Mormon Leaks Launches and the Salt Lake Tribune Honors Madi Barney as the Utahan of the Year

Two developments in Mormonism are worth highlighting. In December of 2016 Mormon Leaks was founded as a way to bring transparency to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Plus Brigham Young University finds itself in the national discussion of rape. Madi Barney, who is an alleged sexual assault victim challenged the university and cracked the dam of sexual assault allegations. Continue reading

Reconciling with a Catholic Priest in California, Some Thoughts on Roman Catholicism

As I was trying to bounce back from a false accusation I approached a Catholic Priest I was disrespectful to at one point seeking forgiveness; this is his response. Plus this overlooks my history in Roman Catholicism, as well as the positives aspects of the Catholic faith and the remaining issues that still need to be worked out.   My question to the Roman Catholic church is this…with the chaos in modern evangelicalism  especially in regards to Neo-Calvinism, does the Catholic church understand the opportunity before them? Continue reading

A Personal Reflection on Eric Simmons Redeemer Church of Arlington

A personal reflection on Redeemer Arlington. I want to look at some issues in this church based upon my own experience both with Andrew White and the leadership. I also touch on the debate about Sovereign Grace being a cult, or cult like as well as the personality cult which prevails in Neo-Calvinism.  Finally this looks at the issue of having “right beliefs” or sound doctrine in the context of not having action to back it up. Remember what James said about faith lacking works. Continue reading

Note to Al Mohler: Individuals (Like Wayne Grudem) Engaged in Heresy Don’t Proclaim it

There is a growing fracture between the more classical reformed and Neo-Calvinists over the trinity. The question being raised…is what Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware teaching heresy? Al Mohler wrote a column recently in which he defended Grudem. This post draws upon my own personal exposure to Mormonism when I was in college, and seeks to remind people that individuals engaged in heresy seldom proclaim it. Continue reading

Wayne Grudem’s Un-Orthodox View of the Trinity and the Question that Must Be Asked: Can the ESV Bible be Trusted?

Today’s post looks at the issue of how the Trinity has historically been tampered with by sects, and un-orthodox theology systems such as the Mormons. Today the trinity is being re-defined by the Neo-Calvinists, and looks at Wayne Grudem and his advocating of Eternal Subordination of the Son theology. It begs the question….should we trust the ESV Bible given that the person deeply involved in the translation has a view of the Trinity which goes against the Nicene Creed? Continue reading

The History of Eric Simmons’ Redeemer Arlington: Formerly of Sovereign Grace Ministries now of Acts 29

An overview and history of Redeemer Arlington. SGM had long planned to do a church plant in Arlington. This explains how that came about, the church itself and an overview of its leadership. Redeemer Arlington broke away from SGM and eventually joined Acts 29. This post is a resource linking all posts about Redeemer Arlington. Continue reading

When Religion is Deceptive: The Problems of Deceit in Mormonism, Evangelical Christinaity, and Neo-Calvinism

This post doesn’t really provide answers, instead it raises questions. When I pushed back from Mormonism earlier in life I was stunned by the level of deception I encountered. Yet Mormonism isn’t the only religion where there is deception. I encountered deceit in mainstream evangelicalism at Fairfax Community Church, and see it in Neo-Calvinism in the context of “the elect” and the issue of Michael Servetus. What do you do when you encounter deceit in faith? Continue reading

How Celebrity Pastors Become Divisive: Mark Driscoll, Andrew White, Eagle and the Launch of Paul and Jonna Petry’s “Joyful Exiles”

Celebrity pastors are needlessly divisive and cause great harm. I saw this first hand with Andrew White. Andrew loved Mark Driscoll as he got into him in a military deployment. In the course of time he made Mark Driscoll his idol. As an agnostic I watched this as Andrew tried to evangelize me and was baffled. When Paul and Jonna Petry launched Joyful Exiles in March of 2012 Andrew avoided the issue as his identity was wrapped up in Mark Driscoll.  Today’s post is about how people make celebrity pastors idols. This is not a hatchet job on Andrew as I have made people idols in my life and reflect on that in this essay. Continue reading

The 104th Reconciliation with Dan Glenn, Andrew White’s Friend from Redeemer Arlington

In this post I explore the 104 reconciliation out of a list of 140 individuals. This is with a member from Redeemer Arlington. I recount a harsh conversation in a coffee shop, and my desire to seek forgiveness for being extremely difficult long after the fact. This was a reconciliation that helped bring about some peace, and it was one of the more amazing ones in the sense that I had no idea how to do this as I was managing a false accusation simultaneously. Continue reading