Analysis of the Financial Audit of Harvest Bible Chapel and Concerns Which Exist

Harvest Bible Chapel released its financial audit on November 21, 2019. This post is an analysis of the audit. From IRS law that was broken to the question if money laundering took place at Harvest Bible Chapel. This is a disturbing report that could possibly be much stronger when you see the issues this blog raises about Wagenmaker & Oberly. In the end because of the current political climate that white evangelicals helped create, the IRS will not take any action and James MacDonald will walk and get away with these alleged financial crimes. Continue reading

The Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal is Much More Than James MacDonald

The Harvest Bible Chapel is much more than James MacDonald. And while James MacDonald is an issue this blog wants to point out that there are so many other components to the Harvest scandal. From mid-level church management the “Greg Bradshaws” of Harvest, to connections at Moody. This blog is hoping that others , while they talk about James MacDonald, will also spend more time resolving these other issues. Continue reading

Doing the Bare Minimum is Why the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal Continues to Drag on

The Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is emotionally draining and its keeps going on and on. One of the reasons why is because the organization is trying to do the bare minimum in its efforts to survive. In doing the bare minimum its eroding trust and has shown that the organization is not capable of reform or change. With scandals like Harvest the bare minimum causes great harm in the end. Continue reading

What a Pastor (Bryan Loritts) Who Allegedly Covered Up His Brother-in-Law’s Manufacture of Child Pornography in a Church Said to a Pastor (James MacDonald) Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on a Computer

Bryan Loritts, the disgraced pastor from Fellowship Memphis who was allegedly involved in the cover-up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism and manufacturing of child pornography wrote a post that defended James MacDonald. Since both James MacDonald and Bryan Loritts have an alleged affinity for child pornography scandals this blog decided to analyze Loritts article.  Continue reading

Guest Post: A Parent’s Reaction to how Harvest Bible Chapel Mishandled the Paxton Singer Situation, and His Concerns With the Judge’s Decision

A judge found Paxton Singer not guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor. This, despite many disturbing texts from a youth pastor to a minor. Jonathan Singer (no relation) formerly of Harvest Bible Chapel writes a response to both how Harvest handled Paxton and his fear that he was let go to allegedly engage in more abuse at another church.  Continue reading