Time Magazine Writes about Sovereign Grace’s Child Sex Abuse Issues, Yet C.J. Mahaney is Still Scheduled to Speak at T4G; Eagle asks Why?

A quick post about Time magazine writing about Sovereign Grace’s child sex abuse problems. This is on the heels of the Washingtonian article. Eagle has this simple question with all these issues hemorrhaging out of Sovereign Grace…why is C.J. Mahaney speaking at T4G? Does the man have any shame? Continue reading

Why the Modern Evangelical Church Needs to Air its Dirty Laundry: Lessons from the Challenger Disaster and Ronald Reagan’s Call for Soviet Transparency

The modern evangelical church is filled with corruption…it’s time to take our dirty laundry and air it for the world to see. There are reasons why this is done, in the end it forces change. To make my case I am going to use one of the greatest tragedies in the history of NASA – that of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. During the Cold War a challenge by Ronald Reagan to the Soviet Union illustrated how mistakes are dealt with publically. This is a post on why the evangelical church needs to be transparent. Continue reading

John Piper and Guns: How the Celebrity Pastor Movement is Crippling People’s Faith

John Piper recently ignited controversy when tackling the topic of whether or not a Christian should arm themselves. This post is not about the debate on guns, instead I want this to be a discussion on how Christians are being stunted in their faith by the celebrity pastor culture. Too many people are being told what to think and not how to think. Christians need to be encouraged to wrestle with questions themselves as that would better prepare them for life. This post is about how the celebrity pastor is crippling and handicapping Christians today. Continue reading

When it Comes to C. J. Mahaney; What the Evangelical Christian Church can Learn from Deep Throat and Watergate

It started out as an unusual burglary in the Democratic National Committee on June 17, 1972. Deep Throat an inside Washington Post source in the movie “All The President’s Men,” had advice to a young Bob Woodward. Follow the money. That phrase, “follow the money” holds as true today as it did in the Watergate docu-drama. In order to understand C.J. Mahaney and the extent of his corruption one needs to follow the money. Where does the money trail lead to? Who did C.J. Mahaney give money to? Mark Dever? Kevin DeYoung? D.A. Carson? Justin Taylor? These are questions going on in my mind that I would like to ask. There is much the evangelical church can learn from Deep Throat and Watergate. Continue reading

95 Reasons Why we Need a New Reformation

After some of the feedback I have received I decided to take the 95 reasons alone and make them a stand alone post. Feel free to print and turn this in with your resignation from a Neo-Calvinist church. Or in the spirit of Martin Luther you can nail or tape  these to the door of your local church. For those that do so please take a picture and email me about the experience. I was out traveling this past weekend so this will fill until the next post. Also for those inquiring…it’s not an accident that Jonathan Leeman is listed four times. The corruption in 9 Marks justifies a new Reformation alone. Continue reading

Jon Bloom at Desiring God Writes on Reformation Day; My Response to Jon on Why we Need a New Reformation and my 95 Reasons


Some thoughts on Jon Bloom’s article at Desiring God on Reformation Day. My response in saying that Jon is writing about the corruption in himself, Sovereign Grace, and Neo-Calvinism. We need a new Reformation and I write my 95 reasons why.  Eagle also has a challenge…I challenge someone to nail (or tape) these 95 reasons to the door of Capital Hill Baptist Church or Sovereign Grace Louisville when either Mark Dever or CJ Mahaney is preaching. Their theological tyranny is coming to an end. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Warren Throckmorton

An open letter to Warren Throckmorton thanking him for his work on David Barton, Gospel for Asia, Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Seattle. I also touch on his work in homosexuality and how he changed his course. Warren is a blessing to the modern evangelical Christian church. His intellect and gift of discernment are desperately needed and his concern for people hurt in modern day evangelicalism is beautiful. In this letter Eagle hopes that Warren Throckmorton could start to research and shine the light on C.J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace and 9 Marks as defined by Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever. Continue reading

Has God Foreordained an Alleged Child Sex Abuse Cover up in Sovereign Grace Ministries/Churches? Is that why CJ Mahaney is so Sacred?

Eagle’s response to CJ Mahaney resuming preaching at T4G. Why has a man who has allegedly engaged in blackmail and the alleged cover up of child sex abuse even a pastor let alone teaching? Eagle is honestly wondering…how much money has CJ Mahaney thrown around? Has God foreordained alleged child sex abuse in Sovereign Grace? Is that why CJ so valuable? Since CJ is going to be coddled by so many, Eagle is wondering….why did the Protestant Reformation even occur? Can someone explain this to me? Continue reading