EFCA ReachGlobal’s Kevin Moore in Japan Implores People to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The EFCA has been silent on vaccination against COVID-19. With Trinity International University it took the Illinois governor to require vaccinations. Inside Minneapolis the national EFCA leadership has also been silent on encouraging vaccination. And this blog is trying to find out if the EFCA’s ReachGlobal requires vaccination. Against all this there is an EFCA Missionary in Japan pleading with people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Its a start but the EFCA still has a long way to go if they actually want to show they love their neighbor. Continue reading

Washington Post Op-Ed by Dr. Alan Braid on Why He Violated Texas’ Strict Abortion Law is a Must Read

The other day in the Washington Post there was an op-ed from a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Texas. In his article he addressed the new abortion law in Texas and why he has already violated it. It is a piece that has generated a lot of attention. This blog is going to work on a post about evangelicals and abortion shortly, but in the meantime I wanted to add this op-ed to the blog. Continue reading

90% of American Atheists are Vaccinated With One Shot Against COVID-19. This Blog Poses the Question…if the United States Were Far More Secular Would the Pandemic be Over?

A new survey reveals that 90% of American atheists are vaccinated against COVID-19 with one shot. Dragging far behind is the white evangelical. This blog would like to ask the question if there were more atheists in the United States would the pandemic behind us?  Continue reading

COVID-19 Explodes at Liberty University With at Least 1,800 Students Quarantined. Meanwhile Freshman Landon Nesbitt Starts a Petition Demanding Restrictions be Lifted

The school year has started at Liberty University and its turning into a disaster. COVID-19 is exploding on campus and the mayor of Lynchburg, Virginia is concerned about the lack of public health and safety measures being taken. While at least 1,800 students are being asked to quarantine. freshman Landon Nesbitt started a petition that is demanding restrictions be ended pointing out that he and others paid money to have the Liberty experience and not be concerned about a virus.

Continue reading

Recommended Read: A Former Pastor Rejects Evangelical Vaccination Exemptions in the New York Times

Some American evangelicals are claiming religious exemptions from vaccination. There is little basis for this claim and this blog disputes the idea of religious exemptions. The other day in the New York Times a former pastor wrote an op-ed explaining why religious exemptions should be rejected. Its a solid read and this blog is promoting this essay.  Continue reading

In Driving Across the Heartland and Observing Evangelicalism One Aspect is Clear: American Evangelicals Are Lost

American evangelicals are a lost people. This past week in Kansas taught me again about the sad state of American evangelicalism. As I traveled and explored I saw evangelicalism on full display. And it is profoundly ugly. From Christians who refuse to wear masks to those who wear their faith on their sleeve. Continue reading

Liberty University is Dealing With a COVID-19 Outbreak and Has No Vaccination Strategy

Liberty University is dealing with a growing COVID-19 outbreak. The school is quarantining and moving classes online but initial reports show that face masks and social distancing are not being enforced.   This latest outbreak could have been prevented. But what do you do when you have a university who is hostile to science and known for the culture wars? Sadly in the view of this blog, this outbreak at Liberty is to be expected. Continue reading

The Tragic Deaths of Lawrence and Lydia Rodriquez of Texas Avenue Baptist Church. What Killed This Couple and Created Multiple Orphans? Was it COVID-19 or Their Evangelical Christian Faith?

A tragic story out of Texas involves an evangelical couple who died of COVID-19 leaving behind four orphans. Lydia’s last words were for her children to be vaccinated. This blog would like to pose the question. What destroyed Lydia and Lawrence Rodriquez in the end? Was it COVID-19 or their evangelical Christian faith?  Continue reading

The Long Shadow of Scopes and How the COVID-19 Pandemic Illustrates the Failure of American Evangelicalism

This post looks at the legacy of the Scopes Monkey Trial on modern evangelicalism. Scopes taught many that you can not believe in science and faith simultaneously. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the long shadow of Scopes. In rejecting social distancing, vaccination the ongoing message is that science must be rejected. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown why evangelicalism is a failed theology system.  Continue reading

As the Delta Varient Soars In the Covid-19 Pandemic the EFCA’s Greg Strand Stays Silent on the National Blog and Will Not Explain the Theological Reasoning for Vaccination

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes with the Delta Variant, this blog is noticing the continued silence out of the EFCA in Minneapolis on this vary topic. The EFCA should be front and center and Greg Strand should have written a post or two at the national blog explaining the theological reasons why Christians should get vaccinated. Instead that is not happening and instead the COVID-19 death toll which is not far from surpassing the death toll of the Spanish Flu from 1918 until 1920 continues to grow. This silence in a medical crisis begs the question, does the EFCA love Jesus? Does the EFCA love thy neighbor? Continue reading