Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times. The Decline of White Evangelicalism is Leading Evangelicals Who Fear Losing Power to Defile the United States

Michelle Goldberg had a disturbing but important column in today’s New York Times. It looks at how white evangelicals are behaving as they lose influence. Its a long, slow process of becoming a minority and becoming sector of the United States. So many evangelicals are pouting and throwing a temper tantrum and have become nihilist. If I can’t have it no one can, is the thinking driving white evangelicalism today. So much for Jesus command of loving thy neighbor. This explains their behavior in the culture wars. Continue reading

Wade Burleson and COVID 19. A World of Conspiracies, Rejected Science, Face Mask and Anti-Vax Hysteria Illustrate Why Evangelicalism is a Sick Movement

This post is a look at Wade Burleson of Enid, Oklahoma and the conspiracies he has pushed in regards to COVID-19. From attacking face masks, promulgating junk science, to touting the Plandemic conspiracy. Wade’s behavior in the COVID-19 pandemic explains why the Southern Baptists are sick and why many of them who reject science are stuck in Dayton, Tennessee of 1925. Continue reading

A Reflection on the Evangelical Persecution Porn Industrial Complex

A YouTube video looks at the Christian persecution complex. This blogger stops and reflects on his past experience with evangelical fantasy over persecution. Many evangelicals live in a fantasy world on this topic. Persecution for many evangelicals is like pornography and its nothing but fantasy. But an incident recently in West Virginia begs the question who really is doing the persecution? (Hint…its the entitled white evangelicals)  Continue reading

Another Take on The Equality Act. Recalling How Some Christians Predicted the Demise of the Family and Church if Women’s Suffrage Passed

Many evangelicals are warning about The Equality Act. They claim its a threat to the church and religious freedom. Evangelicals and Christians have longed beat the drum in culture wars in American history. In the late 19th and early 20th century the contentious debate took place over women’s suffrage. This post revisits that time in history and recalls how a number of Christians predicted the demise of the family and church if women voted. In contentious debates I believe the best teacher is history and this post aims to offer another perspective based upon history. Continue reading

The Damning of the Peacemakers. How the Embrace of Conspiracy Theories By White Evangelical Christians Will Open the Door to Violence in the United States

With more white evangelicals embracing conspiracy theories what are we to see? Conspiracy theories leading to more violence. Expect to see that violence be committed by some carrying a Bible or cross in one hand and an AR-15 or pipe bomb in the other. Likewise conspiracy theories will do what gay marriage and pornography could not do. They will destroy and divide the evangelical family. The death of facts will propel evangelicals into a new Middle Ages where science, education and art will be downplayed at a level not seen before. And as evangelicals are gullible and and easily played the scandal of the evangelical mind will change to the manipulation of the evangelical mind Continue reading

Here is Why the Recent Petition to Condemn Christian Nationalism is Going to Fail. And What Needs to Take Place for Conservative Evangelicals to Reject Christian Nationalism

In late February progressives rolled out a petition to condemn Christian nationalism. Its flawed and it won’t work for many reasons. Secular Dispatches explained why in a column the other day. Plus I also share some my experiences in evangelicalism to explain why this is doomed to fail. Conservative evangelicals operate in a tribal mentality and don’t consider those who are theologically liberal to be Christians. But it breaks down even further as there are Baptists who won’t charismatics to be Christians. The only way to get conservative evangelicals to reject Christian nationalism is when they realize it not in their interest.  Continue reading

Are White Evangelicals Being Radicalized? Are There Growing Similarities Between Eric Metaxas Who Said He Would Die for Trump’s Cause and Al Qaeda’s Anwar al- Awlaki?

After the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 there is a looming question that needs to be asked. Are white evangelicals being radicalized? This post looks at radicalization and asks a question about Eric Metaxas. It looks at Metaxas through the lens of Anwar al-Awlaki who was the “Bin Laden of the Internet” and duel citizen who it appears became more radicalized in time. In the end he was killed by a CIA drone strike in Yemen. Are there similarities between Eric Metaxas and Anwar al-Awlaki? This post explores that question. Continue reading

Leonard Guthrie Jr. of Cape May, New Jersey Participates in Sacking the United States Capitol Because His Evangelical Faith is Aggrieved and Thus Persecuted?

The Washington Post is profiling some of the people who sacked the Capitol in a terrorist attack. The newspaper looked at Leonard Guthrie Jr, an evangelical from New Jersey. Leonard talked about how evangelicals have been silenced, aggrieved and implied persecuted. This blog is not going to shed a tear for this guy when the legal system goes after this blithering fool. Uf Leonard represents evangelicalism no wonder the movement is jacked up.  Continue reading

For Some White Evangelical Christians is Donald Trump’s Loss Going to be The Scopes Trial 2.0? But Will it Come with Some White Evangelicals Engaging in Violence?

A recent column in the Washington Post raises some dark questions about white American evangelicals. In the wake of Trump’s election loss are we going to see a Scopes Trial 2.0 effect in the United States? But will it be more deadly and possibly violent? Will it lead to some white evangelicals to engage in violence or domestic terrorism in the United States? These are all questions that are in my mind after reading a troubling column in the Post. Continue reading

How White Evangelical Christians of the United States Never Learned From the Christians of Nazi, Germany

It is some of the bleakest times in European and German history. In the 1930’s the Nazis obtained power in Germany and they used their influence in some of the darkest ways in human history and they tested German Christians in the process. Many German Christians embraced Nazism and people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer were in fact a minority. You study periods in history like Nazi, Germany to apply the lessons and learn from them. And yet the reaction and behavior by many white evangelicals who used faith to embrace Trumpism revealed the following lesson. Many white American evangelicals never learned their lessons from their Christian counterpart generations earlier in Nazi, Germany. Continue reading