A Reflection on the Evangelical Persecution Porn Industrial Complex

A YouTube video looks at the Christian persecution complex. This blogger stops and reflects on his past experience with evangelical fantasy over persecution. Many evangelicals live in a fantasy world on this topic. Persecution for many evangelicals is like pornography and its nothing but fantasy. But an incident recently in West Virginia begs the question who really is doing the persecution? (Hint…its the entitled white evangelicals)  Continue reading

With a Second Pfizer Shot I am Vaccinated Against COVID-19. This Blog Encourages You to Getting Vaccinated as Well

This past week I took the second COVID-19 vaccine with a Pfizer shot here in Virginia. It was a rough day afterward but am feeling better and am looking forward to doing more in life. This post is about my vaccination and my hope that others will get vaccinated as well. This blog would love it if people were a part of the solution and helped end the pandemic by getting vaccinated. Continue reading

A Year of COVID-19. A Changed Evangelicalism. A Changed Culture. And a Reflection and the Personal Impact of the Worst Pandemic Since the 1918 Spanish Flu

March 11, 2021 marked the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to do a post marking the event and reflecting on it in the bigger picture. This looks at evangelicalism in part and I also explore how this pandemic affected me for the past year. From those I know who came down with COVID to dealing with the lockdowns in Virginia. Despite the difficult year this blogger sees a light at the end of the tunnel. And I am looking forward to resuming life. Continue reading

It’s Finally Over and Being Proud to Live in the Washington, D.C. Area

Watching a video before bedtime brings this quick post about. I’m grateful that the Trump era is over and am looking forward to a fresh start. These past four years were painful for a traditional conservative like me. Bridges were crossed and in some cases burned and there is no going back. But seeing the corruption by evangelicals on display during the Trump era was staggering. These past four years were a defining time and I realized that I could not be an evangelical at all.  Continue reading

Happy Festivus Everyone! The Annual Airing of Grievances Commences at The Wondering Eagle

Happy Festivus! Today at the Wondering Eagle, in honor of D.A. Carson (it’s his birthday today…) we are going to celebrate Festivus! While Don celebrates his birthday its going to be a “Festivus for the rest of us!” I will start in the annual airing of grievances and then readers are encouraged to participate in the act. This year I also challenge Jerry Falwell Jr to a Feats of Strength! Continue reading

Vote! This Blog Wants You to Be Civically Inclined and Vote

Today is election day. Its an important day in the history of the United States. This blog remembers those who died abroad in military service who gave their lives in support of our democracy and Constitution. And this blog is asking you to get out and vote. Vote for those who gave their life and were not able to engage as much in this practice of democracy. Vote to honor those who gave their life.  Continue reading

The End is in Sight for Chaplain Mike and A Note to the Internet Monk Community

Yesterday at The Internet Monk Chaplain Mike notified the community that the end of the blog is in sight. I read that with a heavy heart as I love The Internet Monk. I will always appreciate The Internet Monk as my life has a history with that blog. Its with that in mind that this blog wants The Internet Monk community to know that they can publish and carry on discussions here on The Wondering Eagle. No pressure in such an invitation but the door will always remain open.  Continue reading