When Baptists Were Grateful that a Catholic was Killed in Dallas. Plus a Solid Read in Politico: John F Kennedy in the 1960 Election and Facing Anti-Catholicism Bigotry by Evangelicals

When I was growing up my Dad recalled what it was like being a Catholic in North Carolina in the 1960’s when word came in that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Dad was dismayed that Baptists were grateful that a Catholic was no longer in the White House. That made a negative impression on Dad. Plus in Politico a solid story about John F Kennedy facing evangelical and Baptists bigotry when he ran for the White House in 1960.  Continue reading

A Unique Conversation Before Seeing Frozen on Broadway. And Like Elsa A Perspective From Someone Likewise Standing on the Abyss

On Saturday night I had a unique experience in an Italian restaurant in Times Square. A couple from Washington, D.C. speak some soothing words to me as I explain my parents’ deaths and why I am in New York City. Plus like Elsa in Frozen I am also on the abyss having lost my parents who were my supports in life. Continue reading

A Remarkable Article in The Washington Post on the Life Long Grief Process as Told on Twitter by a New York Comedian Michael Cruz Kayne

On Twitter a New York comedian opened up about the loss of his infant son. It opened up a discussion on grief that was written about in The Washington Post. This is a post that I have been meaning to do for a couple of months. But a visit to the hospital to see my neighbor led to a comment about how one never recovers from loss. That led me to finish this post.  Continue reading