This Blog is Looking for Sources for Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California

This blog is wanting to do much more work on Larry Osborne’s North Coast Church in Vista, California. In order to do this blog needs to develop sources so I can penetrate the organization and get the information needed to study North Coast Church. If you have information on this EFCA church please reach out to me at Continue reading

Another Issue in American Evangelicalism. When the Picture Perfect Façade Comes Crashing Down

White American evangelicals like to project a façade of a Christ-like and centered family. Godly is often used to manipulate people in this scenario. In the case of evangelicals they often project an image of the perfect marriage and family. Yet while doing that behind the scenes there are often issues. I saw this with someone I knew from a former Sovereign Grace church and also in the tragic Paige Hilkin suicide. Who also suffers? Those who come to evangelicalism who foolishly think the church is an actual hospital for the broken. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Paige Hilken, COVID-19 and Alternative Medicine

On Paige Hilken’s blog she wrote about her own COVID-19 diagnosis. In her post there was a lot of self diagnosis, leaning on YouTube videos and some alternative medicine. This is an issue that many evangelical’s struggle with as many eschew expertise. Its dangerous when people act like they know better than medical providers and doctors. Speaking of COVID-19 this blog has a question, was Paige Hilken vaccinated? Can someone answer that question below?  Continue reading

To Contain the Pandemic This Blog is Advocating for Evangelicals to Show Proof of Vaccination Before Worship/Church Events. If Not Vaccinated They Should Produce a Negative COVID Test

It time to create vaccine passports that evangelicals need to produce if they want to attend worship or church functions. Its time for common sense, health and safety to take precedence so that the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained. Right now your ability to live is being infringed by those people, this blog will single out white evangelicals, who refuse to get vaccinated. Lets make this happen, and I hope this stirs up needed debate.  Continue reading

Greg Strand and Tim Jacobs, Please Tell Me the EFCA Has a Zero Tolerance Policy on Sex Crimes in Light of Ricky Jenkins Hiring

This blog recently wrote about how Ricky Jenkins, one of the key individuals in the Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis scandal is now employed as the lead pastor of the EFCA’s Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California. What action will be taken by EFCA West Superintendent Tim Jacobs and Greg Strand? Will the EFCA develop a zero tolerance policy for sex crimes? That is what this blog post is about, as the employment of Ricky Jenkins is profoundly troubling.  Continue reading

Ricky Jenkins is at Southwest Church at Indian Wells, California and the EFCA is Now Ensnared in the Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Voyeurism and Child Pornography Scandal

Ricky Jenkins who was on staff of Fellowship Memphis is one of the first pastors to learn about Rick Trotter’s voyeurism. He also did not report the deviant sex crime to the Memphis Police. Today he is a lead pastor at the EFCA’s Southwest Church in Indian Wells, California. The EFCA is now ensnared in in the Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis scandal. This blog believes that if a child is sexually abused in Indian Wells this church will try and cover it up internally instead of contacting the police. Why? Fellowship Memphis covered up a deviant sex crime and Ricky Jenkins mentor Bryan Loritts did it well.  Continue reading

EFCA West’s Tim Jacobs Addresses Christian Nationalism After the D.C. Coup Attempt

After the uprising that took place at the Washington, D.C. Capitol on January 6, 2021 EFCA West District Superintendent made a statement condemning Christian nationalism. This blog wrote about how the EFCA needs to address Christian nationalism and this is a step in the right direction. This blog is grateful for Tim Jacob’s words in this area and hopes that Greg Strand will follow his lead and start to tackle this issue from a theological perspective inside the EFCA. . Continue reading

Recalling an Experience With EFCA West’s Bob Osborne and Why the EFCA Will Fail to Reach People Outside Their Culture

This post is a look at the EFCA’s culture. This post also details the coldest reception I ever received when visiting an EFCA church. This involves Bob Osborne from EFCA West and his reception of me. This post is meant to point out how the EFCA is not going to be able to reach the lost, if they can’t endure questions or even criticism.  Continue reading