95 Reasons Why we Need a New Reformation

After some of the feedback I have received I decided to take the 95 reasons alone and make them a stand alone post. Feel free to print and turn this in with your resignation from a Neo-Calvinist church. Or in the spirit of Martin Luther you can nail or tape  these to the door of your local church. For those that do so please take a picture and email me about the experience. I was out traveling this past weekend so this will fill until the next post. Also for those inquiring…it’s not an accident that Jonathan Leeman is listed four times. The corruption in 9 Marks justifies a new Reformation alone. Continue reading

Jon Bloom at Desiring God Writes on Reformation Day; My Response to Jon on Why we Need a New Reformation and my 95 Reasons


Some thoughts on Jon Bloom’s article at Desiring God on Reformation Day. My response in saying that Jon is writing about the corruption in himself, Sovereign Grace, and Neo-Calvinism. We need a new Reformation and I write my 95 reasons why.  Eagle also has a challenge…I challenge someone to nail (or tape) these 95 reasons to the door of Capital Hill Baptist Church or Sovereign Grace Louisville when either Mark Dever or CJ Mahaney is preaching. Their theological tyranny is coming to an end. Continue reading

A Post for Veterans Day: A Story out of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan; and Evangelical Christians and Friendship

A post written for Veterans Day, November 11, 2015. The story of Operation Red Wings in the Afghanistan war. An unlikely friendship between a Navy SEAL and an Afghan villager. Some thoughts on shunning, evangelicals and friendship, with the problems that exist. There is a homework assignment for each reader since its Veterans Day. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Matt Chandler and Why Eagle is Deeply Impressed with The Village Church’s Repentance to Karen Hinkley

An open letter to Matt Chandler of The Village Church. Today Eagle is going to rejoice at the start of The Village Church practicing repentance. I am amazed that Matt Chandler could do what CJ Mahaney and Mark Driscoll could not, or would not do. I hope The Village Church takes comfort in these encouraging words that I write. Matt Chandler you have this non Neo-Calvinist’s ear and Matt I am willing to listen and learn from you. What book or sermon series would you recommend me listening to?   Continue reading

The Village Church’s Letter of Apology to Karen Hinkley (Part 2) An Analysis of the Apology and how it Falls Short


This is my analysis of The Village Church letter of apology plus my thoughts on Matt Chandler’s sermon. Inb this post I explain why the apology by The Village Church (TVC) falls short and the issues it contains. I am puzzled over what Karen Hinkley has to repent over…is it being a woman? I also explain what I think would be repentance and an apology that would be amazing that could help TVC out.

Continue reading

The Village Church’s Letter of Apology to Karen Hinkley (Part 1) A Primer on What is Repentance? What is Forgiveness?


The first of two parts in analyzing The Village Church’s apology to Karen Hinkley. But first a primer on what is forgiveness? What is repentance? Illustrating with some examples of forgiveness so that a common understanding can be relayed when it comes to forgiveness. Plus I also draw from my experience in seeking forgiveness from 140 people. In my next post the letter that The Village Church Elders released will be dissected. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Matt Younger of The Village Church (Dallas Northway Campus)

An open letter to Matt Younger a Pastor at The Village Church Dallas Northway Campus. A letter challenging and pushing back against Matt Younger and calling out his treatment of Karen Hinkley. This looks at the problem with questionable authority, and how membership covenants are a new form of slavery. This also addresses issues with young pastors today. Continue reading