Considering Christian Nationalism: When the Mormon Understands the Gospel Better Than the Evangelical Christian

Christian Nationalists are advancing a claim that God placed Donald Trump in power and that there is no free will. In this debate a Mormon pushed back hard and defended the belief of free will. This post would like to ask the question for those evangelicals who are blindly stating that God placed Trump in power, could Mormonism be a healthier alternative for them? Could they learn more about the Gospel inside Mormonism? Maybe some need to consider that issue. Continue reading

Donna Stafford, Joyce Meyer and a $23,000 Commode

The wife of Senior Pastor Rod Stafford of Fairfax Community Church is into Joyce Meyer and attends her events.  This post asks if Fairfax Community Church is influenced by Joyce Meyer and poses another question. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer and attend Fairfax Community Church should you embrace the prosperity gospel? Why is the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana silent about this? Continue reading

Did Mancow Muller Incite James MacDonald to Take Legal Action Against The Elephant’s Debt?

This post looks at the relationship between Chicago “shock jock” Mancow Muller and James MacDonald. Muller in the past has allegedly used lawsuits “to get people’s attention.” Did Mancow Muller inspire James MacDonald to go after The Elephant’s Debt? How did Michael J. Young, Mancow’s attorney who focuses on DUI’s start working for Harvest Bible Chapel?
Continue reading

Harvest Bible Chapel: An Example of How an Employee Would Allegedly Be Fired When James MacDonald Raged. Also, a Weird Easter Sermon in 2013

The Wondering Eagle learns a painful story of how James MacDonald allegedly fires employees from Harvest Bible Chapel. In addition a strange Easter sermon in 2013 led some people to leave Harvest. With James MacDonald its all about the benjamins baby! That is James’ God and who he worships. Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Book Review: Fear, Lust for Power and 81%. A Look at John Fea’s “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump”

John Fea, a history professor from Messiah College outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes a book that is quite talked about in social media. In “Believe Me – The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump” you learn about the relationship between Donald Trump and many evangelicals.  The court evangelical is explained and one understands how fear has always been an issue for American evangelicals. Fear can be traced back to the Puritans in the 1600’s and carries on through fear of immigrants, other races, Catholics and modernism in the 20th century. The Wondering Eagle reviews this book with joy and is grateful for what Professor Fea contributes to the conversation of evangelicals, history and politics.  Continue reading

Guest Post: A Luminous Darkness: Separating Faith from Weaponized Theology (A Story of Loss from Andrew Wommack’s Faith Healing Ministry)

A guest post by someone who wants to remain anonymous. Its a reflection on someone who was into Andrew Wommack’s Faith Healing Program who dies of a cancer that could have been treated. In this tragedy a young mother leaves behind her husband and three children, when they could have had a longer life together. This is about the dangers of theological certainty and faith healers.  Continue reading