Jonathan Lotz is Released From the Hospital. It’s Official! God Responded to Prayers for Him but Doesn’t Care About the 620,000 Americans Who Died From COVID-19

Jonathan Lotz is home from the hospital after battling COVID-19. Anne Graham Lotz is proclaiming on Facebook that God answers prayers. Lucky bastard! I guess all those who died of COVID-19, all 620,000 God just doesn’t care about. This post looks at the flaws with evangelicals and prayer. Continue reading

As Evangelicals Scoff at Vaccines: Stephen Harmon of Hillsong Rejects Vaccination and Dies of COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile Jonathan Lotz Fights COVID in an ICU in a Raleigh-Durham Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has been in the news with the growing Delta Variant. In Los Angeles COVID claimed the life of Hillsong’s Stephen Harmon. Meanwhile on the East Coast Billy Graham’s grandson is in the ICU fighting COVID-19. Harmon mocked vaccination against COVID. This blog researched and could not find out if Jonathan Lotz is vaccinated. This blog is encouraging you to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham Calls For Evangelicals to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. His Followers Lash Out and Attack the Evangelist. The Lesson: If You Play with Fire You Will be Burned on Disinformation

Franklin Graham recently called on evangelicals to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Graham’s followers lashed out and called him a sell out, traitor, fool, and heretic. Franklin Graham has long stoked the fires of disinformation and now he is learning you can not ride the tiger of disinformation and not be consumed. The lesson of all this is that if you play with fire, you will be burned. Continue reading

When Christianity Advances Hate and Becomes a Dark Tool of Nationalism

An article in USA Today explores the issue of how some Christians hijack symbols of faith and use them to advance dark movements like Christian nationalism or white nationalism. The issue is more of a problem than many people want to admit in American evangelicalism. Individuals like Eric Metaxas reveal how deep the rot is inside evangelicalism, especially as they have tied their identity to Christian nationalism. Continue reading

How White Evangelical Christianity in the United States is American Carnage

President Trump coined the phrase “American carnage” in his 2017 inauguration address. This blog would like to ask a question. Should the phrase American carnage be used to describe American evangelicalism? All the sex scandals, financial scandals, abuse of power and much more begs the question is American evangelicalism the equivalent of Detroit’s Eight Mile or inner city Baltimore?  Continue reading

A Flop Flop and Why Does Anyone Respect Franklin Graham?

Franklin Graham criticized the ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump. He lit them up even as a number of Republicans received death threats. It seems that all Franklin can do in life is to get on his knees and kiss Donald Trumps’ ass. His behavior also showed why an editorial by the Charlotte Observer is spot on. Anyone who respects Franklin Graham would be a bigger fool than him.  Continue reading

The Charlotte Observer Slams Franklin Graham in a Blistering Editorial After the January 6, 2021 Violence in D.C.

The Charlotte Observer slammed Franklin Graham in a biting editorial on January 11, 2021. The editorial took aim at Franklin Graham’s calls for peace and reconciliation, especially when two weeks prior he was pushing disinformation. This post is about that editorial and as always this blog is encouraging you to support your local newspaper.  Continue reading

The January 6, 2021 Attempted Coup in Washington, D.C. Highlights the Danger of Christian Nationalism

In my backyard of Washington, D.C. a coup attempt took place by Trump supporters. In the violence a women was killed and the United States capitol was invaded for the first time since the British did so in 1814. What happened today was building for a while. And it could not have happened without the encouragement and enabling of the Christian nationalists from 2016 until now. This is a blunt post, written out of anger, and if you can’t handle profanity. Don’t read and don’t complain. Today showed the reason why Christian nationalism needs to be written about. Continue reading