Dave Harvey, Known for Allegations of Covering Up Child Sex Abuse in Sovereign Grace Ministries, Becomes the President of The Great Commission Collective. How Brian White of Harvest North Indy Made a Business Decision

Dave Harvey becomes the first President of The Great Commission Collective. This is an overview of this situation and a look at Dave Harvey. Allegations of covering up child sex abuse inside Sovereign Grace happened under his leadership at Covenant Fellowship Church. Despite the controversy and the bagged he brings, its this blogs belief that Brian White is making a business decision to try and save The Great Commission Collective from financial failure in the course of time.  Continue reading

“God Damn you James!” An Insightful Comment About the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal in Chicago

A comment left on Julie Roys blog back in May leads to a post. What do you do when you have been inside the system and you start to realize that you have been misled? What do you do when the person you follow and all the “James-isms” make you realize that you have been burned. Some people recover, but I would suggest many people will not.  Continue reading

Does James MacDonald Take Personal Pleasure in Killing Animals?

This is a disturbing post that needs to be written. Recently information came forward that deals with how James MacDonald allegedly killed deer at Camp Harvest in Michigan. In conjunction with other information from an Act Like Men book, this blog would like to ask a question, does James MacDonald take personal pleasure in killing animals? No one that I know who has been a hunter would act like James MacDonald has in allegedly killing an animal at point blank range. Continue reading

Will the Great Commission Collective Investigate Garrett Higbee’s Ethical Issues in Light of His Spying for James MacDonald?

Recently information came forward that Garrett Higbee spied on a person for James MacDonald. He did this while leading Soul Care Counseling at Harvest Bible Chapel. This blog would like to ask Brian White, if the Great Commission Collective is going to investigate its Director of Pastoral Care Garrett Higbee for ethical misconduct. This also raises questions if the Biblical Counseling Coalition and the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation will also investigate Garrett Higbee based on his involvement in those organizations.   Continue reading