Reflecting on Michelle Van Loon’s Thoughts About Friendship and the Evangelical Church

Michelle Van Loon wrote an article the other day that looked at issues with friendship inside evangelicalism. Its about how she realized some people are not friends after all. This is a reflection on her article as I consider my past challenges of friendship inside evangelicalism. While I have two positive examples I was also deeply burned as well. I also explain under what circumstances will I push back from a person. Issues like anti-Semitic behavior and disparaging racial comments will lead me to end friendships as well.  Continue reading

5 Years Ago Today…

This morning Facebook reminded me of an event with my parents in the Washington. D.C. area five years ago. The picture social media saved and presented jogged the memory of the loss that has happened with their deaths. One aspect to grieving is trying to process memories amidst the loss. Continue reading

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Reminding Me of My Father’s Death

The COVID-19 pandemic is traumatic for many people. In my case it reminds me of my Father’s death as he struggled to breath when his life was ending. When I process the pandemic the news reminds me of what I once saw in a hospital room in 2018. And this is happening even with boundaries and avoiding certain news stories. But this pandemic is unique and will one day by over as well. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Jason Dees (Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Church Regarding Jordan Kauflin and Spiritual Abuse From Redeemer Arlington)

Thus is an open letter to Jason Dees of Christ Covenant. This open letter explains why Jordan Kauflin should not be hired by Christ Covenant. This is the story of how I learned why rape and sexual assault is an issue in the military. It was triggered through a false accusation by someone Jordan Kauflin discipled at Redeemer Church of Arlington. The unresolved abuse later popped up in my Mom’s terminal illness. Jordan Kauflin should not be leading worship or in a position of authority. He is not above reproach and this abuse situation has hung over Redeemer Arlington for the last few years. .  Continue reading

Why I am Grateful My Parents Didn’t Pass Away in the COVID-19 Era

In the COVID-19 era I remain grateful that my parents did not die in the middle of a pandemic. Given the rules limiting funerals and more I could not imagine not having a funeral to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. How many people are going to be stuck in that they can’t say goodbye because funerals can’t happen as they should. The coronavirus is cruel in how it interferes in the grieving process for those affected. Continue reading

How I Became Part of a Pandemic and How This Washingtonian Also Became a New Yorker in the Process

A startling article in the New York Times presented new information on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. I learned that I was in Times Square and Manhattan when the COVID-19 virus was growing and becoming established. It appears I dodged a bullet but its been unsettling as well. While I am a Washingtonian because of this shared common bond I also consider myself a New Yorker as well. Continue reading