As California Closes Due to Pandemic Brad Bell of The Well Community Church in The Fresno/Clovis Area Will Still Hold Indoor Services Believing, “Well you’re going to catch COVID-19 eventually anyway…”

California is closing again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fresno County has been moved to the purple tier and churches can not meet inside. Despite those guidelines from Sacramento Brad Bell of The Well Community Church in the Fresno/Clovis area has decided to hold indoor services and telling a reporter that we’re all going to get COVID-19 eventually anyway. Continue reading

Massive COVID-19 Outbreak at All United House of Prayer in Charlotte, North Carolina Leaves at Least 100 Infected and Three Dead

In Mecklenburg, North Carolina an evangelical church becomes a super spreader for COVID-19. The county then issues an abatement order against the church when the church plans a revival as the coronavirus infections spread and deaths mount. This blog is hoping that people will take legal action against this church for its reckless behavior.  Continue reading

Bob Jennerich on How to Show Love During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Some Thoughts

At Grace Redeemer Church in Garland, Texas the senior pastor Bob Jennerich wrote a blog post about how evangelicals can show love during the COVID-19 pandemic. Has that happened in evangelicalism? While there are some examples of love there is much more that shows the dark side of evangelicalism. This post also addresses the issue of COVID-19 bringing revival in the United States which some evangelicals are claiming. Finally many evangelicals often have a higher view of themselves than what is grounded in reality. Continue reading

Til Death Do Us Part? Todd Bell Officiates a Wedding in Maine that Leads to the COVID-19 Deaths of at Least Eight

Todd Bell is an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor in Maine who led a wedding in the Millinocket area. Whereas Maine was doing well with COVID-19 this wedding triggered a massive outbreak that affected people as far as 200 miles away. So far at least eight people are dead as this situation drags on. This blog is hoping that Maine will prosecute this “pastor” for neglect in contributing to the deaths of people who did not have to die. Continue reading