From Atheism to Evangelicals and Their Culture Wars: Why The Wondering Eagle will Occasionally Write About Politics

From time to time when it is appropriate The Wondering Eagle will write and discuss issues in both atheism and evangelical Christianity when it comes to politics. To be fair it is a topic that needs to be looked at in a respectful and responsible manner. This post lays the ground rules for tomorrow’s post which will test the capability to have this occasional discussion.  Continue reading

Eagle’s Recommendations on how to Improve Neo-Calvinism and Make it Healthy

In today’s journal entry I write a post on how to make Neo-Calvinism healthy.  While Neo-Calvinism can offer a lot to the Christian faith, I would suggest in its current form it offers very little of anything that is either healthy or constructive. This is an outsider’s recommendation on ways to make Neo-Calvinism more robust and in the process help shore it up. Besides why read Mark Driscoll, Mark Dever or CJ Mahaney when you can read Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, and Martin Lloyd Jones? Continue reading