Mike Slayden From The Well Community Church Fresno Preaches on Reconciliation. A Look at this Sermon

The Wondering Eagle visited The Well Community Church in north Fresno on January 6, 2018. Mike Slayden gave the sermon which was pre-recorded and shown on a screen. This post reviews some of what Mike taught.  While The Well pastor preached on Matthew 5:23-24 this blog has come to the conclusion due to personal experience that evangelical Christians don’t believe in repentance and reconciliation. Plus what do you do when a church like The Bridge Fresno make errors and refuses to atone for its mistakes? Finally as Mike Slayden quoted from Ravi Zecharias, is The Well pastor aware of the sexting charges and academic fraud allegations that came out about Ravi Zacharias? Continue reading

Taking Roman Catholic Communion for the First Time in Nearly Two Decades

I took communion for the first time in two decades. As fate would have it the second time was the last time I would do so with Dad before his death on November 21, 2018. This post is a reflection on Catholicism. It explains why I pushed back in college and what attracts me today and the problems that still exist inside. The biggest concern is the child sex abuse crisis inside the Roman Catholic church.
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