Vote! This Blog Wants You to Be Civically Inclined and Vote

Today is election day. Its an important day in the history of the United States. This blog remembers those who died abroad in military service who gave their lives in support of our democracy and Constitution. And this blog is asking you to get out and vote. Vote for those who gave their life and were not able to engage as much in this practice of democracy. Vote to honor those who gave their life.  Continue reading

The End is in Sight for Chaplain Mike and A Note to the Internet Monk Community

Yesterday at The Internet Monk Chaplain Mike notified the community that the end of the blog is in sight. I read that with a heavy heart as I love The Internet Monk. I will always appreciate The Internet Monk as my life has a history with that blog. Its with that in mind that this blog wants The Internet Monk community to know that they can publish and carry on discussions here on The Wondering Eagle. No pressure in such an invitation but the door will always remain open.  Continue reading

When this Pandemic is Over and a Vaccine is Found This is What l am Going to Do

One day this COVID-19 pandemic will be over. One day it will be a part of the history books. One day life will resume and things that I once took for granted will occur again. Until that time one has to have dreams that they can cling to. This post is a road map of what I plan to do when this pandemic is over because there is a medical way to deal with this virus. After all a life that has no dreams is one that is in the process of dying. Continue reading

As Minneapolis Riots and Many Parts of the United States Are Experiencing Unrest its Time to Remember Robert F Kennedy’s Words After Martin Luther King’s Assassination

As Minneapolis riots and racial violence is occurring across the United States its time to recall the prophetic words of Robert F. Kennedy. Spoken to a black crowd in Indianapolis after Martin Lither King’s assassination in Memphis they still hold truth today. Please listen to his speech and process it. The United States needs to hear these words.   Continue reading

David You Can Go Die Now You Are a Weaker Part of Society and Offer No Value. How Many Immunocompromised People Are Disturbed by the Behavior of Others?

In the COVID-19 pandemic it is startling that many people have no concern for the immocompromised of our society. How many are noticing those they know in social media focused on themself or opening the economy but not caring about the vulnerable? Should asthmatics like myself be sacrificed for the economy? Should we bite the bullet for the economy? Should people like myself plan our deaths so you can go have that beer or go to that restaurant and shutdowns can end?  Continue reading