Joe Carter Writes a Solid Article at The Gospel Coalition About Why Christians Should Embrace Vaccines

Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition hit a home run out of the park with an article he did on Christians and vaccines. Joe explains why Christians should embrace vaccines and dismantles many of the conspiracy theories pushed by the anti-vaccination crowd. The Wondering Eagle would like to give a shout out to Joe and commend him for this article. While I often disagree with The Gospel Coalition I very much agree with what Joe is saying about the importance of vaccines.  Continue reading

John Piper on When God Loves You Enough to Take Your Life. According to John is a Brain Tumor a Sign of God Disciplining Someone?

John Piper, the well known Neo-Calvinist theologian did an interview in which he spoke about how God can discipline someone with death. God after all gives people weakness, illness and even death. This theology once again shows how Neo-Calvinism makes the problem of evil, or pain and suffering worse.  Continue reading

In Dealing with Death: Wrestling with the Before and After Moments in Life

Finding an old bill while cleaning helps me realize what a milestone in my life my parents death has been. Its a before and after moment. In this time of life I find myself wishing I could bargain as I deal with this loss of Mom and Dad. My life has been permanently changed into a before and after moment of my parents death. There is the life that existed before they died, and now the life after they have died. Continue reading