When Baptists Were Grateful that a Catholic was Killed in Dallas. Plus a Solid Read in Politico: John F Kennedy in the 1960 Election and Facing Anti-Catholicism Bigotry by Evangelicals

When I was growing up my Dad recalled what it was like being a Catholic in North Carolina in the 1960’s when word came in that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Dad was dismayed that Baptists were grateful that a Catholic was no longer in the White House. That made a negative impression on Dad. Plus in Politico a solid story about John F Kennedy facing evangelical and Baptists bigotry when he ran for the White House in 1960.  Continue reading

A Unique Conversation Before Seeing Frozen on Broadway. And Like Elsa A Perspective From Someone Likewise Standing on the Abyss

On Saturday night I had a unique experience in an Italian restaurant in Times Square. A couple from Washington, D.C. speak some soothing words to me as I explain my parents’ deaths and why I am in New York City. Plus like Elsa in Frozen I am also on the abyss having lost my parents who were my supports in life. Continue reading

A Remarkable Article in The Washington Post on the Life Long Grief Process as Told on Twitter by a New York Comedian Michael Cruz Kayne

On Twitter a New York comedian opened up about the loss of his infant son. It opened up a discussion on grief that was written about in The Washington Post. This is a post that I have been meaning to do for a couple of months. But a visit to the hospital to see my neighbor led to a comment about how one never recovers from loss. That led me to finish this post.  Continue reading

San Francisco, California as My New Adopted Home for Christmas

San Francisco is where my Christmas holidays will be spent going forward. In my the wake of my parents deaths holidays will be spent there due to the family that I have there in the Bay Area. As a native Californian I gladly embrace my roots and heritage and will be home in a new way. I love California dearly and San Francisco will be a special place – a refuge for me from the profound loss of my parents. Continue reading

Maintaining a Promise Given as My Father was Dying….

In late October of 2018 while my Dad was ill a promise was made to my sister. I suggested when the illness was over that we visit New York City and make some positive memories. In planning for that in October of 2019 I did a reconnaissance trip to New York City to see what the city is like. I am determined to keep that promise made during a difficult time of life. After all travel does not have to be as a result of illness and dying. Continue reading