An Open Letter to Bruce Martin (District Superintendent of the EFCA Pacific Northwest District)

An open letter to the EFCA District Superintendent Bruce Martin who leads the Pacific Northwest District. On January 15, 2017 Bruce Martin gave a talk to Olympic Evangelical Free Church in Poulsbo, Washington. This open letter is my response to Bruce’s talk. In this letter I ask why many parts of evangelical Christianity lack love, and  propose ways in how to bring love back into the Christian faith. Plus this blog has one goal in regards to the EFCA, it wants the denomination to learn how to apologize and right wrongs as they have occurred or will occur.  Continue reading

How Reformed Theology/Neo-Calvinism Make the Problem of Evil Worse: John Piper, Adam Lanza and a Massacre in Connecticut

What undermines and is the biggest flaw in Reformed Theology/Neo-Calvinism is how it makes the problem of evil worse. The sovereignty that many Neo-Calvinists adhere to in the end creates determinism and shares more in common with Sunni Islam. To illustrate how Neo-Calvinism makes the problem of evil worse I am going to look at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting committed by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012. I will also look at how John Piper responded to it. Continue reading

Eagle’s Recommendations on how to Improve Neo-Calvinism and Make it Healthy

In today’s journal entry I write a post on how to make Neo-Calvinism healthy.  While Neo-Calvinism can offer a lot to the Christian faith, I would suggest in its current form it offers very little of anything that is either healthy or constructive. This is an outsider’s recommendation on ways to make Neo-Calvinism more robust and in the process help shore it up. Besides why read Mark Driscoll, Mark Dever or CJ Mahaney when you can read Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, and Martin Lloyd Jones? Continue reading

For my 100th Post…The Wondering Eagle’s Vision and Goals


On my 100th post, my milestone, is to offer guidance on a journey of which I hope you will join me.  From allowing and encouraging more people to publish, to bringing on a couple of more authors is part of my goal. Plus I want to document and preserve the stories about Sovereign Grace, write about problems in Neo-Calvinism, and the Evangelical Free Church of America. I also want to write about and keep an eye on churches in the Washington, D.C. area. I also want this to be a refuge for skeptics, atheists and those outside the faith who think different. I don’t want them to feel pressured instead a place to kick back. I want this to be a home for Blue and others like him. Will you join me? Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Ministry Success Being an Idol

An article by Benjamin Vrbicek’s who writes about ministry success being an idol. This article which was published in The Gospel Coalition website and my response to this post in the context of The Gospel Coalition making ministry a success an idol, especially in regards to C.J. Mahaney. Today’s journal entry examines the corruption of The Gospel Coalition and C.J. Mahaney and points out that as good as Benjamin Vrbicek’s article is, in the end its power is diluted due to the ministry of The Gospel Coalition being deeply tainted as the modern spiritual version of Tammany Hall. Continue reading