An Open Letter to Liberty University Freshman Landon Nesbitt (On Rights, Responsibilities and Contempt for your Neighbor)

Landon Nesbitt organized a petition at Liberty University calling for in person classes, and rejection of all COVID-19 safety measures. This is an open letter to Landon on his efforts to challenge COVID-19 safety protocols. This letter while blunt is necessary given the threat that COVID-19 poses to Lynchburg and greater Virginia.  Continue reading

COVID-19 Explodes at Liberty University With at Least 1,800 Students Quarantined. Meanwhile Freshman Landon Nesbitt Starts a Petition Demanding Restrictions be Lifted

The school year has started at Liberty University and its turning into a disaster. COVID-19 is exploding on campus and the mayor of Lynchburg, Virginia is concerned about the lack of public health and safety measures being taken. While at least 1,800 students are being asked to quarantine. freshman Landon Nesbitt started a petition that is demanding restrictions be ended pointing out that he and others paid money to have the Liberty experience and not be concerned about a virus.

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Liberty University is Dealing With a COVID-19 Outbreak and Has No Vaccination Strategy

Liberty University is dealing with a growing COVID-19 outbreak. The school is quarantining and moving classes online but initial reports show that face masks and social distancing are not being enforced.   This latest outbreak could have been prevented. But what do you do when you have a university who is hostile to science and known for the culture wars? Sadly in the view of this blog, this outbreak at Liberty is to be expected. Continue reading

Jerry Prevo Blames the Recent Scandals at Liberty University on Satan

As faculty returned to Liberty University Jerry Prevo provided an answer as to why the school has been bogged down in scandals and controversy. Jerry Prevo said the problem is Satan, and also criticized the media. Blogs like this are going to keep writing about Liberty University. And its clear that for Liberty University Jerry Prevo is now the Church Lady.  Continue reading

#ICantBreath The Wondering Eagle is Calling For an Independent Outside Investigation into How Liberty University’s Police Arrested an African-American Man

On July 26, 2021 Liberty University Police engaged in a questionable arrest of an African-American man. The arrest turned rough when one of the Liberty Police officers placed his knee on the neck of Charles Miller. For this blog it is too reminiscent of the behavior by Derek Chauvin of Minneapolis. Liberty University has had a large racial problem that has led to African-American athletes leaving the school and Jerry Falwell Jr joking about the Ku Klux Klan and being blackface. This situation by the Liberty University Police Department is another extension of the cultural problems of this troubled evangelical school. Continue reading

Guest Post: Matt Boedy on Charlie Kirk Speaking at Wade Burleson’s Emmanuel Enid

Charlie Kirk who is linked to the late Falkirk Center at Liberty University is being hosted by Wade Burleson at Emmanuel Enid later this summer. Kirk usually makes an appearance art Calvary Chapels and Pentecostal churches but Burleson is turning his pulpit over to Christian Nationalism. This is a disturbing change and shows the problems and issues with Wade Burleson and Christian Nationalism.  Continue reading

Why I Left My Last Evangelical Church. Consider What was Written in 2018 and the Evangelical Scandals That Came Forward

Tonight I am publishing an email I sent to my last and final small group explaining why I am disengaging and walking away from a church in the Washington, D.C. area. This email was sent in 2018. But for perception take and consider what is said Ravi Zacharias, Liberty University and more and see what happened. This email aged well.  Continue reading

Politico Read: How the Future of Evangelical Christianity in the United States, is Being Decided at Liberty University Today

Yesterday Politico published an article that this blog believes is one of the finest journalistic articles on the controversial evangelical school. Two generations at Liberty University are in conflict over what it means to be a Christian. Will it be political? Or will it be spiritual? However Liberty University ends up will influence the debate in larger evangelical Christianity. This article by Maggie Severns is a must read. Continue reading