Not a Snowballs Chance in Hell! Some Questions for Jerry Prevo After an Apology for a Snowball Fight at Liberty University.

A massive snowball fight instigated by Jerry Prevo led to complaints to the health department for Liberty University violating COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Jerry Prevo was quick to apologize for violating the governor’s executive order. And yet here is what is troubling. Prevo is willing to apologize when he wants to and is selective about it. In the wake of the violence at the United States Capitol he has not apologized for the operating Falkirk Center which continues to spit out poisonous toxins of Christian nationalism which is what led to the January 6, 2021 coup attempt. Will he own the mistakes of the Falkirk Center and apologize for the problems its creating? Not a snowballs chance in hell.  Continue reading

After the January 6 Insurrection Liberty University Remains the Only School That Will Not Rescind Donald Trump’s Honorary Degrees. Plus Questions for Liberty’s Police Chief Richard D. Hinkley in Light of the Violence at the Capitol

Liberty University today is the only school that has not rescinded its honorary degrees to Donald Trump. Its still standing by them. Liberty, in the view of this blog, owns some responsibility for the riot in constantly supporting Trump and feeding his ego. And today they are continuing to do so even after five were killed and two police officers committed suicide. Liberty’s behavior is even more insidious in light of new details about the violence at the Capitol. In addition to the dead there are over 140 police officers that are injured. This raises questions about Richard Hinkley and how Liberty’s Police are viewed. But also due to fraternal culture in law enforcement how can Liberty’s Police stand by and stay silent in light of the violence and death of their brothers in Washington, D.C.? Does, “But Gorsuch” “Trump” Liberty’s or D.C.’s Police Officer’s lives? Continue reading

Are Neo-Nazis Present at Liberty University and Will Jerry Prevo Act?

A Neo-Nazi sticker was found at Liberty University on January 27, 2021 which raises questions. Has a Neo-Nazi  group that broke off one of the participants of the “Unite The Right” riot in Charlottesville, Virginia penetrated Liberty University? Has The Falkirk Center attracted Neo-Nazi individuals? Its especially relevant when Charlie Kirk regularly pushes anti-Semitic material. This post is aimed at asking questions that need to be asked. And will Jerry Prevo act or will his silence tell people that Neo-Nazism is welcome at Liberty University? Continue reading

Politico Does an Expose on Liberty University’s Falkirk Center and Reveals How Liberty Violated Their 501(c)(3) Status

Liberty University’s Falkirk Center was the subject of an explosive Politico article in mid-December. Politico revealed how Jerry Falwell Jr used university money and gave to political organizations. As a result Liberty’s 501(c)(3) has been violated. The Liberty Board of Trustees is divided over what to do, yet Jerry Prevo is committed to maintaining the Falkirk Center. Meanwhile Politico revealed that the Falkirk Center has not published a single academic paper that has been peer reviewed and has been used to support Donald Trump’s causes – even the baseless claim that the November 3, 2002 election was stolen.  Continue reading

Bob Good, Denier of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Why Liberty University is Toxic for the Commonwealth of Virginia

Liberty University is having its first alumnus being seated in the 117th Congress. Bob Good will represent the 5th Congressional district in Virginia.  Good is known for his culture warrior beliefs. He is also an avid COVID-19 pandemic denier who attacks people for wearing masks and encourages others to reject them. Individuals like Bob Good highlight why Liberty University is toxic for Virginia.  In the end this blog really sees no difference between Liberty in Lynchburg and a radical Islamic madrassa on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border that trains suicide bombers. Both are about practicing jihad in their own way. Continue reading

A Deep Dive Into the Liberty University Board of Trustees

This is a look at Liberty University’s troubled Board of Trustees. This post is a deep dive looking into the members and an examination of the board itself. In the view of this blog the board is unprofessional, shoddy and has deep issues. From having someone like Jerry Vines who mishandled a sexual predator like Darryl Gilyard to having others who tout an unaccredited university degree or who have allegedly advocated disgusting memes about Hillary Clinton while in an official capacity. In the view of this blog Liberty is not going to change, the board of trustees reveals that as well. Continue reading

Reflecting on Christian Nationalism in Evangelical Christianity and Being Caught Flat Footed in its 2016 Resurgence

This post is a reflection on Christian nationalism from 1999 until 2018. How it evolved over the years before surging in 2016 and catching me flat footed. Christian nationalism is deeply divisive and causes unnecessary conflict.  After coming back to the church it became one of the issues to drive me away from it. Why did Christian nationalism flare up to such an extreme version in 2016? This post attempts to answer that question toward the end. Continue reading

After Criticizing President Trump Jerry Prevo Orders Liberty to Delete John Piper’s Convocation

John Piper and J.D. Greear participated in a convocation at Liberty University that coincided with the 20th anniversary of “Don’t Waste Your Life.” After John Piper criticized evangelical worship of Trumpism as idolatry Jerry Prevo ordered John Piper’s speech deleted off the schools’ website. This post is about censorship at Liberty and the lack of freedom to educate a person with differing points of view. Continue reading