First Free Church in Onalaska, Wisconsin Wants You to Share Your Story: Here is Mine, From Mormonism to a Brush with Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington and Sovereign Grace

First Free Church which is led by Shane Holden in Onalaska, Wisconsin has a feature on their webpage. They are asking you to tell your story. I have agreed and that is what this post is about. This is my condensed story which shows my history, my exploration of Mormonism in college, time in Crusade, the Evangelical Free, a Third Wave church outside Milwaukee and the dark season of being unsuccessfully recruited to a Sovereign Grace church plant and the false accusation I endured. Part of my story is learning why rape and sexual assault is a problem in the military from an Air Force officer who drunk the John Piper, and Mark Driscoll Kool-Aid. The story played on into my Mom’s illness which resulted in her death.  Continue reading

From Mormonism in Montana to Sovereign Grace in the Washington, D.C. Area; The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Comes Full Circle

This is a reflection on how the “Scandal of the Evangelical Mind” has been observed over the years. From being outside Christianity and inside Mormonism and meeting former evangelicals who struggled with discernment and had converted to the LDS faith; to experiences in evangelicalism along the way. After all is Mark Noll’s theory correct when a graduate from the United States Air Force Academy calls a Sovereign Grace church the healthiest church he has ever known? But in the end is this author validating the theory by trying the evangelical church again and again? Is that my form of cognitive dissonance?  Continue reading

1968 vs. 2016 and Against Conflict and Uncertainty Together 2016 is Held in Washington, D.C.

1968 was a challenging year with incredible turmoil. Issues such as Vietnam, race riots and high profile assassinations tore at the nation’s fabric. As a guy trained in history I see many parallels between 1968 and 2016. Against all this Together 2016 is held on the national mall here in Washington, D.C. This is an overview of what happened and a reminder of what the American church needs to address as a number of issues prevent unity. Does the American church want to impact culture? This is a question that many should ask and think long and hard about. Continue reading

What I Appreciated from My Faith Crisis and What I Deeply Regret

A text out of the nowhere by James Crestwood saying he was in D.C. and asking to get together led to this quick and personal post. This addresses what I appreciated from my faith crisis. From the people I have met through this blog from Community Evangelical Free, to Albuquerque Blue and other skeptics. To people like Dee Parsons and Gail my adopted grandmother in Michigan and more. What do I regret from my faith crisis? That Andrew and I clashed so much and I was confrontational. Part of this post is a response to Blue’s question. Continue reading

Analysis of Jonathan Leeman’s Recent Mailbags; Plus What is Mark Dever Going to do About Communion When he is in a Nursing Home One Day?

An overview of two recent mailbags that Jonathan Leeman wrote. Jonathan Leeman is the editor of 9 Marks which is a ministry of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, here in Washington, D.C.  Since we’re talking about Jonathan Leeman again Cartman from South Park is back. The mail bag questions I focus on are about exposing false teachers, and about elderly individuals not becoming members of the a church. Also Mark Dever believes that elderly should be denied communion when they are in a nursing home as communion can only be done in the body.  Continue reading

Why Write about Church Corruption, Systemic and Systematic Issues? Lessons from the Creation of the National Park Service in 1916

The National Park Service turns 100 this month. Over a century ago a number of people had the vision, and drive to preserve national parks. They ran into difficulty, and went against the culture at the time. In time they convinced others that places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and others deserved protection. Religious bloggers are similar in that we love the church too much to keep it as is. We love the church and write and endure difficulty so that others will not. We write so that a person can attend an Evangelical Free Church or Southern Baptist Church in 2050 and worship in peace. Continue reading

In a Pit with a Lion, Mark Batterson and National Community Church; A Personal Reflection

Today’s post deals with National Community Church (NCC) and the story, history and where it is today. I retell my experience with NCC and how I left it amidst a full blown faith crisis. I also draw attention to what NCC does exceedingly well and make suggestions to improve it. I also discuss how I approached Mark Batterson for forgiveness as I was trying to recover from a false accusation from a Care Group Leader from Redeemer Arlington. Continue reading