Why is Kris Vallotton Obsessed With a Female’s Hymen? Is Bethel a Safe Place for Sexual Abuse and Rape Victims?

Bethel’s Kris Vallotton pushed an older sermon from 2014 recently that among other issues talked about how a female’s hymen can be restored. Bethel is the perfect place for a predator and Kris’ teaching can heap a lot of shame among rape and sexual abuse victims. But why is Kris Vallotton so obsessed with a hymen as well? Continue reading

Some Musings About Evangelicals and Abortion in 2021 With the Texas Abortion Law Center Stage

With the new Texas abortion law this blog decided to do a post reflecting on the issue of abortion and the evangelical culture wars. What does abortion mean today? In the end this blog would contend that while some evangelicals think they have won the battle, instead they have lost the war. In the end what was aborted most wasn’t a fetus, but instead the evangelical church and successive generations who walked away because of their exhaustion from the endless culture wars. Continue reading

Another Issue in American Evangelicalism. When the Picture Perfect Façade Comes Crashing Down

White American evangelicals like to project a façade of a Christ-like and centered family. Godly is often used to manipulate people in this scenario. In the case of evangelicals they often project an image of the perfect marriage and family. Yet while doing that behind the scenes there are often issues. I saw this with someone I knew from a former Sovereign Grace church and also in the tragic Paige Hilkin suicide. Who also suffers? Those who come to evangelicalism who foolishly think the church is an actual hospital for the broken. Continue reading

Adult XXX Actress Brandi Love is Thrown Out of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA Event. Meanwhile Does Zondervan Publishers Have a Porn Fetish?

On Saturday July 17, 2021 a porn star was scheduled to attend a summit by Charlie Kirks’ Turning Point USA, in Tampa, Florida. Brandi Love who has written for The Federalist was scheduled to be involved as a VIP. It created a stir and she was kicked out. This is a post about her removal. One other point this blog wants to raise. Why is a powerhouse evangelical publisher following Brandi Love on Twitter? Is this more evangelical hypocrisy? Continue reading

Margie Zacharias and Dottie Sandusky. When Your Husband is a Predator

In late April of 2021 Margie Zacharias came out and defended Ravi Zacharias against the abuse claims from the Miller & Martin report. This post is about how two women of a sexual predator responded to the facts by living in denial. Its the story of Margie Zacharias and Dottie Sandusky. But when you consider the situation Margie Zacharias is far worse because they claimed to be born again and acted of faith. This is probably the most serious case of denial that this blog has written about. Continue reading

Milwaukee Cru’s Steve Papez, Scott Papez, Stormy Daniels and the Sanctity of Marriage

Before the Lord a Biblical marriage consists of a man and a woman and a porn star. This is a reflection on what Steve Papez of Milwaukee Metro Cru believes is Biblical when he threw his theology system under the bus to worship Donald Trump. Recently for his 35th anniversary his son Scott celebrated his father’s sanctity of his Christ-centered marriage. So the real question is since a porn star is a part of the Christ centered marriage maybe Scott and Taylor Papez can open up their marital bed to Stormy Daniels. Continue reading