#ICantBreath The Wondering Eagle is Calling For an Independent Outside Investigation into How Liberty University’s Police Arrested an African-American Man

On July 26, 2021 Liberty University Police engaged in a questionable arrest of an African-American man. The arrest turned rough when one of the Liberty Police officers placed his knee on the neck of Charles Miller. For this blog it is too reminiscent of the behavior by Derek Chauvin of Minneapolis. Liberty University has had a large racial problem that has led to African-American athletes leaving the school and Jerry Falwell Jr joking about the Ku Klux Klan and being blackface. This situation by the Liberty University Police Department is another extension of the cultural problems of this troubled evangelical school. Continue reading

A Closer Look at Mike Stone and the Conservative Baptist Network. The Wahhabis of Evangelicalism Have Arrived

The Conservative Baptist Network made a power play for the presidency of the Southern Baptists. Mike Stone from Emmanuel Baptist Church is their man as they tried to win the election. They failed, but no doubt Mike Stone and the Conservative Baptist Network will work until they attain their goal. Mike Stone and white nationalists allegedly engaged in a terror campaign against Russell Moore that was disturbing. This post is about the new Wahhabis of the Southern Baptists willing to use whatever power they can, and step on anyone they deem necessary in their efforts to hijack the Convention. Continue reading

What is Critical Race Theory? And Starting a Discussion on a Controversial Subject and What to Expect at The Wondering Eagle

Critical race theory is a hot topic today and a part of evangelical culture wars. This post attempts to do an overview of this complicated topic. From the history of the theory to what it means. Another challenge is that you have traditional conservatives and the hyper, or John Birch conservatives as I like to refer to them. In working on this post I had to wrestle with this topic which was challenging. This blog would suggest that some of the debates also fall in the Calvinistic and Arminian divide. And in doing a brief survey of modern evangelical denominations this blog asses that the Southern Baptists are going to be more impacted by critical race theory than other denominations, and it has to do with its history.  Continue reading

Recommended Read: The Washington Post Looks at a Multi-Racial Family Caught in the Culture Wars and Racial Struggles Inside the Southern Baptist Convention

This blog is going to do a couple of articles about critical race theory and evangelicalism. Its a very hot issue and this blog wants to share some perspective. But before we do that there is an article in The Washington Post that this blog wants to encourage people to read. Sarah Pulliam Bailey wrote an article about the struggles of a multi-racial family that is being affected by the culture wars and racial issues inside the Southern Baptist Convention. This blog is hoping that this article can be a segway into this discussion. Expect an overview post and discussion on critical race theory in a couple of days.  Continue reading

The Damning of the Peacemakers. How the Embrace of Conspiracy Theories By White Evangelical Christians Will Open the Door to Violence in the United States

With more white evangelicals embracing conspiracy theories what are we to see? Conspiracy theories leading to more violence. Expect to see that violence be committed by some carrying a Bible or cross in one hand and an AR-15 or pipe bomb in the other. Likewise conspiracy theories will do what gay marriage and pornography could not do. They will destroy and divide the evangelical family. The death of facts will propel evangelicals into a new Middle Ages where science, education and art will be downplayed at a level not seen before. And as evangelicals are gullible and and easily played the scandal of the evangelical mind will change to the manipulation of the evangelical mind Continue reading

In a Disturbing Story The Washington Post Writes About How Conspiracy Theories Are Dividing One Family

At The Washington Post recently a story was published that is deeply troubling. Its about how a conservative Roman Catholic is going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories as she chooses her own sources of information and deciding what fact is. Her journey has even taken her to reading white supremacist material. This Post story is about how conspiracy theories are dividing a family and the conflict that has arisen between her children and her mother. Tomorrow expect a blog post looking at white evangelicals and conspiracy theories and providing some additional analysis on the problem. This article in the Post is important to understanding conspiracy theories and yet its profoundly sad to read. As always this blog encourages you to support your local newspaper. Continue reading

Are Neo-Nazis Present at Liberty University and Will Jerry Prevo Act?

A Neo-Nazi sticker was found at Liberty University on January 27, 2021 which raises questions. Has a Neo-Nazi  group that broke off one of the participants of the “Unite The Right” riot in Charlottesville, Virginia penetrated Liberty University? Has The Falkirk Center attracted Neo-Nazi individuals? Its especially relevant when Charlie Kirk regularly pushes anti-Semitic material. This post is aimed at asking questions that need to be asked. And will Jerry Prevo act or will his silence tell people that Neo-Nazism is welcome at Liberty University? Continue reading