Is David Platt’s McLean Bible Planning on Going Authoritarian on Bloggers?

At the last congregation meeting what sounded like an ominous warning looping in bloggers with online platforms, and media brings about this post.  Is David Platt’s McLean Bible going to become authoritarian and go after bloggers? That would not work out well for McLean Bible. This post explains all the problems that would come about if McLean Bible starts to go after bloggers.  Continue reading

James MacDonald’s Hatchet Man is Hired by Sugar Grove Church in Goshen, Indiana. Someone Tell Tony Tice to Get a Pornographic Video Tape to Play for Rick Donald in Staff Meetings

Rick Donald was the hatchet man for James MacDonald at Harvest Bible Chapel. He allegedly performed all of MacDonald’s dirty work. He left Harvest and was recently hired at Sugar Grove Church in Goshen, Indiana. The pastor who is known for begging James MacDonald to play an explicit recording at staff meetings is now working for Tony Tice and received a glowing recommendation from Harvest Bible Chapel. Its another reminder as to why evangelicalism is broken and damaged beyond repair. Continue reading

Why I Have Pushed Back From the Former Harvest Bible Chapel Community and Rejected Evangelicalism. Julie Heflin, Q Anon and Conspiracy Theories

This post is meant to explore the the problem of people inside the ex-Harvest community pushing dis-information and conspiracy theories such as Q Anon. A series of tweets by Julie Heflin lead to me wrestling with this topic and then to compose this post. Conspiracy theories like Q Anon are why I have pushed back form some in the ex-Harvest Bible Chapel community. Being caught up in the satanic panic and the suggestion that John F Kennedy is still alive is disturbing. This is a post that I felt had to be written though its a sad one.  Continue reading

The Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal and The Chicago Tribune and a Deep Regret at This Blog

This post came out of a conversation with someone from the ex-Harvest Bible Chapel community last night. As a writer and someone who likes to consume the news, I have long had a deep respect for The Chicago Tribune. And yet the Tribune dropped the ball and failed ot cover the Harvest Bile Chapel scandal in detail or depth. Unlike The Daily Herald which went out of its way and did some solid work.  Hopefully The Chicago Tribune learns from its mistakes so that the community can be better served.  Continue reading

From John Welborn of Salem Church Recommending James MacDonald to Tom Nelson of Christ Community Church Praising Ravi Zacharias. Does Mark Noll’s The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Explain How Corruption and Scandal Are Ignored?

Frequently this blog has noticed a number of EFCA pastors in the United States who promote or recommend material from questionable fallen and discredited pastors. John Welborn at the EFCA’s Salem Church in Staten Island has done this, and so has Tom Nelson of EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area has also done this. Is this another aspect to the scandal of the evangelical mind? The ability of a pastor to practice discernment and think critically in the midst of a scandal? Continue reading