Recommended Reads: Russell Moore on Jesus Being Angry on White Supremacy; Plus Jayson Bradley on how if Pastors Aren’t Discussing Racism they Need to Turn Over the Microphone

Two recommended reads that are a response to the Neo-Nazi riot and demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia. Russell Moore writes an article for the Washington Post asking if the church is angry about white supremacy. Then a former pastor in Washington State writes about how pastors need to speak about racism. If they are not then they need to pass the microphone to someone else.  Continue reading

The Season of my Discontent: When the Evangelical Christians are Wrong, the Atheists are Correct, and the Neo-Calvinists Surprise Me; A Reflection on the Neo-Nazi Rally in my Home State of Virginia

A quick post that is a response to the Nazi rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. Its time to speak up and condemn Nazism which has no place in the United States. Not now, and not ever. We didn’t fight Nazism in Europe in World War II only to have it spring up in the United States. The resurgence in the alt-right which Donald Trump exploited needs to be condemned. This is about the season of my discontent when regular evangelicals are wrong, and the atheists and Neo-Calvinists are correct.  Continue reading

Recommended Read: Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post on Donald Trump’s Disasterous Presidency and Evangelical Christian’s Role

Jennifer Rubin, the conservative columnist in The Washington Post writes a hard hitting column I want to promote. As Trump debases the Presidency the scandals get worse and darker; where are the evangelical Christians? Or do they agree with the behavior which includes what the former White House Communications Director said about Steve Bannon and Reince Preibus?  Continue reading

How the Secularization of the United States will be Good for Atheists, Secular Humanists, the Christian Church and the Nation; Some Pushback to Tim Massaro

This is an article about why the secularization of the United States is going to be a good for the nation. The beneficiaries of secularization are atheists, secular humanists and non-theists; as well as the Christian church and the nation. This post also challenges and pushes back on an article that Tim Massaro wrote at a Christian blog. As a Christian I look forward to the secularization of the United States and believe it will do a lot of good on many fronts.  Continue reading

Franklin Graham’s Affection for Vladimir Putin, Plus is Franklin Graham a Modern Day Charles Lindbergh with His Love for Authoritarian Leaders?

This is a look at Franklin Graham and his comments and views of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. There are some evangelical Christians who are infatuated with Putin despite the assassinations of his critics, and his militaristic foreign policy and strict religious freedom laws which are driving Baptists and other evangelicals from Russia. One question I have is the following: Is Franklin Graham the evangelical equivalent of Charles Lindbergh? After all one traveled to Germany and defended Hitler in the process. The other traveled to Russia and speaks encouragingly of Vladimir Putin.  Continue reading

An Overview of Russian Foreign Policy from Georgia to the Threatened Baltics, Plus what is Russia’s Goal?

This is the second of two posts about Franklin Graham and Vladimir Putin. This is a look at Russian foreign policy which has been belligerent and militaristic.  From the invasion of Georgia to the seizure of Crimea to the threatened Baltic states; this is a look at the Russia which some evangelical Christians tragically seem to admire.  Plus this is also my thoughts about what Russia’s end game ultimately is.  Continue reading