Anti-Vaxxers and the New Apostolic Reformation’s Radiance International in Los Angeles and Micah Conrad’s Story in the Washington Post

The Washington Post recently told the story of Micah Conrad of Los Angeles, California. A kid in his late 20’s who was raised in evangelicalism and today producing videos for the anti-vaxxer movement. A deeper look revealed Conrad has links to the Radiance International in Hollywood, California as led by Jonathan and Sharon Ngai who are deeply involved in the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. This is the story of a lost individual and this post offers concerns about the New Apostolic Reformation movement. In addition you can read the entire Washington Post story in this blog post. Continue reading

Considering the Issues of Christian Nationalism as Revealed in a Recent New York Times Article Dealing with White Evangelicals in Sioux Center, Iowa

A recent New York Times article looked at the Christian nationalism of Jason Mulder, Micah and Caryn Schoutens,  Rob Driesens and others in Sioux Center, Iowa. Some attend the United Reformed Church in Sioux Center while others may go elsewhere. This newspaper article reveals why evangelicalism is warped and lost.  It also helps me to understand why I washed out of evangelicalism. I thought faith was a spiritual movement when in reality the Gospel is a political gospel. Continue reading

Outside Milwaukee Elmbrook School District Plans Re-Opening While Some White Evangelicals State that Face Masks Are Satanic. Will Face Masks be the Next Satanic Panic?

A school district in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin decides to re-open but mandates face masks. In a contentious public hearing a white evangelical stands up and proclaims how face masks and social distancing are from Satan. For white evangelicals are face masks going to be the next Satanic panic? This situation also comes as overwhelming majority in Wisconsin’s largest mega church are upset about mandatory face mask requirements.  Continue reading

A John Hopkins Professor Admits Error and the Beauty of the Skeptical Mind Which Evangelical Christians Can Learn From

In the spirit of science amidst a discussion about the COVID-19 vaccine a John Hopkins professor falls back on science and admits error when corrected. Its a beautiful example of what happens with a person when a mind is grounded in science. This blog posts compares this example with evangelical culture with how evangelicals just double down amidst conspiracy theories and how they dismiss facts they don’t like.  Continue reading

Southern Baptist Church Has a Revival in Alabama and Has a Massive COVID-19 Outbreak. Pastor Daryl Ross Defends it and Why Such Pastors Should Be Prosecuted

In Arab, Alabama a Southern Baptist Church holds a revival which leads to a massive COVID-19 outbreak with half the church falling ill. This blog is advocating for pastors who don’t follow health laws and who contribute to neglect to be prosecuted. There is no excuse for constant stories like this one. Continue reading

Recommended Read in the Dallas Morning News: Why Jesus Would Wear a Face Mask During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A professor of medicine at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California writes a column in the Dallas Morning News as to why Jesus would wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post Dr. Karl Lorenz draws upon his time among the Baptists in the Southern United States. Again this blog would encourage you to wear your face mask.  Continue reading

Brett McCracken and The Gospel Coalition Push Face Masks in the COVID-19 Pandemic and The Wondering Eagle is Grateful For Neo-Calvinists Taking Such Action

While a number of traditional evangelicals who mix faith and Christian nationalism reject face masks its a different situation among the Neo-Calvinists. Over at The Gospel Coalition there have been calls for Christians to wear face masks. In some ways its been open like Brett McCracken’s article, in other’s its through Joe Carter reminding people what the Centers for Disease Control states. Or in the case of Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra its writing about how a number of Neo-Calvinist churches encourage people to wear face masks. In this post this blog wants to thank the Neo-Calvinists for their wisdom and their refusal to let this issue become part of a culture war. Continue reading

Max Boot in The Washington Post Reflects on the Scopes Monkey Trial and how the United States is Suffering From Evangelicals Who Reject Science in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In The Washington Post on July 8, 2020 conservative columnist Max Boot reflected on the legacy of the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee. In that same piece amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Boot reflects on how the United States is suffering because of evangelicals continued rejection of science. Continue reading

Evidence Suggests That Evangelical Churches Meeting During a Pandemic Are Helping to Worsen COVID-19 and Accelerate the Spread in the United States. Also Ed Stetzer Responds to a New York Times Article

There are a number of stories emerging that reveal how COVID-19 outbreaks can be tied back to evangelical churches. Many clamored to re-open only to become tools to transmit the virus. This blog was noticing this development when the New York Times published an article about this issue on July 8, 2020. That article drew Ed Stetzer’s ire in a Christianity Today article which is also covered in this blog post. Continue reading