Reflecting on Michelle Van Loon’s Thoughts About Friendship and the Evangelical Church

Michelle Van Loon wrote an article the other day that looked at issues with friendship inside evangelicalism. Its about how she realized some people are not friends after all. This is a reflection on her article as I consider my past challenges of friendship inside evangelicalism. While I have two positive examples I was also deeply burned as well. I also explain under what circumstances will I push back from a person. Issues like anti-Semitic behavior and disparaging racial comments will lead me to end friendships as well.  Continue reading

5 Years Ago Today…

This morning Facebook reminded me of an event with my parents in the Washington. D.C. area five years ago. The picture social media saved and presented jogged the memory of the loss that has happened with their deaths. One aspect to grieving is trying to process memories amidst the loss. Continue reading