During the COVID-19 Outbreak President Kevin Kompelien is Calling on the EFCA to Pray for Those Afflicted by the Disease

The EFCA President was in San Jose when California was placed in shelter in place as the COVID-19 pandemic was growing. This post looks at how he initially responded and then as the pandemic grew called for the national EFCA and churches to pray for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog which frequently deals with the problems of evangelicalism and has observed other evangelicals remain silent during this time of need is modestly encouraged by Kevin Kompelien’s leadership and call for prayer.  Continue reading

“Jesus is my vaccine!” Evangelicals and the Warped Thinking of God Will Protect Me

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania there recently was a rally to “re-open” the state government. Some evangelicals showed up, actually one drove around a truck saying, “Jesus is my vaccine.” This post looks at evangelicals who place themselves in harms way thinking that God will protect them. In the end can it be said that these evangelicals are instead testing their God? Continue reading

Evangelical Christians and the Problem of “Miracles”

A posting on Facebook by an evangelical in the American South leads to this blog post. American evangelicals have a warped view of miracles and it often leads to problems. Too often too much is interpreted of minor happenstance or circumstances. All too often it leaves people to eventually be emotionally crushed. This post looks at the problems when it comes to Evangelical Christians and miracles. Continue reading

While Evangelicals Tend to Clash with Science, Henry Williams of Five Oaks Church in Woodbury, Minnesota Prays for a Vaccine for COVID-19 and Scientists Working the Pandemic

The other day I had a conversation with a person who is in an EFCA church. My question was why aren’t evangelicals praying for the sick or for a vaccine to be found? Instead of preying what I am seeing is some evangelicals in social media and elsewhere saying that the virus is a hoax and no different than the flu. That horrifies me to be frank. Yesterday I saw something in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that I wanted to emphasize. While many evangelicals tend to be in conflict with science the other day Henry Williams who leads an EFCA church in Woodbury, Minnesota prayed for scientists to find a vaccine against the coronavirus and for the scientists as they work to resolve the issue. It was a refreshing take I wanted to single out. Continue reading