Jerry Falwell Jr’s Racial Blackface Joke with a COVID-19 Mask Results in an African-American Liberty Professor Resigning in Protest

Jerry Falwell Jr made a blackface joke on Twitter on May 27, 2020.  While it was directed at Virginia Governor Ralph Northam it has highly insensitive in light of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. As a result of Falwell’s blackface an African-American Liberty University professor resigned in protest. Continue reading

Liberty University Axes its Philosophy Department

Liberty University has dropped its philosophy department. Several of their philosophy professors will be out of a job by June 30, 2020. This action is occurring when the school has invested heavily into a number of construction projects and also launching a think tank for Christian nationalism. This blog would like to ask the question is Liberty a school or a place of learning or an extension of the culture wars? This action reveals that Liberty is not about education. Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Threaten? Did Jerry Falwell Jr Allegedly Threaten a New York Times Reporter? Plus Liberty University Engages in a Propaganda Campaign That Brings a Response From U.C.L.A. and Virginia Tech. Finally a Class Action Lawsuit has Been Initiated Against Liberty

Liberty University is back in the news. As the COVID-19 virus grows in both Liberty and Lynchburg, Virginia the New York Times has reported that Jerry Falwell Jr allegedly left a voicemail that could be interpreted as threatening their reporter shortly before midnight.  Liberty has also engaged in a propaganda campaign that triggered a response from U.C.L.A and Virginia Tech. And finally a Liberty University student filed a class action lawsuit against the school saying that Liberty was profiting off a pandemic in refusing to reimburse people. Continue reading

Liberty University is Dealing With COVID-19. Did Falwell Needlessly Expose Students to Harm? And Why Didn’t Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Advocate to Close the School?

COVID-19 has arrived at Liberty University. This happened after Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly misled the Lynchburg, Virginia local government in saying the dorms would be closed. Its this blog’s belief that Falwell is being negligent. This post also looks at Dr. Thomas W. Eppes who refused to close the university, and asks the question why is he practicing medicine in Virginia? When students from Liberty start to show up in the morgue a group of parents should band together and file a lawsuit against the school. Much of what I am writing about today could have been prevented. Continue reading

Did Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University Bully and Threaten a College Student into Silence? Here is Why I am Asking This Question

The other day while working on a post I noticed that the Twitter account of a Liberty University student who organized a protest against Jerry Falwell Jr was closed. This is a post asking if Liberty University retaliated against Elizabeth Brooks for her calls for an independent financial investigations of Liberty’s finances after Brandon Ambrosino wrote about it in Politico. Did Liberty University threaten a college student because of Jerry Falwell Jr’s narcissism? This is a post designed to ask questions and flush out some answers.  Continue reading

Preserving Some of the Facebook Messages Sent to Marybeth Baggett From Staff Concerned About Liberty University Being Open During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This post preserves some of the faculty statements on a Facebook that were sent to Liberty University professor Marybeth Baggett. Liberty is staying open during a pandemic. This is the faculty’s concerns about the health of staff and more who are vulnerable and at risk because of Falwell’s policies.  Continue reading

Jerry Falwell Jr is Keeping Liberty University Open as Local Officials and Marybeth Davis Baggett Plead Otherwise. Remember if its Christian It Must Be Better. That Applies to the Bodybags Liberty Will Use During a Pandemic

As universities closed in the Commonwealth of Virginia due to COVID-19, Liberty University remains open and students were allowed to return. An English professor wrote an article in the media pleading for the Board to intervene. Meanwhile the local Lynchburg government is not happy as they were apparently misled by Jerry Falwell Jr himself. In this reckless decision that places many people at risk this school should also load up on body bags as well for use during a pandemic. Continue reading

On Fox Jerry Falwell Jr Claims that COVID-19 Is a Biological Weapon Created by North Korea and China. Plus The Controversial Liberty Leader States that the Coronavirus is Another Effort to Remove President Trump

Recently Jerry Falwell Jr went on Fox & Friends to explain that the COVID-19 virus was an attempt to remove President Trump now that the Mueller Report, impeachment and Article 25 of the Constitution failed. It was incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. Jerry Falwell Jr deserves no respect and he should be viewed as a demagogue who is a con-man.  Continue reading

When it Comes to the Virginia General Assembly and Guns Is Jerry Falwell Jr Rejecting Romans 13?

Jerry Falwell Jr discussed the efforts in Richmond, Virginia to enact gun control. The controversial evangelical who has spoken about Romans 13 and Trump in the past stated that Virginians should engage in disobedience if more gun control is passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For this blogger its time for Liberty to lose its 501 (c)(3) and classify this strand of evangelicalism as a political party. Continue reading