Guest Post: Matt Boedy Refutes Christian Nationalist Jeff Dornik on Disinformation

Jeff Dornik is a fringe Christian nationalist who this blog has written about in the past. He recently tweeted a defense of disinformation and against crack downs on disinformation. Matt Boedy who fact checks Charlie Kirk wrote a response to Jeff Dornik and refuted what he said about disinformation. What Christian nationalists like Jeff Dornik are doing is out right dangerous.  Continue reading

Twitter Thread: Being Disappointed With Evangelical Christians in the Trump Era

Last night there was a Twitter thread that asked who disappointed you the most in the Trump era? While some people named specific politicians others talked about evangelicals they once knew, their pastor, people like Franklin Graham and Eric Metexas. For me the thread hit home in that as I feel devastated by how much was lost these past few years, many other people are also dealing with the same emotions. In the view of this blog American evangelicalism needs to disappear as if stands for nothing and has no character. Continue reading

Eric Metaxas Who is Supposed to Represent Intellectual Evangelicalism Has Gone Anti-Vax

Eric Metaxas has now gone anti-vax. On both Twitter and his radio show he has pushed conspiracy theories related to vaccines and COVID-19. This post looks at Eric Metaxas descent into becoming an anti-vax and finds it ironic that the Bonhoeffer author would most likely be challenged by Bonhoeffer himself. Bonhoeffer with how he viewed community and sacrifice would most likely encourage Christians to take the vaccine.  Its irresponsible for someone like Eric Metaxas to spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine. Continue reading

According to the New York Times Rick Joyner Warns of Civil War, While His Children Tell Him to Be Quiet

The New York Times had a fascinating op-ed this weekend by Nicholas Krostof. Those of you who spent time in charismatic evangelicalism known who Rick Joyner is in that stream of theology. The Times ran an op-ed that talks about how his children have rejected evangelicalism, and how they feel a responsibility to speak out against their father. Despite the tension they still have holidays together also. Its a story of how in an evangelical family tension and conflict runs deep.  Continue reading

Bethel’s Beni Johnson Praises Trump Prophet Jeremiah Johnson in Late 2020. In March of 2021 the Evangelical Prophet Admitted He Was Wrong and Stated that Trump Lost the Election. Will Beni Johnson Follow Jeremiah’s Lead and Regain Some Integrity?

One of the well known Trump prophets is Jeremiah Johnson. He first saw the significance of Trump in 2015, defended him and famously predicted he would be re-elected. He defended and went along with the “Stop the Steal” and encouraged other evangelicals. At Bethel for Beni Johnson she though the world of Jeremiah Johnson and called him a fighter that she likes. On March 8, 2021 Johnson announced that he was shutting down his ministry and said that Trump lost and its time for charismatic evangelicals to accept that and move on. This blog would like to ask is Beni Johnson going to follow Jeremiah Johnson’s lead? Will she grow a pair of balls and admit that she has been wrong about Trump? Or will she continue in her ignorance?   Continue reading

Another Take on The Equality Act. Recalling How Some Christians Predicted the Demise of the Family and Church if Women’s Suffrage Passed

Many evangelicals are warning about The Equality Act. They claim its a threat to the church and religious freedom. Evangelicals and Christians have longed beat the drum in culture wars in American history. In the late 19th and early 20th century the contentious debate took place over women’s suffrage. This post revisits that time in history and recalls how a number of Christians predicted the demise of the family and church if women voted. In contentious debates I believe the best teacher is history and this post aims to offer another perspective based upon history. Continue reading

Pornography is Not the Problem. The Real Issue is James Dobson

Ted Bundy was one of the most infamous serial killers in United States history. Even today people do not know how many people he has killed. On the eve of his execution by the State of Florida in 1989, James Dobson interviewed him about pornogragjhy. Dobson rode the porn issue for decades and talked about its danger, as well as links to violence. And then in 2016 Dobson flip flopped on explicit material and down played Trump appearing in pornographic movies and magazines. The hypocrisy of James Dobson is sickening. And in the end the following needs to be said. Pornography is not the problem. The real issue is James Dobson. Continue reading