#WonderingEagleEffect Introducing The Wondering Eagle Effect. How Has This Blog Influenced Policy?

This is a post that I have been avoiding for a while. After discussing this with others I have decided to write a post about how this blog has been effective. From the EFCA, to churches in the Washington, D.C. area and in the greater United States this is a look at how has this blog influenced churches and people. This blog is introducing a new description. Its called the #WonderingEagleEffect Continue reading

Reflecting on Christian Nationalism in Evangelical Christianity and Being Caught Flat Footed in its 2016 Resurgence

This post is a reflection on Christian nationalism from 1999 until 2018. How it evolved over the years before surging in 2016 and catching me flat footed. Christian nationalism is deeply divisive and causes unnecessary conflict.  After coming back to the church it became one of the issues to drive me away from it. Why did Christian nationalism flare up to such an extreme version in 2016? This post attempts to answer that question toward the end. Continue reading

First Baptist Church of Elyria, Ohio and a Message a Former Attender is Sending

In Elyria, Ohio a former attender of a Baptist Church has a message for those who attend and his former teachers. Knowing how evangelicals in Ohio have bonded themselves to Trump Jason Schmidt in a billboard seeks to illustrate that the President does not have an exclusive support from God. This blog is proud of Jason for taking a stand and receiving criticism.  Continue reading

McLean Bible Lands on Baptist Accountability for Allegedly Mishandling the Scott Woods Predatory Situation. Plus This Blog Wants to Read and Publish the Investigation David Platt Has Been Promising

McLean Bible Church ended up on a Southern Baptist Accountability website that monitors sexual abuse inside the Southern Baptist Convention. According to what this blog has learned the investigation into Scott Woods allegedly grooming a minor for planned sexual abuse should be completed in the near future. When that report is complete it should be made available to McLean Bible and everyone who attends. This blog wants to read and study it.  If the investigation is not completed then a number of individuals from David Platt to Larry Cooper and D.J. Corkey need to be added to the website for facilitating a cover-up. Continue reading

McLean Bible’s Eric Saunders of Arlington Communicates About Healthy Relationships While in Isolation During a Pandemic

This blog which writes about McLean Bible Church is preserving the communication by Eric Saunders of McLean Bible Arlington. In this post Eric talks about how to have healthy communication while being sheltered in place. If people from McLean or ex-members have stories to tell about Eric Saunders church or McLean Bible this blog is happy to tell them.  Continue reading