From Atheists to Christians Here is Why You Should be Concerned With What is Happening at Liberty University

The politicization of Liberty University has far reaching consequences that will affect a lot of people and institutions. It will backfire for churches and can result in more discrimination of atheists. This post looks at the influence of Liberty in churches and writes about the ultimate problem of Christian nationalism.  Continue reading

When Evangelicals Rejected Bethlehem and How I Walked out of a Christmas Eve Service. Plus is Christian Nationalism Derailing Southern Baptist Missionary Work?

One of the most well known stories in the Bible is that of the narrative of Luke. In the second chapter Joseph and Mary are looking for an inn. The story of Bethlehem teaches a lot about Christianity. Yet in the wake of the vitriol of the 2016 election I felt sick over what I heard. Unable to connect to the traditional Christmas narrative I ended up walking out of a Christmas service asking myself if evangelicals have rejected the story of Bethlehem? Also in Christianity Today the Chief Missiologist of the North American Missions Board wrote an article about how Christian Nationalism and politics is harming missionary work. This blog is looking for stories from American missionaries abroad who have had to deal with this issue in their job. Continue reading

Why the Jim Elliot Story is Dangerous for Many Evangelicals, A Troubling Article on the Death of John Allen Chau on North Sentinel Island

John Allen Chau wanted to be a missionary that would reach an isolated Stone Age tribe on North Sentinel Island. Instead he was speared to death screaming “Jesus loves you!” An article in Outside Online raises many questions about evangelical culture and how that fed an unhealthy obsession with Chau. The one question haunting me is did evangelical missionary culture drive someone toward a suicide mission? Continue reading

Dale Sutherland is Leaving McLean Bible. What Will His Legacy Be?

Dale Sutherland is leaving McLean Bible to become the President of of International Care Ministries. He also will become involved in a New City Church plant in West Falls Church, Virginia. This blog looks at Dale’s legacy the chief among them is his role in theologically flipping McLean Bible with the aid of Mark Dever of Capital Hill Baptist Church. Dale Sutherland will be remembered for being Lon Solomon’s Judas Iscariot.  Continue reading

John Allen Chau is No Jim Elliot. The Story of John Chau Illustrates the Dangers of Indoctrination in Evangelical Culture and Being Naïve

John Allen Chau a missionary from Washington state tried to share Christ with the most isolated hunter-gather tribe on the earth on North Sentinel Island off India. It was his effort to break “Satan’s last stronghold on earth.” Not only was John naïve but he broke a number of Indian laws in the process. This looks at what happens when people are indoctrinated by the Jim Elliot story in Ecuador. This post also considers how evangelical Christians can be very naïve when it comes to missionary work. The evangelical culture can be brutal to those who have high hopes with performing missionary work. John wasn’t a “fool for Christ” as 1 Corinthians 4:10 suggests. Instead he was a naïve individual who would threaten the existence of a tribe who and put many people at risk. When you think of evangelical theology wouldn’t it be ironic if members of the Indian Coast Guard or military are slain while trying to recover his body? And as a result of that theology end up in hell because of Chau’s efforts? Yes that and many other scenarios need to be considered.
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