Capitol Hill Baptist Sues Washington, D.C. Mayor Over Religious Freedom and in the Process Reveals the Flaws of Calvinism

Washington, D.C. has strict COVID-19 guidance that has limited in meeting worship. On September 22, 2020 Capitol Hill Baptist Church filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bowser asking to be able to meet outside and for religious restrictions to be lessoned. If people can protest Capitol Hill Baptist can meet for worship. However this blog would argue that this lawsuit reveals the flaws to Calvinist theology.  Continue reading

Four Evangelical Churches Sue Governor Newsom as the COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Worse in California. Meanwhile Jim Franklin’s Cornerstone Assembly of God in Fresno Vows to Defy Sacramento. In Contrast N.T. Wright and Francis Collins Criticize Evangelicals Reactions to the Pandemic

As California works at trying to manage the COVID-19 pandemic churches are ordered not to meet inside or sing. Four evangelical churches bring lawsuits against California Governor Gavin Newsom. Meanwhile Assembly of God Church Cornerstone in Fresno which is led by Jim Franklin’s family has vowed to resist the orders from Sacramento and continue meeting inside. While this is playing out in evangelicalism N.T. Wright and Francis Collins had an interesting discussion about evangelical behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Why You Should Sign a Do Not Resuscitate Order Before You Attend Jim Franklin’s Cornerstone Church in Fresno, California

In Fresno, California Jim Franklin who leads an Assembly of God called Cornerstone has become one of the leaders who plans to defy Governor Gavin Newsom and open on May 31. Claiming he is persecuted this is a pastor making a business decision who doe snot understand science or infectious disease. This is a pastor the in the culture wars who is willing to send members of his congregation to the hospital and beyond just so he can draw a paycheck. Its evangelicalism at its most corrupt in a pandemic. This blog is putting out a call for stories about Jim Franklin’s Cornerstone so this church can be analyzed and dissected.  Continue reading

Is Jim Bakker Facing Bankruptcy and Financial Ruin in the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Update on the Discredited Televangelist

This is an update on the disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s ministry is facing bankruptcy and in response to a Missouri lawsuit is claiming that state is infringing on his religious freedom. Former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is representing the televangelist. Finally Bakker allegedly had a stroke according to a statement released by the ministry. This is a summary of events about the Bakker Ministry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Continue reading

The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Churches During a Pandemic: They Want to be Exempt From Federal Law While Asking for Federal Funding

An op-ed appeared in the Washington Post on May 13, 2020 that looked at hypocrisy of evangelicalism and churches. While some churches are challenging stay at home orders by state governors during a pandemic they are also getting funds from the Paycheck Protection Act of CARES. Three law professors from the University of Virginia and Cornell write about the situation. Continue reading

Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Virginia: Christians Who Want to Attend Church in a Pandemic Have Shallow Faith. They Don’t Spiritually Care for Their Neighbor and Worship a God Who is a Snowflake

These past two days I heard about more COVID-19 infections and a death. It was shocking. Meanwhile an evangelical church is suing the Virginia governor claiming their religious rights are being infringed. This post is a rant about Lighthouse Fellowship Church in the Chincoteague, Virginia area, and like minded churches. Please don’t email me about some of what I say. Sometimes one just has to speak their mind. And that is what this post is about. Continue reading

Bryan Loritts Leaves Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California. Did the Voyeurism and Child Pornography Scandal of Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Catch Up with Him?

Bryan Loritts suddenly left Abundant Life Christian Fellowship (ALCF) in Mountain View, California. His departure was quick and with not much notice. This blog has a question for Gary Anderson, and ALCF. Did you learn about Bryan Loritts role in the cover up a voyeurism and child pornography scandal at Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis in 2010? Continue reading