Knox Thames Reminds Evangelicals in Christianity Today That they are Not Being Persecuted in the United States During COVID-19

Knox Thames from the Department of State wrote an op-ed in Christianity Today explaining why evangelicals in the United States are not being persecuted during COVID-19 with church closings. Thames who worked on the topic with religious minorities who faced persecution from authoritarian governments pointed out that it was no a concentrated effort to prevent people from worshipping at all. And he said that Christians in the United States cheapen persecution when they proclaim it.  Continue reading

My Brainwashing and a Personal Reflection on When I was Under the Kool Aid in Campus Crusade for Christ at Fresno State

This past weekend I was cleaning at home and fond something that was a window into my past. It was when I was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ at Fresno State. An article in the local Fresno State newspaper explained the role Wicca played in a person’s life. In response I had to write an evangelical response in a letter to the editor which caused controversy. Someone later on called me out. Today’s post is about my frame of mind when I was under the Kool Aid. And its something that I deeply regret.  Continue reading

Considering the Issues of Christian Nationalism as Revealed in a Recent New York Times Article Dealing with White Evangelicals in Sioux Center, Iowa

A recent New York Times article looked at the Christian nationalism of Jason Mulder, Micah and Caryn Schoutens,  Rob Driesens and others in Sioux Center, Iowa. Some attend the United Reformed Church in Sioux Center while others may go elsewhere. This newspaper article reveals why evangelicalism is warped and lost.  It also helps me to understand why I washed out of evangelicalism. I thought faith was a spiritual movement when in reality the Gospel is a political gospel. Continue reading

Recommended Read in the New York Times: ‘Christianity Will Have Power.’ A Look at Christian Nationalism, Donald Trump and White Evangelicals

Elizabeth Dias the religion correspondent at the New York Times had a ground breaking article on Christian nationalism and Donald Trump that was the top trending article on Twitter. The article looks at why evangelicals revere Donald Trump and feel he best represents their faith. This blog is going to do an in depth analysis of this article in the next couple of days.  Continue reading

When a Faustian Bargain Implodes For a Christian Nationalist. Some Thoughts on the Recent Supreme Court Decision Protecting Gays From Workplace Discrimination

In the evangelical culture wars in 2016 a lot of evangelicals rallied around candidate Donald Trump for the Supreme Court. Christian nationalists made the Supreme Court essential. This former evangelical saw people buy into that narrative. But what does that mean today? When you make a Faustian Bargain and then a major Supreme Court decision rules against what you hope what do you do? Monday’s major decision on Bostock vs. Clayton County, Georgia revealed quite a bit about evangelicals and their culture wars.  Continue reading

Considering Ravi Zacharias and his Passing. Do Evangelical Leaders Think of Death and Funerals? Or are the Pewsitters the Only Ones Guilted Regularly About Death?

Ravi Zacharias has died and with his death evangelicals are singing his praises. Evangelical scandal has changed and now follows people to the grave where their dishonesty remains. Dishonest in life means being dishonest in death. When Jesus says, “Well done good and faith servant” what do you do when evangelicals embrace a man who was dishonest about his education and engaged in sexting during an emotional affair with a married woman? Evangelicals ignore scandal and this blog dealt with this issue when David Powlison of Christian Counseling and Education Foundation died. But can you imagine when the funerals are held for Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney, and James MacDonald one day how much lying will take place? Continue reading

Ed Stezter is Correct About Evangelicals Buying into Conspiracy Theories. Plus How Survivors of Harvest Bible Chapel Who Traffic Conspiracy Theories Can Empower James MacDonald

In the Dallas Morning News Ed Stetzer and Andy MacDonald wrote an op-ed that talked about evangelicals and conspiracy theories. In an article that has a lot of wisdom and truth Stetzer rightfully calls out evangelicals and conspiracy theories. This blog on this issue agrees with Ed Stetzer. But the problem is also bigger. Could those from the Harvest Bible Chapel community who push conspiracies theories in the end embolden James MacDonald as they undermine themselves in the process?  Continue reading

Who Would Jesus Block? Looking at the Aggressive Online Behavior of EFCA’s Kevin Scott in Nevada and Some Thoughts on How He Will Not Reach the Lost of Las Vegas

The Stream is an EFCA Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog analyzed what they said about tithing and giving in 2016. The response to that blog post was Kevin Scott becoming very authorterian. Not only did he block on Twitter but he closed off his blog from the public and made it invitation only. His behavior modeled how Jesus acted, authoritarian, cold, and drunk on power. This blog is writing another post and is looking for former members that can discuss The Stream. This is an EFCA Church that needs to be written about.   Continue reading