A Personal Reflection on Eric Simmons Redeemer Church of Arlington

A personal reflection on Redeemer Arlington. I want to look at some issues in this church based upon my own experience both with Andrew White and the leadership. I also touch on the debate about Sovereign Grace being a cult, or cult like as well as the personality cult which prevails in Neo-Calvinism.  Finally this looks at the issue of having “right beliefs” or sound doctrine in the context of not having action to back it up. Remember what James said about faith lacking works. Continue reading

Critique on Kathryn Butler’s “From Medical Doctor to Stay-at-Home Mom” at Desiring God as Coming from the Son of a Neurosurgeon

Kathryn Butler a Clinical Surgeon in the Boston area writes an article for Desiring God in which she explains why she walks away from active medicine to be a stay at home Mom. This article is filled with issues that I believe warrants a response. From Kathryn throwing the complementarian grenade, to making others feel guilty, to also exploring whether or not she is wasting her skills as Jesus taught in the parable of the talents. This post is from the son of a California neurosurgeon who grew up in a medical family. Continue reading

From Elverson, Pennsylvania to Memphis, Tennessee why the Media Needs to Learn how to Cover Religious Stories

Two horrific stories from differing parts of the United States illustrate why the media needs to learn how to research and write about religious topics. This post compares and contrasts the media in Pennsylvania ignoring the story of Community Evangelical Free Church, while the media covered the situation with Rick Trotter at Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis. The coverage has been good but areas have been missed. This post is meant to educate and teach the media on why religious issues should not be ignored. Continue reading

An Email Exchange with Bryan Loritts in March of 2013 Helps Shine Light on the Alleged Cover Up of Rick Trotter’s Voyeurism in Fellowship Memphis

This post about Fellowship Memphis highlights an email exchange between me and Bryan Loritts in 2013. One of the questions I have is this…in light of the extremely disturbing allegations against Rick Trotter is the reason why Bryan Loritts wouldn’t speak out about individuals like C.J. Mahaney allegedly covering up child sex abuse because Bryan Loritts was involved in an alleged cover up of Rick Trotter’s deviant allegations at Fellowship Memphis? Also a list of gaps and questions I hope I can get answers for in the course of time. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on the Latest Post at SGM Survivors, and a Note that Other Blogs, Including The Wondering Eagle will Help Also

This is a quick post that is a response to the most recent post at SGM Survivors. This blog will always welcome posts and stories related to Sovereign Grace or former SGM churches. This blog was created out of an incident from Eric Simmons Redeemer Arlington. If you want to publish anything you are free to, plus I am certain that The Wartburg Watch or Thou Art the Man would also do so as well. Continue reading

Wayne Grudem’s Un-Orthodox View of the Trinity and the Question that Must Be Asked: Can the ESV Bible be Trusted?

Today’s post looks at the issue of how the Trinity has historically been tampered with by sects, and un-orthodox theology systems such as the Mormons. Today the trinity is being re-defined by the Neo-Calvinists, and looks at Wayne Grudem and his advocating of Eternal Subordination of the Son theology. It begs the question….should we trust the ESV Bible given that the person deeply involved in the translation has a view of the Trinity which goes against the Nicene Creed? Continue reading

Redeemer Arlington, The Gospel Coalition and the Evasive Neo-Calvinist Culture Which I Do Not Understand

Jonathan Merritt recently wrote an article about how The Gospel Coalition evades and blocks people at will. This modus operandi of evading culture has deep roots in Neo-Calvinism as I experienced this from Andrew White of Redeemer Arlington. Many Neo-Calvinists are evading the difficult questions, and this reveals that their foundation is flawed and built on sand. This post also deals with another problem in Neo-Calvinism – “Gospel Centered Flight” meaning from Andrew White to C.J. Mahaney you run from your problems and flee all while taking about being a man. Continue reading

What I Appreciated from My Faith Crisis and What I Deeply Regret

A text out of the nowhere by James Crestwood saying he was in D.C. and asking to get together led to this quick and personal post. This addresses what I appreciated from my faith crisis. From the people I have met through this blog from Community Evangelical Free, to Albuquerque Blue and other skeptics. To people like Dee Parsons and Gail my adopted grandmother in Michigan and more. What do I regret from my faith crisis? That Andrew and I clashed so much and I was confrontational. Part of this post is a response to Blue’s question. Continue reading