The Alleged Volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement for The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

This is the alleged non-disclosure agreement that The Trinity Church asks volunteers to sign. In the view of this blog its worthless and appears shoddy. The picture is hard to see so this blog re-typed it so it could be read. If there are any other non-disclosure agreements for staff and employees of The Trinity Church, please email one to this blog. That can be done anonymously.  Continue reading

Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. Some Thoughts to the Developing Legal Situation

Recently Liberty University filed a lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr which asks for $40 million dollars in damages and claims that Falwell’s relationship with Giancarlo Granda opened up the evangelical school to risk. On social media and to ABC 13 Jerry and Becki Falwell respond to the lawsuit. Meanwhile this blog has some analysis of the legal action and the implications of it.  Continue reading

Looking at Possible Indicators of Liberty’s Coming Lawsuit Against Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University brought a lawsuit against Jerry Falwell Jr. the other day. Before it did so it fired Trey Falwell who was one of the the vice presidents at Liberty and communicated again to staff that they were not to engage with Jerry Falwell Jr. The moves that took place before the lawsuit kicked off make much more sense in light of the legal action.  This post is about the moves Liberty took before the lawsuit commenced. Continue reading

Jake the Atheist Analyzes the Pursuit NW’s Video About COVID-19 and Washington State Health Requirements

The Pursuit NW is a charismatic church in Snohomish, Washington. Their pastor Russell Johnson did a fear mongering video that claimed that they will not close church to the Washington State Attorney General. Jake the Atheist did a response in which he analyzed their video and showed the problems with the theology and fear mongering. Responding to a health crisis and masking up is common sense and safety in practice. Its a good video that this blog wants to push. Continue reading

#PastorParler Tyler Ethridge Who Allegedly Participated in the D.C. Insurrection and His Views on the Prosperity Gospel

This post is a continued deep dive into a Christian nationalist pastor who allegedly was involved in the Washington, D.C. riot of January 6, 2021. Tyler Ethridge was a firm believer of the prosperity gospel. He advocated for it and claimed that it was the way forward. Charismatics in evangelicalism are into this warped belief system. This blog has a prediction to make. It predicts that in five to ten years when this implodes that Tyler Ethridge will be an atheist. And that will be healthier than what he believes right now.  Continue reading

#PastorParler No Tyler Ethridge Premarital Sex Wont Destroy Your Life. However Raiding the Capitol and Participating in a Coup Attempt Will

This is a post looking at one of the individuals, a youth pastor from Florida who allegedly participated in the Washington, D.C. riot and violence on January 6, 2021. A week before the violence on Facebook he talked about how much he harmed his life do to premarital sex. This shows the warped thinking of evangelicals in that he thinks that what he did in federal trespassing and riot is okay. Continue reading

Twitter/Facebook and Social Media. Lets Identify This Pastor Who Trespassed at the United States Capitol During the January 6 Riot

Pro Publica released a number of videos that were from Parler that looked at the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. One video featured a man who claims to be a pastor who is talking during the tear gassing. Twitter, Facebook and social media help me identify this pastor and tip off the FBI if you know who he is. Let’s make sure that justice is served in this situation.  Continue reading

Leonard Guthrie Jr. of Cape May, New Jersey Participates in Sacking the United States Capitol Because His Evangelical Faith is Aggrieved and Thus Persecuted?

The Washington Post is profiling some of the people who sacked the Capitol in a terrorist attack. The newspaper looked at Leonard Guthrie Jr, an evangelical from New Jersey. Leonard talked about how evangelicals have been silenced, aggrieved and implied persecuted. This blog is not going to shed a tear for this guy when the legal system goes after this blithering fool. Uf Leonard represents evangelicalism no wonder the movement is jacked up.  Continue reading