What I Appreciated from My Faith Crisis and What I Deeply Regret

A text out of the nowhere by James Crestwood saying he was in D.C. and asking to get together led to this quick and personal post. This addresses what I appreciated from my faith crisis. From the people I have met through this blog from Community Evangelical Free, to Albuquerque Blue and other skeptics. To people like Dee Parsons and Gail my adopted grandmother in Michigan and more. What do I regret from my faith crisis? That Andrew and I clashed so much and I was confrontational. Part of this post is a response to Blue’s question. Continue reading

In a Pit with a Lion, Mark Batterson and National Community Church; A Personal Reflection

Today’s post deals with National Community Church (NCC) and the story, history and where it is today. I retell my experience with NCC and how I left it amidst a full blown faith crisis. I also draw attention to what NCC does exceedingly well and make suggestions to improve it. I also discuss how I approached Mark Batterson for forgiveness as I was trying to recover from a false accusation from a Care Group Leader from Redeemer Arlington. Continue reading