David Platt Repents for Not Preaching Against Abortion Earlier in His Pastoral Career. Here Are the Problems With Platt’s Teaching

At the March for Life rally David Platt who teaches at McLean Bible repented for not preaching against abortion more in his pastoral career when he was younger. This article discuss the issue of evangelicals and abortion. Its hard to take evangelicals seriously on abortion given their dishonest with the origins of the culture wars. Continue reading

Is Redeemer Arlington Planning Another Church Plant in the Washington, D.C. Area? Is Marshall Griffin Being Allegedly Trained to be a Spiritual Abuser?

Marshall Griffin is one of the newest additions to Eric Simmons and Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington. Griffin as a pastoral resident came to Redeemer from John McGowan’s Restoration City Church. Indicators point to Redeemer working on another church plant probably to be led by Marshall Griffin. This article raises concerns about a cult like entity engaging in church planting and more spiritual abuse occurring. Continue reading

Jen Wilkin Who is Affiliated with The Village Church and Who Once Claimed that She Has Hurt People Just as the Sandy Hook Shooter is Scheduled to Speak at McLean Bible

Jen Wilkins is scheduled to speak at McLean Bible on February 8, 2020. Jen, who is a part of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas is active in publishing and speaking in the Neo-Calvinist movement. After the Sandyhook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 Jen Wilkin wrote a troubling article at The Gospel Coalition in regards to the mass shooting. In that post Jen writes about how she has hurt people just like Adam Lanza and that while he is dead, she lives to harm other people again.  Continue reading

McLean Bible Changes it Policies After the Scott Woods Grooming Situation and Caleb Moore Allegedly Violates Those Policies. Nate Reed Communicates Coming Website Changes and Social Media Policy. And 16 Years of Sermons by Lon Solomon are Purged From the Website

There is more news with McLean Bible in the Washington, D.C. area. The Southern Baptist mega church implemented more child safety policies in the wake of the Scott Woods situation. The policies were aimed at strengthening child protection measures. And then Caleb Moore who leads The Rock Ministries undermined those rules when he violated them communicating with a teenager behind a family’s back. Also Nate Reed emailed the staff in mid December 2019 about the changing McLean’s website and limiting social media interaction by staff. Also in the new McLean Bible website this blog is disappointed that 16 years of sermons and teaching material by Lon Solomon were purged from the website. The authoritarianism at McLean Bible is troubling. Continue reading

Social Media and Responsibility and An Apology to McLean Bible For a Recent Post

This is a brief post l want to add to the record about social media and responsibility. This blog aims to be a responsible element that adds to the value of the internet and communities. It’s this blog’s concern that social media is not showing responsibility today. With that said this blog made a mistake in a post about McLean Bible the other day about their Christmas lights display.  I just want to admit this and give an apology to David Platt’s church. Continue reading

From the Paxton Singer Case in Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago to the Scott Woods Situation at David Platt’s McLean Bible. How Law is Not Keeping Up with Changes in Technology

In two disturbing cases involving alleged child predators barriers were encountered. In both the Paxton Singer situation at Harvest Bible Chapel scandal in Chicago and the Scott Woods alleged abuse at McLean Bible justice has been elusive. The main concern this blog has is that the laws are not keeping up with the quickly evolving technology. And that is leading to problems and opens our society to risk in many ways. Continue reading

David Platt Apologizes for McLean Bible’s Mishandling of a Sexual Predator. While its a Step in the Right Direction the Celebrity Pastor Still Will not Name Scott Woods as the Alleged Predator

At services at McLean Bible on Sunday November 24, 2019 David Platt apologized for his church mishandling an alleged sexual predator. While its a step in the right direction Platt did not name the alleged predator – Scott Woods – to the Southern Baptist mega church in the Washington, D.C. area. Since the Senior Pastor failed to do that, this blog will continue to notify the McLean Bible community of this alleged predator which is known to Fairfax County Police. There are some questions that remain which need to be pointed out.   Continue reading

A 20 Year Tradition – The McLean Bible Turkey Outreach is Canceled

The final McLean Bible Turkey Outreach was held in 2018. For 2019 McLean Bible canceled the program. This was expected and this blog asked the question back in 2017. When a church is theologically hijacked resources and programs are cannibalized by Calvinists and go into other efforts such as church planting, etc… The Washington, D.C. area lost one of its most well known evangelical outreaches.  Continue reading

What is Grooming? And how an Alleged Predator Operated in The Rock Ministries at David Platt’s McLean Bible

This post is about grooming and it looks at an alleged sexual predator that has been badly mishandled by David Platt’s McLean Bible. Scott Woods is an African-American volunteer who was involved in The Rock Ministries. Its possible that Scott allegedly groomed at least 20 to 25 teenagers at McLean Bible and if your family was affected by this alleged predator then contact Fairfax County Police. Continue reading