An Intern With Cru at the University of Illinois Explains Why He Serves With Cru

An intern for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) writes a blog post for the Cru chapter at the University of Illinois. In the blog post he writes about why he serves in Cru. For me its basically a blog post on why he wanted to quit his secular job and crawl back into the bubble. In the process he forgets all the other people who could use the Gospel. Articles like this give us insight into the issues with modern evangelicalism. 
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An Open Letter to Don Coleman (Lead Pastor of East End Fellowship in Richmond on Giving People a Refuge Who are Allegedly Abused by Remnant)

An open letter to the pastor of East End Fellowship Don Coleman about what I appreciate from his church. Richmond has a problem on its hands in the form of Bryan Laughlin’s Remnant Church. East End is taking refugees from Acts 29. Its my hope that Don Coleman will continue to serve those who show up broken, crushed and theologically battered.  Continue reading

Will Pavone’s (Formerly of McLean Bible, now Community Fellowship in the West Chicago Area) Behavior on Twitter; Plus the Issue of Narcissism in the Pulpit

Looking at how the Senior Pastor of Community Fellowship in West Chicago behaves on Twitter. My question to Will Pavone is “Who Would Jesus Block?” In addition this looks at some of the cultural issues that existed at McLean Bible and considers the problem of narcissism in the evangelical Christian pulpit.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Brad Pitt (On his Negative Experiences with Christianity, Guilt from Fundamentalism and Being an Atheist)

An open letter to Brad Pitt that is based off an article I read in Relevant Magazine. This is an open letter to Brad Pitt touching on guilt from fundamentalism, how science was handled, God’s will being manipulated, and Brad being an atheist. This blog encouraged Brad to wrestle and work things out and go at his own pace. I say this from one fried person to another fried person from fundamentalism.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Andrew Smith (Lead Pastor of The Bridge Fresno)

An open letter to the Lead Pastor of The Bridge Fresno. In this post I discuss how an Evangelical Free church badly bungled a prayer request by someone whose Mom was dying in nearby St. Agnes Medical Center. This post asks some hard questions including the following…why does this church exist if it fumbles such basic sincere needs from those in the community the church claims to serve. Continue reading

How Pizzagate and Fake News Threaten the Legitimacy of Religious Blogs

On December 4, 2016 a gunman inspired by fake news who was into John Eldredge walked into a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. with a gun wanting to save children allegedly enslaved in a pedophilia ring. This post is about how Pizzagate and fake news threatens the legitimacy of bloggers, plus the efforts I put into writing this blog. We need to stop and reflect on what religious blogs have accomplished, and remember that with freedom of speech comes great responsibility. Lets support Comet Ping Pong. Continue reading

You are Going to Fail, Make Mistakes and Fall Because You are Human; Some Thoughts on Evangelical Sanctification

This post is inspired by a phone call with a friend yesterday. I have been meaning to write a post about sanctification for a while. If you read this and you are human I have news for you…the reality is that at some point in your life you are going to fail and make mistakes. But when you fail look at it in the long term perspective. Continue reading