From Mark Driscoll to Jerry Falwell Jr. Why the Explicit Sex Talk? Are a Number of Evangelical Leaders Sociopaths?

A number of celebrity evangelical leaders have said some disturbing things about sex from their platforms. Mark Driscoll taught that women are penis homes and preached about the Biblical basis for blow jobs. C.J. Mahaney boasted of demanding sex from his pregnant wife who was vomiting. Now according to Politico comes Jerry Falwell Jr who boasts about the size of his penis and how his wife Becki can’t handle it. Why all the crude talk? Are we dealing with sociopaths in the end who just want to control people? Continue reading

Renoir’s The Large Bathers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and How Fundamentalism Robs From Life

At the Philadelphia Museum of Art a painting by Renoir shows me, yet again, how fundamentalism hurts people. This post shows again how evangelicalism can be reactionary and not capable of appreciating work like this due to their obsession with “purity” and what they would define as pornography. This is a brief post but one that was on my mind while driving back to D.C. from Philadelphia.  Continue reading