How About Them Cubbies! The Reconciliation of Steve Bartman and the Chicago Cubs, and What the Evangelical Christian Church Can Learn

The Chicago Cubs and Steve Bartman reconcile and resolve a lot of pain. In the process the Cubs show a lot of grace, forgiveness, and how reconciliation and healing is possible. Its yet another example of how the world can often do a better job in showing grace than the evangelical Christian church. As Harry Carey would say, “How about those Cubbies!”  Continue reading

Young Life Statement on Eric Nickle Being Employed at Fairfax Community Church Despite Eric Being on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry

Young Life in Colorado Springs, Colorado emailed me a statement on the ongoing situation at Fairfax Community Church with Eric Nickle being on staff. Eric Nickle is on the Virginia Sex Offender registry and Rod Stafford’s church has not been forthcoming about this information. You can read the statement below and feel free to discuss it.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to Kathleen Otchy (Fairfax Community Church Community Life Pastor on the Need to Notify the Congregation that FCC Employs a Sex Offender)

This is an open letter to Fairfax Community Church’s (FCC) Community Life Pastor Kathleen Otchy. In this letter I just share that it is time that FCC have a special service and inform the congregation that Eric Nickle is on the Virginia Sex Offender registry. I also explain what Elmbrook church in Milwaukee lived through in regards to a child sex abuse scandal. Plus I share other thoughts about ongoing issues at FCC. Here in the Washington, D.C. area FCC is the theological equivalent to Mel Brooks Spaceballs  Continue reading

Does Young Life Capernaum Take Child Sex Abuse Seriously? Remembering the Ongoing Employment of a Violent Sex Offender at Rod Stafford’s Fairfax Community Church

On May 3, 2017 at Fairfax Community Church (FCC) here in the Washington, D.C. area, a night of sharing of stories involving Young Life Capernaum took place. In a church that employs a violent sex offender registered here in Virginia, FCC is promoting a ministry that gets more developmental disabled students involved in Young Life Capernaum. My question is this…are those young children with a developmental disability more at risk of being exploited or preyed upon?   Continue reading

In Dealing with My Mom’s Death, Amidst the Chaos of Modern Evangelicalism A Question: Where Will My Funeral Be One Day?

In the aftermath of my Mom’s death a new question popped in my mind. The question came from a discussion with my Mom 3 years ago. In short she asked me where will my funeral be held given the chaos of modern day evangelicalism? That question haunts me today given the issues that exist in modern day evangelicalism.  Continue reading

From Mormonism in Montana to Sovereign Grace in the Washington, D.C. Area; The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Comes Full Circle

This is a reflection on how the “Scandal of the Evangelical Mind” has been observed over the years. From being outside Christianity and inside Mormonism and meeting former evangelicals who struggled with discernment and had converted to the LDS faith; to experiences in evangelicalism along the way. After all is Mark Noll’s theory correct when a graduate from the United States Air Force Academy calls a Sovereign Grace church the healthiest church he has ever known? But in the end is this author validating the theory by trying the evangelical church again and again? Is that my form of cognitive dissonance?  Continue reading

Do Evangelical Christians Have a Flawed Understanding of What Peace Is?

There is something that has been on my mind for a while and it leads to today’s post. It is my contention that many Evangelical Christians have a flawed understanding of what peace is. Peace is not just avoiding conflict but its also the presence of justice. If you are in a church that has problems but are afraid to speak out you are not creating peace, instead I would suggest you are enabling injustice. Continue reading

How the Internet Helps Heal and Bring People Together

How the internet helps heal and how those hurt by the church connect and reach out to each other. This looks at the role social media plays in totalitarian churches and how I realized this in writing about Steve Estes Community Evangelical Free Church in  Elverson, Pennsylvania. Also if you were hurt by the church you are not alone, and you will heal in your own way in your own time. Each person is different. Continue reading

Wanted: Stories About Corruption, Spiritual Abuse and Systematic Issues at Fairfax Community Church; By the way Happy Belated Birthday Rod Stafford!

This post is a request for information for future posts about Fairfax Community Church (FCC). Today sums up the ongoing issues at FCC which are systematic and is looking for stories to tell that highlight the problems that are ongoing. From having a violent sex offender as the Care Group Director, to a questionable church growth campaign to an epic fail to a massacre in FCC’s backyard of Washington, D.C. this church has deep issues. Also happy belated birthday to Rod Stafford!
Continue reading