Q Anon: Considering the Issue of Evangelical Christian Smugness and How Evangelicals Are Sinning Against God

There were two discussions in the Q Anon subreddit forum that caught this blog’s attention. This post is a combination of two themes that were raised. They both deal with Q Anon and American evangelicalism, and they both show the issues of American evangelicalism. One deals with the evangelical smugness which I have seen over the course of time in different churches or ministries. The second thread deals with how those into Q Anon are ultimately sinning against God? Why they don’t trust God in the end. Feel free to chime in below with what you think. Continue reading

Fairfax Church Is Offering to Help you Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19. While This Blog Supports Vaccination it Remains Concerned About Rod Stafford’s Intentions

Fairfax Church is helping people get vaccinated against COVID-19. While this blog supports vaccination and wants people to get vaccinated, its concerned about the intentions of Rod Stafford’s organization. Cults, unhealthy religious organizations or ministries often take advantage of people in times of suffering or stress and exploit their emotions. That is what this blog is afraid of given the authoritarianism of this Church of God in Anderson – Indiana church.  Continue reading

Recommended Read in The Boston Globe: A Baptist Pastor’s Battle to Get Evangelicals and Skeptics to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine in North Carolina

A disturbing article is published in The Boston Globe about a Baptist pastors’ struggles to get evangelicals to take the COVID-19 vaccine in a rural town in North Carolina. Will white evangelical’s deny the greater United States herd immunity and gift the country with a permanent forever pandemic?  Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Who is Supposed to Represent Intellectual Evangelicalism Has Gone Anti-Vax

Eric Metaxas has now gone anti-vax. On both Twitter and his radio show he has pushed conspiracy theories related to vaccines and COVID-19. This post looks at Eric Metaxas descent into becoming an anti-vax and finds it ironic that the Bonhoeffer author would most likely be challenged by Bonhoeffer himself. Bonhoeffer with how he viewed community and sacrifice would most likely encourage Christians to take the vaccine.  Its irresponsible for someone like Eric Metaxas to spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine. Continue reading

The New York Times Asks if White Evangelicals Are Going to Drag Out the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States Due to their Opposition to Science

This past weekend I had an interesting phone call with a friend who discussed how the pandemic is affecting him. When the conversation turned to his extended family he shared with frustration that his step parents have bought into a lot of disinformation and his oldest step mother is not planning to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for theological reasons. Then today in the New York Times Elisabeth Dias and Ruth Graham ask the question if rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine by white evangelicals can drag out the pandemic in the United States. So much for loving your neighbor as Jesus taught.  Continue reading

Christian Nationalism is Becoming a Barrier to Mass Vaccination Against COVID-19

This morning I read a column in the Religion News Service that looked at how Christian nationalism is becoming a greater barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19. As a former evangelical it astounds me that so many can be ignorant or care less about their neighbor. Even more astounding for me is when I think of all the Bible studies I have done over the years and how ignorant white evangelicals are toward the God they claim to serve and follow.  Continue reading

Jake the Atheist Analyzes the Pursuit NW’s Video About COVID-19 and Washington State Health Requirements

The Pursuit NW is a charismatic church in Snohomish, Washington. Their pastor Russell Johnson did a fear mongering video that claimed that they will not close church to the Washington State Attorney General. Jake the Atheist did a response in which he analyzed their video and showed the problems with the theology and fear mongering. Responding to a health crisis and masking up is common sense and safety in practice. Its a good video that this blog wants to push. Continue reading

Franklin Graham Calls For Evangelicals to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. His Followers Lash Out and Attack the Evangelist. The Lesson: If You Play with Fire You Will be Burned on Disinformation

Franklin Graham recently called on evangelicals to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Graham’s followers lashed out and called him a sell out, traitor, fool, and heretic. Franklin Graham has long stoked the fires of disinformation and now he is learning you can not ride the tiger of disinformation and not be consumed. The lesson of all this is that if you play with fire, you will be burned. Continue reading