Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Rabin

Trevor Rabin is a South African musician who is known for playing for the English progressive rock band Yes. He scored Steven Segal’s “The Glimmer Man” and he has done a lot of work for Hollywood. There is too much too feature from Rabin in this post, and it will be broken out over the course of time. Today I am featuring the scores from Enemy of the State and Armageddon. if you want to learn more about Trevor Rabin, you can do so here.¬†¬† Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky is who I am going to throw up this weekend. Steve has done many scores for movies and has been mentored by Hans Zimmer. I’ve thrown up Steve before but he has so much work to feature.¬†As such his music sounds like Hans Zimmer in many ways.¬†I love listening to his works and find them to be stimulating to my ear.¬†I really dig those French horns and choruses in his works. Today I am going to throw up his work from the¬†Transformers series.¬†Enjoy! ūüėÄ Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans)


You know Trevor Jones music! Trevor Jones helped compose the score for The Last of the Mohican’s soundtrack. He’s done a lot more to include I Robot, Mississippi Burning and others. Trevor Jones is a South African composer. But he is mostly known for his soundtracks which are described as passionate and stirring. If you want to read more about Trevor you can read his bio here. Today I am going to throw up Last of the Mohican’s in differing forms to listen to. Its classical music next weekend.¬† I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Its sunny and beautiful here in DC. Aside from the gym I have nothing else planned! Take care guys, I love you! Continue reading

Evangelicals and Art: Hans Zimmer

Today I am going back to Hans Zimmer. Zimmer¬†composed a lot of great music¬†of which¬†I just¬†enjoy listening. If you are interested I¬†wrote a previous post that featured¬†some of Hans Zimmer so if you like this you can listen to more here. Today I am going to feature the music from Gladiator, Rush and The Rock. Hands down I think the Gladiator is Hans Zimmer at his finest. Enjoy your weekend, here in Washington, D.C. it is raining! ūüôā Continue reading

Evangelicals & Art: Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific composers in Hollywood today. I love his music quite a bit and listen to it often. He’s written the scores for movies such as “Gladiator”,”The Dark Night”,”Man of Steel”,”Inception” and so many others…. With that said this weekend I would just like to leave you with some Hans Zimmer. I’ll be sharing a lot of him as time¬†continues. Next weekend it will be back to Broadway. Continue reading