Maintaining a Promise Given as My Father was Dying….

In late October of 2018 while my Dad was ill a promise was made to my sister. I suggested when all the illness was over that we visit New York City and make some positive memories. In planning for that in October of 2019 I did a reconnaissance trip to New York City to see what the city is like. I am determined to keep that promise made during a difficult time of life. After all travel does not have to be as a result of illness and dying.  Continue reading

The Sovereign Grace Child Sex Abuse Scandal and Bob Kauflin. Considering Legacy and Death and How Will He Be Remembered?

Bob Kauflin has been one of the strongest supporters of C.J. Mahaney. When the Sovereign Grace child sex abuse scandal broke it was Kauflin who defended Mahaney and moved to Louisville, Kentucky to support the embattled and corrupt minster. This blog would like to raise a question, what will Bob Kauflin’s legacy be? When he is in hospice one day and the Kauflin children are working on his obituary how will be be remembered in light of the Sovereign Grace Ministry scandal?  Continue reading