Michael Sean Winters Looks at the History of “Anti-Catholicism in America” in the National Catholic Reporter

Michael Sean Winters who writes about religion an politics for the National Catholic Reporter reviewed a new book that looks at the history of anti-Catholicism in North America. From the founding up until the Civil War, a Brandeis professor did a good job in breaking new ground in a topic that deserves research. This post combines two columns in the National Catholic Reporter. Continue reading

From The Gospel Coalition to the Catholic Church: Remembering the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968

This brief post is about how some Christians celebrated and remembered the memory of Martin Luther King. On the 50th anniversary of his assassination in Memphis The Gospel Coalition held a conference in the same city to discuss racism. The Roman Catholic, mainstream and liberal Protestants also marked the day. This post also looks at the history of the Memphis Sanitation Strike and the King assassination.  Continue reading

Recommended Reads: From the New York Times to Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, and The Atlantic; USA Today Editorial on Evangelical Christian Leaders Supporting Anything Trump Says

There have been several articles and an editorial that look at evangelical Christians and the Donald Trump phenomena that are worth reading. This post is a compilation of them and includes a USA Today editorial, and Jennifer Rubin column in the Washington Post. Also included are two articles by Michael Gerson in the Washington Post and The Atlantic. Finally the New York Times had two articles about how Trump is resulting in blacks leaving white evangelical churches and increasing segregation and how some white evangelical women are slowly distancing themselves from Trump.  Continue reading

What The Wondering Eagle Appreciates and Respects About Neo-Calvinism

The Wondering Eagle is critical of the Neo-Calvinist movement in many forms. However, there are certain areas where the Neo-Calvinist movement shines and does well. From addressing racism, having a broader and more global definition of the church to having a healthier take an alcohol. Today’s post is a reflection on the segments of Neo-Calvinism that are healthy and good.  Continue reading