Reid Kapple Anger is Not Always Bad

Reid Kapple is a pastor at Christ Community Church in Olathe, Kansas. Recently at the church blog the EFCA pastor wrote about anger and how to address it. After reading the post this blog wanted to offer some friendly push back, and remind Reid that anger is not always bad. This blog wished evangelicals would become angry over spiritual corruption and abuse instead of being apathetic.  Continue reading

Made to Flourish in Tom Nelson’s Own Words

Made to Flourish is a ministry that is associated with Christ Community Church in Kansas City. Its a ministry that helps at linking people and ministry and work. Usually I like to do analysis but in writing such a blog I also think its important to allow the pastor to explain his ministry. Recently at the Christ Community Church blog Tom Nelson took just that action. So this is a stand alone post of what Made to Flourish is from the words of Tom Nelson. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Josh Black (Senior Pastor of First Free Wichita) and a Response to His Narcissistic Dress Down

After getting a dress down on Sunday morning at First Free Wichita, this is the response to Josh Black the senior pastor. In dealing with a likely narcissist I have low expectations but just want to state my case and refute what Josh Black said. This blog is staying for the long term and will be writing more about First Free Wichita. Continue reading

A Visit to First Free Wichita in Kansas and Some Thoughts

On Sunday September 5, 2021 this blog visited First Free Wichita in Wichita, Kansas to audit a church service and write a review of the experience. First Free has a reputation for its authoritarianism in the EFCA’s Midwest District. After sitting through a service I introduced myself to Senior Pastor Josh Black where I got an earful. This blog, due to First Free’s 9 Marks connections and Josh Black’s leadership does not recommended this EFCA church. If you attend, caveat emptor! Continue reading

A Visit to Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas and Some Thoughts

On Sunday August 29, 2021 The Wondering Eagle visited Christ Community Church in the Leawood, Kansas area. This blog post is a review of that experience and a question that this blog is wrestling with. To date this blog has heard positive developments with Christ Community Church and this writer is wondering what is this church doing in its culture that appears to be healthier? For this blog it was a pleasure to attend, sit through a service and write about the experience. Continue reading

In the Wake of Dark Scandals in Evangelicalism the EFCA’s Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller at Christ Community Talk About Accountability

Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area releases a video about accountability in light of some of the scandals that have happened in modern evangelicalism. Tom Nelson and Nathan Miller’s video is encouraging and this blog welcomes their discussion on transparency. Its good that they are getting ahead of this issue and are working on it, and for that this blog respects them for it.  Continue reading

The EFCA’s Tom Nelson Asks Why Are You a Christian?

On Easter weekend The EFCA’s Tom Nelson at Christ Community Church in the Kansas City, Missouri area asks why are you a Christian? I wanted to put up a post for this Easter, and yet its hard. I think of all the scandals and problems in evangelicalism and do indeed want to ask why are you a Christian? Instead of doing a deep post about these issues I’ll just let people read Tom Nelson’s post. There are other days to write about these problems in evangelicalism.  Continue reading

Ashtyn Fair Wife of Taylor Fair Pastor at Christ Community Church Reveals how the Church Can be Cruel to Those Who Suffer. Plus is God “Good” When the Pain Comes From His Commissioned Church?

The the blog of Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area the wife of Taylor Fair writes about God being good during pain and she writes about what appears to be infertility issues. The post however goes downhill with “Christianese” and only amplifies ones’ pain and suffering. She makes the claim that walking with God through suffering helps improve perseverance. Is that why the child is molested? Improve perseverance? Is that why a military officer once taught me why rape and sexual abuse is a problem in the military? God wanted to improve my character? This blog post article has some issues the more I thought about it, and this blog post is a response to what is written by Ashton Fair. Continue reading