The Paxton Singer Trial in Chicago: Preserving the Twitter Discussion of the Former Harvest Bible Chapel Youth Pastor Charged with Sexploitation

The Paxton Singer trial is ongoing in the suburbs of Chicago. This deals with the Youth Pastor who allegedly engaged in sexting minors as a pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel. Some people from Harvest are attending and this post preserves those posts for documentation.  Continue reading

In Order to Understand Evangelical Culture One Should Cease Reading their Bible and Read George Orwell Instead

In order to understand evangelical Christian culture one should read, study and pay attention to the themes from George Orwell in his classic novels. The themes of corruption, totalitarianism, censorship, blind loyalty, and more are used to paint warning to society. Because remember comrade, while all animals are equal some like your pastor are more equal than others.  Continue reading

Is The Great Commission Collective (GCC) an Extension of Harvest Bible Chapel? How Healthy is Brian White’s Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy? This Blog is Looking for Stories About the GCC

How should the Great Commission Collective (GCC) be viewed? Is the GCC just an extension of Harvest Bible Chapel? The Wondering Eagle believes that to be the case and is looking for stories about the GCC from Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy to other GCC churches. This aspect of the GCC needs to be investigated so let’s start to look at this organization. Continue reading

Greg Bradshaw and CLT of Harvest Bible Chapel Owe Dan George an Apology for Slander. Plus Why the Scandal is Far From Over

The Wondering Eagle would like to challenge Harvest Bible Chapel to issue an apology to former Elder Dan George for slander. Harvest called into question his character and never retracted their un-ethical statement. This blog has a deep amount of respect for Dan George and would like to see Greg Bradshaw and the CLT issue an apology and make thing right with Dan George. Also this is a quick reminder that the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is far from over.  Continue reading

Is James MacDonald – The Disgraced Former Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on the Computer of the CEO of Christianity Today – Planning His Come Back?

Is James MacDonald planning his comeback? A message in a private Facebook group on Thursday evening August 15, 2019 raises that very question. Julie Roys broke this first so I am building off this topic after writing about Harvest Bible Chapel scandal in 2018 and 2019. Continue reading