What a Pastor (Bryan Loritts) Who Allegedly Covered Up His Brother-in-Law’s Manufacture of Child Pornography in a Church Said to a Pastor (James MacDonald) Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on a Computer

Bryan Loritts, the disgraced pastor from Fellowship Memphis who was allegedly involved in the cover-up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism and manufacturing of child pornography wrote a post that defended James MacDonald. Since both James MacDonald and Bryan Loritts have an alleged affinity for child pornography scandals this blog decided to analyze Loritts article.  Continue reading

Guest Post: A Parent’s Reaction to how Harvest Bible Chapel Mishandled the Paxton Singer Situation, and His Concerns With the Judge’s Decision

A judge found Paxton Singer not guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor. This, despite many disturbing texts from a youth pastor to a minor. Jonathan Singer (no relation) formerly of Harvest Bible Chapel writes a response to both how Harvest handled Paxton and his fear that he was let go to allegedly engage in more abuse at another church.  Continue reading

It’s Time for the Ex-Harvest Community to Bring a Class Action Lawsuit Against James MacDonald

The Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is far from over. As a reminder the audit is coming and is scheduled to be released shortly from this blog’s understanding. Its time for a few brave souls from the Ex-Harvest community to bring a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald. James can still be stopped and its time for people to bring legal action as a way to find justice. James will never own his misdeeds and wrongs, and is playing by a different set of rules. This blog would like to inspire someone to bring a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald.  Continue reading

Why the EFCA Needs to Discuss Spiritual Abuse and How John Secrest Can Be the Point Person on this Topic

The EFCA needs to start to have a discussion about spiritual abuse. From EFCA One, to blog posts and district conferences its time for the national EFCA to begin to discuss spiritual abuse. Inside the denomination there is one individual who should lead the discussion and guide it. John Secrest is an EFCA pastor who went through the dark Harvest Bible Chapel scandal, and yet he’s the perfect candidate to lead the EFCA in a discussion about spiritual abuse.  Continue reading