The Politicization of Evangelical Christianity Gets Worse with Franklin Graham Calling for People to Pray for the Most Persecuted President in American History – Donald Trump

Franklin Graham has called Sunday June 2, 2019 as a day to pray for the most persecuted president in American history. While the court evangelicals support Franklin Graham’s call, many others are rejecting it and have called it propaganda. This is a look at what is supposed to unfold today in many churches across the United States.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham Attacks Pete Buttigieg for Being Gay

Franklin Graham attacked Pete Buttigieg, a Christian Presidential candidate, on Twitter the other day for being gay. The controversial minister called for him to repent. Meanwhile Graham continues to blindly defend Donald Trump as news of his affairs with porn stars came out or the news of their cover up has come forward. This blog believes if anyone understands family values and the importance of marriage it is Pete Buttigieg. Continue reading