The Lack of Cross Gender Friendships in Evangelicalism and the Problems it Creates

A tweet led to a couple of blog posts that looked at the issue of why evangelicals suffer because of a lack of cross gender friendships. Evangelicals sexualize quite a bit in their culture. And that can’t be truer when it comes to friendship. This post encourages people to read two posts about the problems created by the lack of cross gendered friendship evangelicalism. Continue reading

What About Those Students Disciplined or Expelled at Liberty University From 2012 Until 2018?

As Jerry Falwell Jr was watching Becki have sex with Giancarlo Granda from March of 2012 until 2018 this blog would like to ask a question. What about those who were expelled from Liberty for much less or healthy sexuality from 2012 until 2018? Is Liberty going to apologize for the double standard? Will they give debt or loan forgiveness for those expelled? If not then this blog is calling for former Liberty students to bring a class action lawsuit against Liberty to force change. Continue reading

Is This The Liberty Way? How a Pool Boy Had a Sexual Relationship With Becki Falwell While Jerry Falwell Jr Watched

This is the story of Giancarlo Granda and Jerry and Becki Falwell. Jerry allegedly liked to watch Becki Falwell have sex with a Hispanic male. On the eve of Reuters breaking this story Jerry Falwell Jr threw his wife under the bus in a statement to the Washington Examiner. This blog post asks the question how many lives were destroyed at Liberty University while Jerry Falwell Jr sat in the corner of the room watching his wife suck another man’s penis and perform sexually? Continue reading

An Overview of the Scandal Concerning Jerry Falwell Jr’s Inappropriate Picture with his Zipper Down and Liberty University Placing Him on Indefinite Leave

This post is an overview of the scandal that brought down Jerry Falwell Jr at Liberty University. Falwell posed provocatively for a picture that was uploaded on social media and created an uproar. Falwell is placed on indefinite leave. Finally when it comes to scandal in evangelicalism its always sex that will do it. Many other scandals are fine and tolerated, bit in the end its always the sex scandal that causes brings down someone. This us why evangelicalism has systemic issues. Continue reading