A Closer Look at the Issue of Nepotism on the Board of Trustees at Liberty University

Back in December of 2020 this blog did a long deep dive into the Board of Trustees at Liberty University. Some more information has come forward and this blog wanted to focus on the issue of nepotism on the Board of Trustees. Up to 25% of the Liberty University Board of Trustees is affected by the problem of nepotism. In the view of this blog no healthy 501(c)(3) would have this particular problem on this scale. 
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How Jerry Falwell Sr and Liberty University Poisoned Evangelical Christianity

Jerry Falwell Sr and Liberty University have long been a poison to evangelicalism. This post recalls my experience in planting a Campus Crusade for Christ chapter in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 and having to contend with Falwell’s words on television. In planting a Crusade chapter I had to deal with and answer some questions that were created because of his declarations. And whether l liked it or not it was almost as if Jerry Falwell Sr spoke for me and other evangelicals at the time. After all were atheists, gays, and feminists responsible for the large loss of life on September 11, 2001? Absolutely not. 
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Who Would Jesus Block? The Aggressive Behavior of Evangelist Tim Lee Leaves Me to Ask the Following Question. Who Would Tim Fear More? Save 71 or the Viet Cong?

Recently this blog learned is was blocked by Tim Lee who now chairs of the Board of Trustees of Liberty University. Tim has earned a nasty reputation of being an autocrat who has gone on campaigns to block Liberty students and alumni on social media. Liberty deeply digressed when he replaced Allen McFarland. This blog looks at Tim Lee and asks some questions about the evangelist and raises concerns about him.  Continue reading

Jerry Falwell Jr Crashes a Private Liberty Social Event Appearing Intoxicated and Invites Students to a Party. In the Absence of Giancarlo Granda is Becki Falwell Looking for a New Sexual Partner?

A stunning development happened with the ongoing Liberty University scandal. Despite a $40 million dollar lawsuit against him for damages Jerry Falwell Jr showed up at a social event with individuals affiliated with Liberty and then invited them to a “real party” on May 8 at the Falwell house. Jerry Falwell Jr appeared intoxicated and may have driven there under the influence of alcohol and violated Virginia Commonwealth law. And to all this Jerry Prevo still remains silent.  Continue reading

Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. Some Thoughts to the Developing Legal Situation

Recently Liberty University filed a lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr which asks for $40 million dollars in damages and claims that Falwell’s relationship with Giancarlo Granda opened up the evangelical school to risk. On social media and to ABC 13 Jerry and Becki Falwell respond to the lawsuit. Meanwhile this blog has some analysis of the legal action and the implications of it.  Continue reading

Looking at Possible Indicators of Liberty’s Coming Lawsuit Against Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University brought a lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr. the other day. Before it did so it fired Trey Falwell who was one of the the vice presidents at Liberty and communicated again to staff that they were not to engage with Jerry Falwell Jr. The moves that took place before the lawsuit kicked off make much more sense in light of the legal action.  This post is about the moves Liberty took before the lawsuit commenced. Continue reading

Is Jerry Falwell Jr Making a Comeback at Liberty University? Considering the Falwell Personality Cult

A disturbing story appeared in Politico recently, which grabbed this blogs’ attention. The article is about Jerry Falwell Jr appearing on campus and hanging around and is leading some of think that Jerry Falwell Jr is planning a comeback at Liberty. This issue is linked to the ongoing issue of the personality cult at Liberty around the Falwell family. This blog sees no differences between the Falwell personality cult and the personality cult that exists with the Kim family of North Korea. Furthermore since both Jerry Falwell Jr and Becki are alleged sexual predators Liberty should be moving to address this issue right away. Liberty should take out a restraining order against Jerry Falwell Jr and communicate that if Jerry Falwell Jr hangs out at Liberty and comes on campus he will be arrested. Continue reading