An Open Letter to Bryan Loritts (Former Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Memphis)

An open letter to Bryan Loritts the former Lead Pastor at Fellowship Memphis. This open letter explains how I once viewed Bryan and how I lost respect for him in light of the allegations that he was involved in covering up Rick Trotter’s alleged voyeurism in the restroom of Fellowship Memphis. Bryan Loritts was allegedly involved in the destruction of child pornography, and abused his authority instead of help those who were hurt. Plus Bryan put his own church reputation and the Reformed Industrial Complex ahead of his own flesh and blood. Continue reading

Sandy Willson of Second Presbyterian Memphis is Allegedly Notified in November 2011 that a Sexual Predator was on Staff at Downtown Presbyterian Church

In November 2011 the Senior Pastor of Memphis Second Presbyterian Church Sandy Willson was notified that an alleged sexual predator was on staff at Downtown Presbyterian Church. Sandy kicked the issue over to Richard Rieves and walked away from it. After all during this time Sandy Willson had more pressing concerns than dealing with an alleged sexual predator, after all he had to drive a 35 year church member Dr. Nan Hawkes from Memphis Second Presbyterian.   Continue reading

Fellowship Memphis Hires a PR Firm; Is this John Bryson’s Effort to Establish an Equivalent of Richard Nixon’s “White House Plumbers?”

A history lesson on the White House Plumbers which came about on the order of Richard Nixon. The Plumbers were designed to help plug leaks in the federal government after the Pentagon papers were published in the New York Times. In another abuse of power John Bryson’s church hired a Public Relations firm with the tasked goal to find and investigate the situation of Rick Trotter at Fellowship Memphis. This blogger has the following question…is John Bryson creating his own version of the White House Plumbers in order to plug leaks about what he and Bryan Loritts knew about Rick Trotter’s alleged criminal activity? Continue reading

Does Bryan Loritts Need Anger Management Therapy? His Behavior on Twitter and Another Email Exchange

A brief post on Bryan Loritts behavior on Twitter and his blocking people left and right. Plus  what got me blocked. In addition I also print the emails that Bryan Loritts sent me where he accused me of slander. Also this looks at yet one more reason why the celebrity pastor model is flawed and needs to be scrapped for the health of the church. Continue reading

Questions that Need Answering in Regards to the Rick Trotter Situation; Plus I Need Sources who are Knowledgeable about Richard Rieves Downtown Church and Sandy Willson’s Memphis Second Presbyterian

These are a list of questions that I had in another post that I wanted to make as a stand alone post. I am hoping people in the know with the knowledge will step forward and help these get answered. Also this is a call for information for any former members or people who can speak to Richard Rieves Downtown Church and Sandy Willson’s Memphis Second Presbyterian Church. Please email me if you have knowledge about both churches. Continue reading

Do Evangelical Christians Have a Flawed Understanding of What Peace Is?

There is something that has been on my mind for a while and it leads to today’s post. It is my contention that many Evangelical Christians have a flawed understanding of what peace is. Peace is not just avoiding conflict but its also the presence of justice. If you are in a church that has problems but are afraid to speak out you are not creating peace, instead I would suggest you are enabling injustice. Continue reading