Does Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel Believe Gays Should be Lynched?

After a century of efforts the United States Senate passes a bill that makes lynching a federal hate crime. When it is learned that the bill will extend protections for LGBT individuals and protect them from hate crimes, Liberty Counsel gets to work. Mathew Staver opposed the bill and worked to prevent gays, lesbians and others excluded from the legislation. Blow back was swift and direct. This blog would like to ask if its family values of Liberty Counsel to support the lynching of gays?
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Did Jerry Falwell Jr. Spend his Christmas Celebrating the Incarnation of Donald Trump?

Jerry Falwell Jr. gave an interview to the Washington Post that was deeply disturbing. In the process Falwell admitted that there was nothing that Trump would do that would result in Falwell withdrawing his support. In addition he also criticized the poor and the concept of helping your neighbor as being misunderstood. Today’s post at The Wondering Eagle is going to be a little more sarcastic than normal. The snark meter will be at a 15. Continue reading

The Wondering Eagle Review of 2018. The Top Stories and Posts and What is Coming in 2019

This is the final post for The Wondering Eagle for 2018. This article reviews the stories and situations covered in the year of 2018. From Acts 29, to the EFCA to the Sojourn Network, the atheist community and Harvest Bible Chapel. This is a wrap up of all the work this blog accomplished. Plus I discuss what is coming in 2019 as well.
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