Telling David Platt to Grow a Pair, Declining Enrollment and Making Illicit Pictures that The Miami Herald Possess – When Will the Board Fire Jerry Falwell Jr at Liberty?

Jerry Falwell Jr of Liberty University has been in the news frequently. From his comments to David Platt to news of his illicit pictures which the Miami Herald possess. The question needs to be asked…will the Board at Liberty fire Jerry Falwell Jr? Continue reading

The Politicization of Evangelical Christianity Gets Worse with Franklin Graham Calling for People to Pray for the Most Persecuted President in American History – Donald Trump

Franklin Graham has called Sunday June 2, 2019 as a day to pray for the most persecuted president in American history. While the court evangelicals support Franklin Graham’s call, many others are rejecting it and have called it propaganda. This is a look at what is supposed to unfold today in many churches across the United States.  Continue reading

Remembering When James Dobson of Focus on the Family Called for the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998 for Moral Character Reasons

This is a brief post documenting an aspect of the evangelical culture wars. In September of 1998 the leader of Focus on the Family James Dobson called for the impeachment of President Clinton. He did so because of the allegations of the sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. This post contains the letter James Dobson sent out to his followers about the moral case for impeachment.  Continue reading