Seeking Closure, Helping the Family See Anastasia in San Francisco Which was Planned in Washington, D.C.

In 2018 discussions took place to take my Dad to the Kennedy Center for a musical when he visited Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving. That never happened as his health declined. An opportunity recently arose to allow my siblings to see the musical Anastasia in San Francisco. This post is about trying to bring my family some closure in pursuing an activity that was once stopped due to a medical crisis.  Continue reading

In Dealing with Death: Wrestling with the Before and After Moments in Life

Finding an old bill while cleaning helps me realize what a milestone in my life my parents death has been. Its a before and after moment. In this time of life I find myself wishing I could bargain as I deal with this loss of Mom and Dad. My life has been permanently changed into a before and after moment of my parents death. There is the life that existed before they died, and now the life after they have died. Continue reading

What Would Life be Like had I Grown up in Missouri?

I took my Dad back to Columbia, Missouri in October of 2018. In the process I helped fulfill a long request and desire of my Dad. Dad once worked for the University of Missouri, and then he left for California. He wanted to stay but left with the hope of coming back to academic medicine. When I was in Columbia and on the campus of the University of Missouri a thought popped in my head. How would my life have been different had I grown up in Missouri and not California?  Continue reading