How can John Piper be Correct on Donald Trump Being UnQualified for the Presidency, and Yet Believe C.J. Mahaney is Fit to Lead?

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration John Piper writes a penetrating article at Desiring God on how the new President is unqualified to lead. He points out his lack of leadership, his scandalous past that he drags with him into the White House among other issues. Yet there is a problem with John Piper’s article. How can he be spot on about Donald Trump and yet still defend C.J. Mahaney and say he is qualified to lead when he doesn’t met the qualifications of elder? This is going to be a rare time here at The Wondering Eagle where I look at both issues and also state that John Piper has a lot of truth in regards to the 45th President. Continue reading

Cru Winter Conference Review 2016-2017: David Platt, Matt Smethurst, Jackson Crum and J.D. Greear are Some of the Main Speakers

The Wondering Eagle reviews the Cru Winter and Christmas Conferences for 2016 and 2017.  This is a review of all the speakers and agendas. This blog recommends Greensboro, Dallas, Portland and Los Angeles. This blog does not recommend Denver, Baltimore and Indianapolis. As of December 18, Minneapolis is supported, if Paul Tripp is still scheduled to speak then The Wondering Eagle will pull support for TCX. I am growing deeply concerned about a fundamentalist Neo-Calvinist agenda growing in Cru which gives this writer deep pause about this organization. Continue reading

A Personal Reflection on Eric Simmons Redeemer Church of Arlington

A personal reflection on Redeemer Arlington. I want to look at some issues in this church based upon my own experience both with Andrew White and the leadership. I also touch on the debate about Sovereign Grace being a cult, or cult like as well as the personality cult which prevails in Neo-Calvinism.  Finally this looks at the issue of having “right beliefs” or sound doctrine in the context of not having action to back it up. Remember what James said about faith lacking works. Continue reading

Critique on Kathryn Butler’s “From Medical Doctor to Stay-at-Home Mom” at Desiring God as Coming from the Son of a Neurosurgeon

Kathryn Butler a Clinical Surgeon in the Boston area writes an article for Desiring God in which she explains why she walks away from active medicine to be a stay at home Mom. This article is filled with issues that I believe warrants a response. From Kathryn throwing the complementarian grenade, to making others feel guilty, to also exploring whether or not she is wasting her skills as Jesus taught in the parable of the talents. This post is from the son of a California neurosurgeon who grew up in a medical family. Continue reading