minor happenstance or circumstances. All too often it leaves people to eventually be emotionally crushed. This post looks at the problems when it comes to Evangelical Christians and miracles. Continue reading

Should an Evangelical Christian Church be the Location for a Political Rally? The Freedom From Religion Foundation Rightfully Says No

On Friday evening January 3, 2020 an evangelical Hispanic mega church became the location of a political rally in Miami, Florida. President Trump used the occasion to kick off “Evangelicals for Trump.” However, before the rally took place the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin asked the IRS to investigate the rally that was to take place at the King Jesus International Ministry. The Johnson Amendment was never repealed and the IRS requirements for non-profits was violated. This is another post dealing with Christian nationalism and the threat it poses. Continue reading

Lake Wisconsin Evangelical Free in Lodi, Wisconsin on Why the Church Should Avoid Politics

Lake Wisconsin Evangelical Free in Lodi, Wisconsin has stated that politics will be avoided in the church for the purposes of unity and creating an environment that is welcoming.  This is a deeply encouraging policy in Scott Larson’s church and has been this way for an extended period of time. In the evangelical movement which struggles to divorce itself from politics, the actions by this EFCA church could be a model inside the greater EFCA as to why politics must be separate from faith. After all the only way evangelical Christianity can work is if its apolitical.  Continue reading

Do You Want to Write? I Would like to Build a Diverse Independent Team that Can Write The Wondering Eagle

The Wondering Eagle would like to transition from a one person blog to a team that can write about a number of issues. Those issues include atheism, doubt, Neo-Calvinism, the EFCA, Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church and issues in evangelicalism. I would like to bring on a diverse set of people in time who would have freedom to publish what is on their mind. If you are interested please drop me a note and let’s figure out a way forward.  Continue reading

Philip Yancey is Bewildered on Why So Many Evangelical Christians Adore Donald Trump

Philip Yancey wrote a hard hitting blog post a couple of months back about evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump. In his blog post he said that civility, religion and truth took a hit when many evangelicals wrapped themselves around a man who boasted of sexual assault. This is a write up of Phil Yancey’s article and his video as well. Yancey quotes Shane Claiborne who said that mixing politics and religion is like mixing ice cream and horse manure. Donald Trump is what happens when evangelical Christians decided to sit down, put on a bib and feast on shit. Many Trump supporters also are not going to be able to say they made a mistake and will be like many Sovereign Gracers in the end.  Continue reading

Why Do Neo-Calvinists have a Problem with Phillip Yancey? Plus Mike Hellum of Westmark Evangelical Free in Loomis, Nebraska Promotes “Disappointment with God.”

How I discovered Philip Yancey in a faith crisis and how I thought “Disappointment with God ” was an atheist book. Also why do the Neo-Calvinists have a problem with Philip Yancey? Finally I want to highlight Mike Hellum an Evangelical Free pastor at Westmark Evangelical Free in Loomis, Nebraska for promoting “Disappointment with God.” It is my belief that Mike Hellum is a gift to the EFCA denomination. Continue reading

Is Randy Alcorn’s Recent Blog Post Subtly Addressing the Child Sex Abuse Allegations in Sovereign Grace? A Response from a False Accusation Survivor

Randy Alcorn recently penned an article at his blog about why you have to be careful about allegations of child sex abuse because they could be false accusations. He then goes to great lengths to talk about the issue. In light of all the issues with Sovereign Grace and allegations of child sex abuse cover up is this article an attempt by Randy Alcorn to subtly play down the issue? After all Randy has a close business relationship with C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace and its in his financial interest to defend it. This post which deals with false accusations is written by someone who endured a false accusation from someone who was involved in Redeemer Arlington. Continue reading