White Evangelicals Are Less Likely to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine. Plus Are They More Prone to Russian Disinformation Campaigns on Social Media?

As the United States proceeds to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 the one group resisting vaccination are white evangelicals. In addition some white evangelicals are using social media to say that the vaccine and face masks are the mark of the beast in Revelation. In this same Pew Research Study white evangelicals are more likely to neglect their neighbors and not care about people who are at higher risk. In contrast over 90% of atheists are supportive of taking the COVID-19 vaccine and are doing so or planning to do so. But as white evangelicals traffic in disinformation on social media this blog wants to pose a question. Are they more prone to disinformation from Russian troll farms online? Continue reading

For Some White Evangelical Christians is Donald Trump’s Loss Going to be The Scopes Trial 2.0? But Will it Come with Some White Evangelicals Engaging in Violence?

A recent column in the Washington Post raises some dark questions about white American evangelicals. In the wake of Trump’s election loss are we going to see a Scopes Trial 2.0 effect in the United States? But will it be more deadly and possibly violent? Will it lead to some white evangelicals to engage in violence or domestic terrorism in the United States? These are all questions that are in my mind after reading a troubling column in the Post. Continue reading

Max Boot in The Washington Post Reflects on the Scopes Monkey Trial and how the United States is Suffering From Evangelicals Who Reject Science in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In The Washington Post on July 8, 2020 conservative columnist Max Boot reflected on the legacy of the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee. In that same piece amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Boot reflects on how the United States is suffering because of evangelicals continued rejection of science. Continue reading

Recommended Read: Dave MacMillan in the Cincinnati Enquirer on How Ken Ham Fleeces Williamstown, Kentucky With His Ark

Recently there was an opinion article in the Cincinnati Enquirer that looked at some of the issues with Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter. It looks at the issues and how Ken Ham conned Williamstown and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. But yes Ken Ham is a con man and the likes of him seem to be attracted to evangelicalism.  Continue reading

De-Conversion Story: How Luke Douglas Lost his Faith in a Chic Fil A

At The Christian Post a former evangelical Christian who was deeply committed to Kan Ham’s teaching on a literal creationism explained his de-conversion in a post. Luke Douglas lost his faith in God in a Chic Fil A when it all came crashing down. This post is Luke’s story. As a reminder if there are others who want to tell their story of their de-conversion this blog is happy to give them a platform.  Continue reading

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in Grant County, Kentucky has Flood Damage, and he’s Suing, How Christian of Him

Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis is in the news again. This evangelical carnival barker filed a lawsuit against an insurance company in Switzerland who refused to pay damages at the access road at The Ark Encounter in Grant County, Kentucky. The insurance carrier balked pointing out that the construction was shoddy. This lawsuit comes to symbolize much of what is wrong in evangelicalism. Continue reading